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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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p' d Tivd 3 NorthKorean

)Qoo Ei Corps FlIe But

I participation
a in thero*
ucted through
te agency of
e deposited to
"Berviclo" to-
lUla sum from
in to the $D0,-
bates wilL a
ble to pay te
r expenses of
technical .x-
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Colon To Observe
99th5 Annivesry
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bra th I o of its
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will lay a
it honor-

Chinese Fight

0- e
TOKYO, Feb. 26 (UP) Broken remnants t:
three North Korean corps fled north today throw "
the east and central Korean mountains on a 856-a
ftrnt with the United Nations forces ip pursuit;
farther west the United Nations "Killer Offfte "
sr" :bogged down in the face of stubborn Chin.
resistance, difficult terrain and the pre-spring thaw.

On the far western front a
United States tank and Infantry
patrol splashed across the Han
river f9ir miles east of Seoul,
shot up Communist positions
and then withdrew.
Lt. General Edward M. Almond,
commander of the United Stales
10th Corps, said his corps de-
stroyed the "biggest part" of two
"bSlnee divisions at Chipyong,
no nWm,.northwest of Wonju, be-
fore turning on the North Kp-
relanO Vpps. AlmQnd maid the
D stdlhna a orderly withdraw-
al un oerth cover of darkness
after their offeqgive against Che-
chen. 20 miles southeast of Won-
Ju, w broken more thas a week
7 ow %he 'yo aoon
g ter "W rout," 1e
^toau&Mld~ltarwe hadv-
.^SS,~tSi3 wSu* ha

of them since the start of ShI
"Killer Offensive" d sx a M o..
He conceded large number
North Koreans escaped'
Ing trap when Unlited Ratl Nai
men and marine
In mud up to a oot p
seemed satisfied with e
It is estimated that ftWc ObO A
e05 armies, totaling .S00 to
000 men, are arrayed.Jlust
of the United Nationgswi
25-mile on of
40ctor C_ centr b
The ee o t back
aUSU l an.
th ff north
31 tuft



pum a ve --
canme Noew
itatari In~k~dt
with the fMpe"-
Ssat a
lied lwaridfyught
k oIJ *Hka* tr

* Tw- aence wmr. i in a inI. n M ~i.W
Sinclu de toIsassta the Praldent. Ori-
'mueTAr- m ,j.oTo a %ofe-

el*no ::Irnc a Gooern-

under the law any pet who
takes part in an ad hose-
sT akig attempt iOiDM qual
it for a muder that occurs
during the attempt.

Ubd^h~l Acd i t

i ~w

I In

V so
ps r wordre
Mrs. 8A

*iE- M P ,
rr5>e. Blow o
Ionva~ coon
_ 1wn e for b

'VMs~ P7

.aKnesses, 5t

in the Canal Zone will be better
S n the air raid sirens ever gain
,an a '.
co cities, however, have no pleas to en-
tckouts i" the siren system for Paniat Canal
tHill in tl e-installation stage. Civilian Defenw
el Waker told The Panam6 American this
that his office is working for beItter coordination
d a ClaribfbaAir Corn- the Army. Navy and Air Forog for
a relteraled a complete, and thorough in-
gtot. iblic that cussion of all studies suMitMi.
of the without The purpose of this meeting, he
Sand the ecep- said, will be "for the crrmton
daly n test, means of deficiencies and Itarovlngthe
.,. overall effectiveness f
rM i ri equip- tense within th Panama area,
* beaL ,toer moil- Including the air raid warng
R.Sltm eut pri- system.
Public At Balboa Helghs this moa-
oef new. me- ing. after a meeting attended by
bgn rSW a C-Air- representatives o1f PR ldd
ouii r a Dthe Army, Civilian Defense Ad-
andy The visor Walker said8
morn'ingewas "The Panama Mial hw at
y to em- this time, no to rce
Admlnl- blackouts. It Is wl Ise the
aph- United States thl iftatm are
what to dnot worth anything ra-
otan9t raid alert or dar-equipped The il-
O[ffo w hours., an Defense organisti n the
o tilrst and sec- Canal Zone is now pdrly oed-
Taad the basement ucatlonal affair, tfeaemi.pele
Me MImt In event how to protee o a
W^M ".-lloor are to np town warden syrtemin _p1
on the first When is the tie M th?
t=j tructlons. .When' the air .id t Is
f ttck without nstalled, people will be e In
Iw are M-
S t Aier Fanoy Ther -
Stheir offices, nchty
B am wall or par- "IW ne m me
.e and faces WM thU irW

burnspesmand at ftc
nt"e r a hwaaft

a- wwe.

structons as to wDal the sigaIls a tied in, one spokesman ex-
mean, ... We are ngo- anng a plained to the Air Defense Con-
fu-soale civilian defense be- trol Center at Albrook Field.
camSe te time Is not right." Plans for other possibilities such
And military authorities ver- As a ground attack, harbor at-
fled that the system as it is now tack, explosion of an A-bomb
set up "is complete only as far as from a ship are now being work-
the military Is onoerned." It Is ed out.

an editorial

Why ?
On Saturday night, precisely at 8:05, the Caribbean Com-
mand sounded an air raid alert. An unidentified aircraft, travel-
ing at high altitude and'fast speed, had been reported over -t&e
Gatun Lackas as.
This was no whimsical affair, no routine practice session,
game that was being played. While nobody yet has been abse
to explain the report, It was, as far as the Caribbean Command
was concerned, the real thing.
It was a mysterious plane. It was flying very high and tra,
vling very tast. Coming from where?, Going where? Carrying
What? Thoe are questions a great many people would, like to
kow the answer t6. And while those ar- in the offing there
are other questions pertinent to the situation.
May we ask:
(1) WY was there no liaison between the Carlb-
bean Coa d and any other local agency?
(2) ere not Panama officials notified? Is
the other side Fourth of July Avenue bombproof?
(3) WHY were not the Canal Zone police Informed?
(4) WHY Uas traffic, with blazing headlights, allow-
ed to outline t highways and byways?
(5) W thd the arc lights at the Balboa Stadium
continue p.iM out the proximity of the Panama Ca-
(0) WHY did the Armed Forces Radio Station fall
S4o announced f alert, continuing uninterrupted with
musical pifs!1?
(') WHY ere people In Canal Zone movies kept in
complete gmrWce of the possible danger?
(8) W re the lights on the very locks, them-
selves, owed glow and outline the pattern of this
vital we" I
(a) W indeed, Is an alert not kn alert?
It is no Idle fjecture to suppose that the canal may be
bombed. aeth day that passes brings global war closer and
closer and .one of these days. or perhaps some weekend even-
ing at. my, about :05 p.m., somebody may strike somewhere.
What al we e on the Isthmus, living along the banks
of the alm-iptai Panama Canal. prepared to do?' After
tttb answer to that question Is frightening.
W f tIdentified plane was of the Stormovik
me. 1q e of Ivan's suicide boys? And what if t
P'm bomb?
Sitting in his easy chair smokhg his
Sher be sewing a new table pileea And
Sfm bu lly in the cRilb And would
as they take In a movie about
7 And would the radio stations be
-billy Pete? And would Ylsan author-
Se be saying today. "The b mimiaGul.
t 1 blackouts," while the altars la fiur-
... to do just that very lob, oe am fi-

Stheiroaw M
is, by now no more trite saying than,
S1 0 at" do M pgimbe'.)
-i||jikz ||iiclillik -'sss~sssssss J.sssss ^^ssB sS'h suL0 H 'B -B-~

When sirens sounded at :M0
a.m. Saturday, Albrook Field wa '
blacked out, partly by central
switch, other sections by lndivid-
ual control. In Army posts war-
dens warned families to turn out
their lights and take shelter, but ,
for the Army the blackout wu
done individually. The Pacifc
Sailfish Club, adjacent to Fort
Amador, was darkened when a
Marine sentry advised the n "'
ager that an alert was on.
The Navy ordered no gene"& .*
blackout. The movie theater at '
the 15th Naval District was dark-
ened for a time and duty person .
ne ordered to their stations. Int was
Panama shore patrols rounded wuor
The Panama Canal pounc
however, were not advised until
8:35 p.m. that the sirens had
meant a general alert and It was
several more minutes before word-
reached the Balboa Central 8la-
tlioi, to which Ppllce Chief Oco.
Hinman had gone at once, tha$
the alert had been caused by an
unidentified plane.

800 Hear Gaskin,
Welsh At CIO Meet
Approximately 800 persons at-
tended the open-air meeting
which was sponsored by-the Bal.
boa Chapter of Loal 900 of the-
Government and Civic Umpl*yes
Organizing Committee-CIO last
evening at the La Boca bal -A
The invocation was given by.-
Rev. John A. Doyle, C.M., of the
St. Mary's Mission of Balbo,
C. Z.
President Edward Oaskin a
CIO Representative d Weift
gave some mewire of auuram.,
that Local 900 and National
plan to do everything wfI
their power to wipe out it
Caribbean Wage eal.

CZ Polio Victim
Gives Birth To B
An mlthunael
gave birth to a .i
at Gerges
hMr. safley
bes, whow


C. -



WaS aIs.W
d f.*okothat it
jjpdEitke throw

Ing Sr
61 oa r

totil- the
'Inter- per
coun- as i
1f pad a nI

4 to ae
whien he



. I r

.* ;r .A "
.. y' .-^ --

Ii AfM



W NwOdMraeShlt SewYlco
I -




.. Arrives
New York Freight Service Crtet6bal
3.. Cape Cod ................... .... h 3
U. Cape Cumberland .......... ... .
SL. Cape Ann ..................... ......Mar 1
L.. Cape Avinot ..............................March 13
HlaMna Freight Service
Saflings Weekly from Havana to Crist6bal

MA WasW y to ta t w N ow k Isr Lee AprsaleMWSMele
SOwsumiue sellin to New Orleansma and Mobile.
The teamrsin this seke are limited to twelve pansen s.
Ffarequent uSdlgs from Crit6bI to
West Coast of Catral America

CrIstdbal 3121 PanamA 2.2804 Col6n 20

| .m

i" T n An a Ian A I

(A Limited Number of Paamnee er ths)

tn.................... ................March 25
5.' Trn'.......... '.......' ............ .' ". March

.S. ldare .................................... ........ March 1l

M.S. Wtnnppe ........................................... Mar.h 13

.S. ne De France ............................. March 7
.. .Lib M ....... ..................................... March 14

Cribtel: FRENCH LINE P.0 Box Siel Tel.3-2478 S111
Paru : LINDO MADUIO, 8 A. BOX 1093
Tel. Panami 3-IUN -3101

[- -* **u ~Answer. te Previous Puzki

*OalBoNTAL 4 Painful
1. Dospted 5 Habitat plant
11 Parinaemous 7 Cultivates ABE
12 Vegetable 9 Fre
14 Before 10 Dough strips
Ile~vae 11 t is a
17 male rabbit clarinet
18 Nickel 13 Sewing tool 31 Interstices 44 Ireland
(symbol) IC Direction (ab.) 35 Ornament 45 Tissue
19 Rosiness 19 Stringiness 36 Swiss 48 Mire
21 Down 20Surprises mathematician 5tqShoshonean
U n Uin king 23 Binding 41 Cordage ftber Indian
V Narrated 25 Greek weight 42 It is used 52 "Sioux State"
Harvest 30 Threw orchestras (ab.)
27 Cain's brother missiles 43 Bare 54 Part of "be"
I8 Mixed type
S S Flower
30 Aher
34 Musical ..
37 Limbs
38Brother of
Jacob (Bib.)
32 Preposition
40 Small pianos I
S 4 South latitude
47 bade tree
40Hardn -
S. -- poy _.S
51 Intimidate

2 MW"d
ChiMM rir

Lady Gobs Go AWOL in Tenn.,

Now Missing Over One Week

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Feb. 26 (UP)
-Navy "straggler" notices have
failed for over a week to turn -up
two AWOL Waves, possibly be-
cause it is too easy for lady gobs
to shed that "G. 1. look."
Barbara Renfore, 24. of Pasca-
goula, Miss., and Gladys Silver.
of Detroit, vanished last Sun-
day from the Naval Air Station
at nearby MUlington, Tenn.
"It would be difficult to recg-
Wnse them on the street," a
Spokesman said. "The Navy pho-
ta shOw them in their hats. With
different hairdoes and makeup
they stay lost in the crowd. If a
man goes AWOL he is easy to
A friend of Miss Renfore's saw"
her "heading for Memphis" right
aftr reh rsang her part of "Miss
Trhm in the "Prailrie sail-
g," a satire on landlubber sea-
S kwhi.h base personnel sa pro-
4 Khe musical comedy MissM
m Is the "Cap'n's drab ec--
Sati & she blossoms forth
"dimguis" of evenaog
lto doover for the Navy
qa at the "Beale," a
s aile"krs to

Whether Miss Renfore was un-
der the spell of her dramatic role
when she "headed for Memphis."
leaving caps, blouses and blue
skirts behind, the Navy could not
"It's entirely unusual for Waves
to fo AWOL." said Comdr. James
D. Arbes of the Public Informa-
tion Office. "It is probable that
the girls are together."
Miss Silver's case was as baf-
fling. She disappeared from the
Base Hospital which she had en-
tered for a checkup. On the
chance of foul play the Navy had
no comment.
. Both women had written their
parents In glowing terms of the
air station's recently-overhauled
quarters, its fine "chow" and
pleasant routine.
Miss Silver, who entered service
In October, 1949 and worked in
communications, liked the Waves
"very much," said her mother,
Mrs. James L. Weatherly.
"I have no idea where she
might be," Mrs. Weatherly said.
Miss Rkefore, who entqcdi
service last May and worked i
the personnel office, was ape a
the most regular attendant l

rM' 7-:. s a Ir. 77. ,.- Sf.

Written for NBA Service

61 6J9783
qQ832 WAA109S4
*97632 *KQ
*KJ6 *4
sore (D)

*A 106
Both vuL
eeS Wests NM a Bat
IN.T. Pas s Pam
PasM INt. PaNs
2N.T. Pass Pas Pam

Many bridge players think
that the Stayman Convention is
used only to show Interest in a
major suit. This is not so, how-
ever, as Samuel M. Stayman
points out in his new book Expert
When the hand shown today
was played, West knew that
North's response of two clubs was
the Stayman Convention, asking
South to show a biddable major
suit if he had one. (By coinci-
dence, North actually had a club

South bid two spades, naturally
enough, and then North went to
two noltrump. Clearly, North had
no real support for spades, 3lnce
he did not raise that suit. Hence.
if North had any support at all
for a major suit, It had to be f6r
West had been wondering whe-
ther to open from four hearts to
the queen or from five small dia-
monds. When he reasoned that
North was likely to have some
four-card holding in hearts. West
decided to lead a diamond raLher
than a heart.
The diamond opening lead al-
lowed South to make the con-
tract. He won with the ace of
diamonds and led a low club to-
wards dummy. West properly
played lowi.toping dummy's ace
would be played.
South had already made up lsi
mmin dto finesse through West for
at least one honor in clubs. Hence
he finessed dummy's nine of
clubs at the second trick. This
won the trick.
Declarer next cashed the ace of
clubs andi ave up a cub trick to
West. M'w matter what West re-
turned, South was bound to make
at least al&ta.rieka.
If West made his opening lead
in hearts Instead of in diamonds,
Mast would take the ace of hearts
and would return the suit. Now
when West got in with the king
of clubs, his side could run the
rest of the hearts. Four heart
tricks and a club would defeat
the contract.

rehearsal. Her mother, Mrs. John
C. Legare, said she was excited
about her part in the play.
"She's a plain Jo' in the first
.part," her mother explained, "but
later on she blossoms out. She
ad. leading roles in high school

The Navy said the girls would
be claims a& deserters after 30
Ida, a;4 may face courts mar-

'LIt Up

Your Hearts'

(A Leato fita of The Pana-
mi Anet -l prepared by the
Rev. M. Qs-on, Episoe
Churth oIL% jviaour, New

"The o ..of God, which
'sth a ndedtanding, shaU
sp .u hearts and minds
a .io4h.Chrit Jos.' -PhiUip.
pans 4;.
One of the most Impressive sto-
ries in the Clopelo is that In
which our Lord, standing in a
little boat In a stoa. idal to the
wind and waves: "Peace. be still"
Upon which "the wind ceased,
and there was a great calm."
That story bos been taken-
and It may be so taken-.a a sort
of a parable Of Jesua pnd the
storm of humn le. He comes
to the soul w eait Ins toaed
about, .wlth. A onflict,
many a doubt," su the tu-
mult and in its pa leaves the
deep peace of Od.
This, too, Is one of the char-
acteristic notes of the authentic
early Christian experience. And,
like oy, peace was one of the
fruits of their faith. The peace
they knew was not someoI--
they crested within themaelv-.
They ad bot wished themselves
into It. It had come to them
"through Jesus Christ," and it
was a peace that only God could
gvle. How revealing of St. Paul's
own deep experience of it that
phraAe Is :"which path un
derstandingi" Having wanted
peace so much, he had found
peace in Christ Infinitely deeper
than he haddreamed of
Is not this peace of heart and
mind-peace In the soul-what
-many of us are wanang more
than anything ele? Don't we oft-
en pray for It? But It is here for
us in our Faith. It belongs in it:
comes with It. Peace In Christ's
most precious gift.
Prayer: Lord, give us
that peace which the world can-
not give. Amen.
Off To Central America
Raul A Osteaoro, President
and General Manager of Grant
Advertising de PhabA, S. A.,
Panamanian businessman, let
yesterday for Central Ameri ca on
a buslnese and Inspection trip re-
lated with his office.
Gasteasoro will remain a few
days in Cenitral America visiting
commercial firms and mamufec-
turlng companies In those coun.



Sleep Sonald Aml Nilgt

rhe ergMantfl ie u teB
bronchitis-ond A Mthm Is .) bie
ordly-cold Canada .M
nadlol Mbxtnure lre B. -,
bleaing to um id i OW WeM
in all drugstores.
There is nefhing Wle *Ml M
in the world -2 .9
ended hot wafw hu
and mnony a su.ela

h left YOU 7
if'-ge a^-r^B.^^^aBy
as. .... s.

waxL 00so

C i -
"- 3B1e




'. .
SRod Now sIn

5, Ui

h. .. MMP# UPS'S3 OUT

FMi~4 ri

M4111 Ir

I I III' I l// / ;/,'



: y- .' -
.-..n:/_ -, -:.: ^"._-51
:.- .- :. -- "-^-*.-.^i

.. ..-
-. f .'
.. "" -ii __i ".i.-A i -. i- I.-. .... *i'-" .- .-*>

A St Lew...nd.............................*M.. i t

S .. .l.evsBend ............-. ... ....
A. B amer ...................................... hil 3
Handflngu Refrigerated. ChUiled
Sand I eral ai,.

-. -.. .... ,

SrI 6A3 dlii?


^************- -41^*

IJf tL






.. '





.-- ."

. I

- --

N. froMt S ajm. to 1l'
gli Saturday of (hM

. Offieso
r951 were lastalled
Can .Canal Robehah
1,.0.0.7.. -Monday
tbe American Legion.
If ti.. ht

-installed wrte:
.an .C(nchard, noble
a. McNett, vlee-
ir Mrsa l
..uor warden- Mrs. fltS
R.8..G.;. Mrs. Glad"
re, L.8.I.'0;'M9r&* a-
Woodruff B.B.V.G.;
ary xowd, L.8.V.G.
Oft'as condulctra,
. pObs. inside guar-
fW. qpley presented
achard Wita a past noble
twel. :
tA.were Mr. Sa Brown,
S e No. 2, Mrs. Belle
X kim2, Wiln .Va,
L. IL East Oat 21,
941, .L Mrs. Wipma
Wood 30, St. LouWl Mo.

lay-ti 7:4S p.m. i,
l10*s of -the AnSed Pii
rewid resefye) "MtheirJ
4 ** '' *

-* -'


i_-Af *-,. :^., ^ .
Bt-i&fA"- *' -..^ ^. "


t sa

6 :. .* t I

ATite.;, f ^- CE


im WB. t bhear

r- C-4;

W,7 Richard -*
Of Net k. who 'ye
Oed to Panama from V0
two ueeks ago, ugid
f4ro8 hotel El Pansnm
u wat the foot of' La
Ca6le J. G. Duque. .
elas, who was Margaeq
.of Mobile, Alabaa
a to several days- as tbe
eSt of Maiss Ruth Ret.
rIi .Aunday, the Welmls'.-
S Campana with Mrs. Lt
Is i. Moore.
Atjkile Wednesday
tOoul Union Church A x-
t ill hold a home b"fl
I$ Rt1 Wednesday from 3 to -
O.L)4St. Andrews' Pariah .5a1.
t r idge U
bIrvdge players are Invited
fl b In the weekly duplicate
act bridge tournament tu-
M at 6:45 at the DiaWlo

In. Amnesia
:MIAMI. aa., Feb. 29. (UP) -
Polio considered releasing a
south who admitted robbing at
last 29 Miaml homes ft t
was learned through osis
today that he conoa 4d the
Crime whilesult frtgIBmpesa.
The suspect cd that hh s
Ztru identity was Jawa12. Me-
Ae.10. after LJ~l Qlfg
former Miam ir h it dA
ulty eoinmisqbener, plac i~m
under a hypnotic spell.
Polleug bi arrest Thwired

a cant loats a
0_ Iheu t probably had
oto as many as 100
Under h pnosis: the youth told
Qulgg he d left his home by
train last month. "And he's been
completely unaware of what no
was doing since that time." Qulgg
said. "It's obvious that the boy
should be freed."
The veteran officer said it took
only 15 minutes of hypnosis to
probe Into Mewenn's subcon-
scious. After talking with him a
few iptates. the aitAta victim
"My ,*qme's James Prank Mc-
Ewen Wia my friend's Bob MU-
A check with Madaudhusebts
authoities today showed that
the yth's auntt and uncle had'
reported him from their
Dnor te: hdii .a 11. dete-
tile H .ef ,- toward said.
QWUgg said th0ramnesia proba-
ly Rs caused m's blow on tht

ov'ua cag early l month.
The. former brfr said he
would testify In .O= tthat'thie
bov was an amnesia vctim tand
didn't know what be'was doing."
Thls most recent journey into
the subconscious of a Suspeetd
criminal was old staff to stockyv.
63-year-old Lea. QStg. In his 15
years as chief of the Miami pole
force. he sa~d he has brought at
least 10 amnesia. Vylctim back qo

me C


Your Wife?


How leg did it take
you to court your wife?

......^ ^ '.. .: .


\mW' F

9:45-P w -oer
10:00-. x It <
11:00-The Xwr t .
12:00-4Ugn Of

Toamwrrw, Togdagr, aft.

6:oo-The Matm A*ock ub'
7:30-MOnfin Aco ,n-

8:4*4S0 acaB HarmonIes
9:15-SAGRBD MCA*. 15O.
10:05-L, the IaTo
11: n ao-w .
11:05-0MWthe Record
12:05"-uncheon Musis
12:30-Fopular Musi
1:15-Personality Parade

3: RM vsIeo
3: l oafeittler 0ow
r 30-Muae For rulftS
:00-Musc MWithout Words
4:l15-Polka Hoilday '
4:30--Whaflyuz Favorite

7' A ?' C

WS,... -

1:30-Americaa Band Concert
9:4-American Debut
Irt0.SO-Amerfcan Pvorites
lt45-Date For Dancing
11:00-The Qwl's Neat
Imntpaw O 1 ybols
loce of AaMelea
british Wadcasting
-Radfbditfalop pFrancaites

66A.' a
Siug-tqtl uvkI

akes srek for NY

To Take 'Revenge'
0BSINING, N.T., Feb. 26. (UP)
-A "dangerous" convict atoMe
two guns from the warden's
home at grim Sing Sing Pripon
ad escaped amid reports from
the prison grapevine that he in-
tneed to "get even" with some-
m ti New York City.
George Brooks,24, a "fast talk-
b" prlsonerii has been In
trouble with the law since he wis
i years old, brele Into a cabinet
inwardeft Wilfred L. Denno's
home wher be hwas working as a
trusty, stole the guns and van-





..umphr.ies ~


* ago a graduate After the wn, he went back to
* amp in Tamo% the bIEs of hi whre ho
Sfor Hondurans. ld M4 Yi WU as
work amoqg tiW ait the
ae Mosquito 20ast ten sr mleB
ht the ship he was fbm thp m't
duled for a Horni dtyiMon f m a popW-
tall, but was dee- leiv of l aat I anIorers. In
t h; OM& eA -o -rds
?mply, was the Ihw, h patients.,
Frank Humphrtes made35 tal ,00pre-
Iathmus of Pana. sehop l 0o teeth
year careerwl and did ia work for
day. Helm s typho n tor overly
Lexa Maersk for p tteMa.
'e he will enter a wIth Dr4 M IW pnel, he
unselected-tor fIought two one of
ethesia. meanles ad tS1of typhoid.
Plan to return to- In 1947 he i W back to the
's. Humphries a nd States for a and took a
dren will join him nursing course aM 6 return
tes. In the mean- to Panama was Wart a grad-
live at their 300- uate furse's M
anch in Chirlql, He comb philan-
mphrles has a res- thropy with hi.k ng career
ng the best bread and with royalty" from a book
other, section of "Iildiian of Pat4,"' aftll$dVed
in. 1944, edaca S number of
..a.pS..- -- -a

'aaslde from the main
o ma thi piece-which is a-
bWN ries, himself.
r his arrival here 'he
the l.acts with the Oorgas
jand with the Panama
ad tion. Furnished with
m and drugs by Panama
an a flermission to do tne
wor 'regular doctor in areas
W n a were no medical
me6 aded for the Chirlquf
His patients were the
Guam Indians and others liv-
ing In the border country.
Fo n years he worked In tIho
moustanous Volcan area, oper-
atBnUM: lAce clinic and making
rouuovi the little Indian sett'e-k
meut; which except for Hum-
phr t bad not seen a medical
m I helped a good many
babib into the world, in the
maOt'-nuiitive surroundings, at-
to &Ihe death of a good many
peop. e held clinics on hook-
wo ASdministered treatment
for t and other parasites. He
pule bad teeth, dressed ma-
chet wounds, cared for the ci-
ouNte of the fracases which
weralmost a weekly event along
the bOundary.
In 1936. he came down to Da-
vid to take special training In
tropical diseases nursing at tne
HospItal Jos6 Domingo de Ohal-
dia, ufder Dr. Venancio Villa-
real and Dr. Paul Revez. After
this 'he helped the provincial
chief health officer, Nicolas ObaL-
dia, with hookworm clinics andl
other aspects of public health in
During World War I, he moved
to the Canal Zone to work first at
the Palo Seco Leper colony as
0lerk-au- tant to Dr. Ezra. Hur-
wits and later as emergency
nurse attendant at the first aid
station at Fort Sherman. He also
wored! t the Panama City
Health 0fflce and the Balboa

Ossining police reported that
other prisoners told them Brooks
had been Itching to get out of
prison, where he was serving a
term for second degree robbery,
to "take care of somebody in A#-
tortwS," his hgne neighborhood in
-M5 York City. The report was
rehyed over the police teletype
Police in New York staked out
heavy paols around Broomes
home. AI elncts were order-
ed on the rt to watch for the
armedd and dangerous" convict.
Brooks was serving five to 10
It was the second escape by a
trusty in two years from the war-
den's home. which is attached to
the prison ut outside the walls.
The big str. on Sing fing's
wai Wei ff about 2 p.m., sig-
alling he break.
New Yq t ste police aImmedi-
semt. patrols to search
Sand babkrfad -in
NitOW ^ 0out to fat

lr, 45, a Wee-
^Hiir~^|^^nibwk w}tch

U l .
puu ~ramaaa

Built to take id And Guaranteed
by us and its famous mokeri
Come in and get yours kdoy

Th# Jewelry Store
.37 Central Aes. 137
on'r store will be olised Mareb
lot, this daybesta a National
holiday in Panama.


He Is also a phlldsopher. He be-
linevas that nur'hing requires a
special "caU," that it nteds a re.-
Vouw basis Htumphries him-
self is a Seventh Day .Adventl$t,
that the nurse, whether willingly
or not has a moral infltience on
the people with whom he deals.
Much of his work has been
done without pay and for aI time
he received a little rice, or cheese
or beans for his services. He feels
that the work of being a public
servant, getting up at any hour
of the night to rekt the sick, rid-
ing through drenching rains,
fording swollen rivers, living lor
weeks out of saddlebags, is all
part of his personal religion -
sort of personal Qood Neighbor

CORNITH, Miss. (UPi- T. 0.
Timmons says he hasn't taken In
some 3,100 motiori picture shows
during the past 10 years because
he likes movies. It's just the best
way he'$ found to relax.

ROME, Feb. as (OR
Cal" 'j -y a

Tekolattl wet a
before Cbistisl
to reeperte sfrom a
operation which
automobile aseident I
teeters had already tl-9w
numnced him ented.
He was re ed to be'A
r;c;:eunew e aMdwn
broadcas to Italy it
ferring with toebrskuig SIt.
viet chiefs on Coinlmle

200,000 teednagers in th
States will learn how
in high school driver.
courses this year, the
Motor Club estimated.

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your Ford Dealer. It stands to reason that folks who service Fords,
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;t...!,.n..i.t -.

ilt I 1

"O ':


i'g. His. AlbeJt o
is C Hertpnuy



N ''




.. .






Ide, Dewey -'ch;E

a oGame Held Night

E.l *" STRAIGHTThe Standin* S, '--. >v K '. .....

. Teams WonLeo pct. sOverWon L Pd.
Cristobol ...... 21 10 .679 A bigger and md s th wt by ~lume. nrll h.wer
Balboa 14 15 .483 Plummer com e r and he w a better on
S Diablo. 11 21 .344 around ranon ti' of f
nt crowd at the wen the
SECOND HALF Plumier. 1121 /4,He r 4W.
SECOND4first start since i fro and sieeie

TCristobal zums wi8 4 .667 toured n a bout W ery ummrom th

we'l in the first roulME l'e blow oft AIlea'cll--'Ic~n a
cond plac Balboa Brwrs tonight whn thy tackl f this round was a ar r ight to Aenvedin
Slater cub at the Balboa Stadium 7:30 p.m. tonight. l rkin and onb ths did not
Diablos Earl Ho. olderr is expected to face Pau.333 Federy s the p r

of Balboa on the pitcher's mound. weaver, ummer t Uh he were
A victory for ontezuma will leave the Rummies only his Jaws n At oodm ten. AMhw w
pne'gdme back f the Brewers in the second half and aeIuhYor at the end of the hti soIl3 fe et bU
.L .... J Ifl.l.s :. )h ef~n~kt nn rnto gouldrea

ree-ond-a- o-nuoitu nimIiu uun uvu ,, ,,, I,,... ,. o..--o .. ..
"Leading hitter Ed Filo, who boosts a .366 batting' aver-
Srage will attempt to increase his .003 margin over runner.
utp Clem Koshorek.
Last night's scheduled contest between Balboa and
the~Cristobol Mottos was postponed on account of rain.

Babe Didrickson Teams Up

To Cop T1wo.Ball Tourney

OkLANDO, Fla., Feb.26 ,UP Miss Bauer, of the noted Mid.
3ba (Didrick .on Zahariss kept land. Tex., golfing Dauers. and
her rear-long winning streak tly ter partner from Ponte Vedra
v terday by te amin with !a.. did brilliant Iron work
Meorge olesta to outclul Alice throughout the match. But Alice's
ier and Pete Coooer for the cream-puff drives time after
International Mixed Two-Ball time gave her long-teeing oppo.
Oolb Chanmpionship, 6 ahd 5 nents Initial advantages.
With out-of-sight drives and
tAll's-eye putting. the Tampa After Bolesta started the see.
.ipe took ann early lead the 36- ond round with a bungled putt
le finals and were holding a that bogeyed the 19th. the Tam.
lur-up advantage at the end of pa team made no more mistakes,
rle first 18. Their first roupd Mrs. Zaharias reestablished a
:oard read 70. one under par. and four-hole lead on the 22nd when
.they were golfing at a four-un- she dropped a short putt whili
-* der-par pace when the match Miss Bauer missed a four-footer
l* osed at the 31st grPen. The famous woman athlete made

iUke A Good Rage Hors

I'Is Forced To Cornede h
seventh Roblnson-LaMotta fight NEA Sports Editor
would be fought for no reason at
Like a good race horse. Sugar
S ht.Robinson must concede
George Gainsford. his manager,
for some time has been eager to
pair the new middleweight mon-
arch with Joev Maxim. the light-
weight leader.
superior f fighters ave away
ore than the difference be-
reen Robinson and Maxim be.- -
re and after the original Joe
Another match that would be
SPrrific box office for Robinson Jake LalMostta av Robitawo
bould have paired him with Irish
S son Murphythe red-headed
n human fromadio an Diego who is Anotht.r meeig of Robinn
_Mte sure he can lick any man and ovr Th laMotta would a one of teas-
Ieat the house. boxing writers points out. come
Mason re under the classification of cruel-
Outrphy would do 170 pounds come bty to dumb animals. That could
-7e consensus is that the Har- be taken two ways. with the pay-
lem Not Shot would knock out ing guests included.
the slugging veteran at the south
thePacific, but he'd know he was in other few lckns lJake LaMotta want
a fight, and the brawl would pack to do-make it 11-and maybe get
Madison Square Garden, televis- lucky" The chances definitely are
Ibn and radio and all. against.
Murphy first has to get over The lion-hearted LaMottaher nihs-
Beattle's Harry Matthews. anoth- ily could be -hurt It's too bad
er with a string of knocked oots at that the przt ricatcher co can't
renDason uthuilre arden, ar. went hm? Howa mask and body protector,
Outnds wiof th Davet on should come b tha t happens to be again fvet
obrlsn's next major opponent the rules. b a mhn
MaXi'd could be to Ret anerved for
the good old summertime and Another few lickings like Lr-
Yankee Stadium. Mott& took in the Chicago Sta-
Sbush anyway. Randolph wium battlept th other night
re's no one in the middle and he'llde Robwind uson n,a nufavhouse.
a. it bracket for Robinson. How mantrctimes does one ywake
l ake LaMota knocked out Lau- have to beat another to convince
rentjauthuille. Bob Olson went him? How much clearer cap Rob-
1 12 rounds with Dave Sands. was insonmake It after winning five
utterly destroyed by Robinson. out of six, the last by a smashing
.i'hel'd first have to get Sands, noekout? The nubilc was satis-
he aborigine. out of the Austra- fled before the last outing. Other-
bush. anyway. Randolph wse. the bettors would not have
,arl~in. the Englishman, Jimmy made Robinson a 4-1 favorite.
... u. Silent Gene Hairston and Contracts mean little, anyway,
Walter Cartier-impossible. and LOMoUiVIr" a further ex-

* S
* I
* *
w -

The seond was slightly in re. aU01340 wu. v ast 14. u ur-
delrio's favor but It wea pbvloue o at his corner ,- r A e
that the tall PanamA Td Was on. The end e of the xt
lv biding his time. He sho k up round. r a -nted
Allen several times and oxe The main ba kyo was onlbe- "
heautifurd was full of action. one of tree ular knocd Sefio r IA
Allen fought back gamely and oul, reglt au g ht. In t rented. C Lo uewka- M nda-J. I
held his own. At times, however, f "irs ontet evening James Hourtr Er .d-4 .
Allen gave the impremalon that Milton Bj$ o ibiaort work of monies into
he wanted to use his head (forJoh IaThe ti goe IB .'...n
butting, that Is1 in close quart- th1 Z 4 inu tO i tn h bnteadl.. W by
ers. The referee'. RegellS Fiu6n, canv xthroe -i t s
had to warn Allen about his fore the rez uaall stoppt e lo bo
rough tactics. the ] eu vms pro.
Plummer started to open up in testedhl ri t lon the fourth and hurt Allen with ed or re- wtho Milton.in8
several sharp left hooks. Then The pTed round snem, a entini
he worked over Allen's mid-setr- final 1siTed wo rounds. In 1,5 00 a e
tion with a flurry of blows. Alien, fact le. s th n o rounds. Over- band el, reprlatlting the t
during this time, was not asleep whel la .betol choice Lionel majorlt I eh X mrepub- a half ""
and also got in a air share of Pelta. 4%. ied Al Games.e.gra. by t..
blows---several of them looping l1 I 3 all over the ring int he first _______, ____I an ths. e Pill wa.-
roundhouse rights to the head r nd After dropping him for an .
r Allen came out fast for the eight count, tU E
of Plummer rights and lefts. Al- PerIta ca t u with Webb .BASE A, o
len weathered the storm and in the second an sto aped hisl. BA A LLlpf -
went into a shell. Near the end of man in 64 seconds of th r round. Ira" et ei e r. .
Webb was completely outolasXd..W.ALlJ Aael woh
it five-up by the same method on nthe nl t.n te uardea aolh g WanL ItIO O "- 10 yek. admn d)- ..-e ta,. 4nhon
the made the pleaser. In-this contept Alonso of loe aatday tron at telemum
Bole.a made the victory dead Chase, 1234s. Ubstlituaed for Ed, a h mew n n n Of It Idr Mtguel g s a dium 4Qwn
certain with a 12-foot putt on uardo Alderete, who reported il] g l t k o law In coa-It o n
the 31st while Cooper muffed at weighingI- in t Al. c ggies nip en0 4. 1ait, In tq A wl' ;i ,K' n t
four -footer. Chase e opposed nte Worrell. Ear er in the da the Pedro
134, andpu up a good tight. Wor- IA d k al t-

e Robinson JE he by fiT

Auch Weight JOE WLLAMS
tension of the series calls for 160 Hodwg on lit.ay.totItbg
Hoewds. The Bronx Bu hadda will the unhappy Haepy Chandler do In tbh e go Salbo in b ar ga "
desperate time making te mid- political district in his campqJgn to save his 10,0" baeeball10to 0margin.I r
dleweint limit even at 10 ocock chair, the most expensive piece of furniture on the market to- wyy up to the semita oi A -J
in the morning, admits he would day? As of now it looks as if hell get a stadeff, with the down swin ging for
like the next one St 170. Cubs for, the White Sx against. campion ooll e
in Sugar Ray Robinson go- I took time t between d of the Robinson- lt e w rs. The
1 to box anyone of more than shambles on the lake front to contact both clubs. The Whitb UWoughoat the
h poundstr he might as well spokesman, for understandable reasons, declined to Be Identified. t and friends a
shoot for t all and take J As sole owner of the Cubs and a singularly forthright gentlem .h r ou Ia
Maxim. i ron Phil K. Wrigley prefaced his remarks with:
rNext in line for money and at- One of the raps against Chandler I that he tried to high alm tell just asthe final -
rtivene s Irish Bob Murphy. pressure the club owner Into a renewal of his contract at a melt- t under way' h.t toe
m iddleweight case is-or should ng which was not called for that purpose. Wrigley saw nothing g t r a .hile. M u t h t asto e
bec thednet os e iso 1 hould wrongrIn that. e.tonlheaI" a A" l'-"
"Chandler Is still a fairly young man," said P.N., "It seemed f anllha ha tcotn
tome he was not out of line in requesting to know how he stood in full swing In a 4a;aJ no
r bins l tWrigley vote to retain the cepd owner at the i lMo2wind
Jno in the March session when the matter again cotes up for eonflideration?' t,
n t is my policy to go along with : bmajority.t a be,
Cheo pe t But I have faith that a majority actia n by ourd16 representativeshs-i'
does reflect the proper approach." points up wft g

highestt y volt last December. but )pt the same there torson to be.
tMrcha Ilevie he supported the commiasoner. I, k it is safe, too, to
Merchaandise assume he will vote for Chandler thle tWnime out. At least on ts.
the first ballot. After that he can be costed on to a!og 'with
LDIABLD the majority. CE
Wrigley doesn't believe George Trautf czar of the minors,, 1140,A
or any other baseball Msan has "the g so* of a chance,"-to be1 .06
named commissioner.EWhy? "Because it Ian become traditional
that we bring in someone with a name who can give pretlg O to n
the office." o10
I suggested that what the office neoed was compedtent im Cu b
r tartlal onest administration more than er prestige and ugs7
h "loned that he himself would re n to run hit 'gum .
factories simply because the character was well know tois the1
head lpes. CA
"Well. that's how it is," he laughed. "We seem to demand. ..
prestige and I rather Imagine that's. w at we are going to get." Teams--"Le
The White Box situation is anMore co called. Actual owner. ferTo -.Riese4 1at
ship Is in the hands of Mrs. Grace Co e. Titular leadership
is entrusted to the son. Charles Comisk e tcteal dirent!ttyise3lt40. 4
conducted by Frank Lane, young, able rout-office exeetive.
Thus who speaks for whom and with what authority is wt al.
o came away. however, with the ioti oft hampresiton tht e theta
uWhite lox will not vote for Cha nder. Ya2 Comiskey "qted t e
against him originally. It was reported later ote her wp di-a thirdiCar A ,
pleased and reprimanded the son. Thils oes not seem to be lIg Veneau a
wholly true. They did have a family e.awence but apparently, m-

a gentleman In the organl ation who would figureto kno
core. He indicated the other had .a=de no attempt to
change the son's views.
That afternoon one if the Chloes- new escartd a story eqr Ii
s9 el upm a saay, ing that the anti-Chandler bloc a h .ded u Jp & A ioJ
siow m M r.ey as their candidate. The White 80,epresoneur l wa
"Wouldn't that be exchanging on*e poluion foro a ter" .e or
Boo at bedtime mad Youll)oteted.
help netrallae excess stomach The White Box would be more 61 ly to 09 a
add. ad auppe "full-feellaei Trautman, especially if Lane's po t Ub utl 1 v
PTbs yeFeseo n a.ewsnoauhra ygde I have "alen to 6eliMe it Is. IE:s
weay ler.C.."soiyesdle_ man to run baseball but led -ifg.
h11% an head ofianS the o e

Us scturewa TOOsevereSconfl


-ft.,* -

r -2...

;i 16A

Ul 1


&qyxm w

. .
ii l 41' -

A., Feb. 2h
e." And
ted. Dis-
tway of hap-

e earload--
-tof *e rs-
wasualty 14t
erathan the
treated In
t could also
r-or even
ter train at
rdoe, whieh
it another brush
The hospital's
. c machinery W
butes after the
qff the embank-


s.d 'm

a ttb

s '



- .
s ees Poethe

t tilg was aplit playig

el a ,mbers ot the Saddle

B- M0, lH UU&W f"

MJeffMr. Ju R. Wi of

S ho celebrated
fen inctatd bl brouf:

O i nMand ACfA'

b i for Harvey," t i to
havit tryouts for "Harvey," It

Roadene ordrd

#*ts M ffducation
.. _;' '0 A .

Sneieten avtry
ha. i'N5"Va .mM DI

willrrot at .M P
tus, Notl end r4

M 8r. H. I. Wink of -
Naval Station, W4
weekend after com o

I eld ths even at the
Marga ty a lu Norfoluse. The win
Is Iast.wek's games were:
l nd rMth, L. Cot e
kd Wpart, Wiss, Wehae

with Mr. Harry 0ffed.
aed, Mru. Irl Sande, Ir wit
Mr. and Mrs A h; Mrsd
Pa were tewin Colsonel ,r.
iand Mrs. .RuAe ohns of Bal-

u.mthr.e. B. Ward.
t Army Trie ames

mphiet War. Cottrel
To Slit Enem n
'a Split' Enemv

TOKYO, Feb. 26. (UP)-4tmm-
o.s and conjet s of d"i
FC#ween the O ,NA h
Sd by heads a of t
S F Ary A lal mtre at
Army hq r tom ra e t
wa s o or ...

vs, tome bs tween teto *1 .em-m t~rces.

butotey wre t fi r

Khinese that thewort war It

,+ j jc^ ..- N I not their affair.

L t ha
a a^

ofsit- a v 7
on a thr__5


ros DI
"rjj snam *

it fa 6lemlu- I
*t &in .eatSm.I

Ce eth.

dlautes after the
Ptal was aready
L in bed--dul-
oeivIng at least
d 'y." says ckert,
I not fear Ineffl-
has built its die-
ESr1In*. finn.

other Ox
otts were

/ .EW TMOP P. M IP)a.A

Iun. *

hescaper poue arrived by -

Mullis on the return trip to Flor-
ida where Mullk wa to face
h o I and henter-
ep tolp arrive y
m a

n t of f

ilda t, d irefui ohandu
bler dS t Wle bhen

id here Muis was to

oahs so dMob to b taken
I truiads It

W br h f lon:l olice"
ltenad hm on tn V of being

bilt't a bulleddlt body
was found outside lle. four

dys after he and u left Losr
dysafter eand lTeftL
l S uf. a ,he refused
to e Mulls, tlll the back


1lA Dg als I AMage ALY PO asse65
wesI U MO. I WP T. -V hes gy wl.
y selal e fI voka It 0t e g thSweof fjh-ervins
dloe url In POST- pa p a swe

bS Iat Drastically
4A S N. Feb. 26, (UP)
of natural rubber
Ia7ut e ires may cut to 15
9t wBt5 a government order
MVitt Was learned today.
NPA also announced today that
the civilian supply of all kinds of
rubber natural, synthetic and
late- will be greater in the
nextfour mouths.
ae National Production Au-
thority, attempting to stretch
V" I:atso'es natural rubber sup-
ai possible to meat
mtary neseda. will fill the gal)
with synthetic rubber.
NPA experts said today that
automobile, tires can be manu-
factured with only 15 per cent
natural rubber and still give good,
age ervlcw. Truck and bus tire.
1 Apor, risuire greater percent-
a V1 porous natural rubber
which remains cooler during Io.ig
,.e pr llai o natural
Erilptr in pa tr car tires is 35
&nr. t fore the Korean war,
t Vs about 65 per cent.
Bit mIO 'tire manufacturers
O Iad 0are cuttinAg natural rub-
b1 teotse t6 t oV as 15 per
ft to siM o y, Synthetic
rubW Oft only aboa t one-
fourM a w B nas tural rub-

L w8 14 B aM
10~tn fV

BErTfIE OrMthe key to Perth Amboy Qenoal
.Bopitar dtMaftre -. npton at Naur Runl Avene o(riht)
hand beos of auA and usaures to elr taent Nrse
orothoy ragotta.

It learned that rel) on the
telephone to summ sonnel
was a mistake; too e n people
were unreehable I', o. In-
stead, a disaster sil goes out
via the fire dep : and spot
announoent. are made ever all
regional radio statilos.
QulCkly, the rest of tae 4saster
blue rnt falls automatically Into
Supplies are all In a specific
disaster storage area. Cots, made
,up with lninas, blankets, bed

panq, shook blocks, drsin
surgical instruments and infb
lon asM boards, are compactly
o Med sl supplies are ready on-
the-apo, nd drug stores
are I up to send men as soon
as the alarm 1 sounded.
Order Is kept in the hospital.
Frantic, well-meaning frilds
and relatives can lmJ dilsUm
machinery by looking to a hoe.
pital. Perth Amboy General has
guards assigned to all doors and

The regular annual meeting will be held at Balboa
Clubhouse at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 27, 1951'
The entire membreship Is invited to attend




Mmve i~glct P
.sont~ f

f-scd. Nov talke ehbamel

wv MMess arOErt i ad

Complt Prize.Winning,Numbers la the Ordinary Drawing No. 1668, Sunday, February 25, 1951
The whole ticket.has pieces divided in two series "A" & "B" of 3 pieces each.

First Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize









sIe 5. 3 I S l e s M 1 5 I5 S3.u s 3is1 i u s e IMs .seM s ew s IM u s R U N isle iM m i s s.M wM s I a w

ts .... .d Fro. s
pf to r 55 am pl Is N- Ps & Im.M nr IN Mm. IN 1* "dwIM Nw r bw No r

AWlilatia 10.16 Ii3 H 9som "troIsis 'l1s e
Si l lss 11 mi le 119 j" I9 ll.3i e I SiO. ts l U1 ilt 3.5 n Sin S ji i .I" U N ast oS
asl 1WealaSS Nio. n m s is s me M 1 1 I 4311 3IM NitI 1NM.N I iN TMI fl MI Nmil IM.w 151 isum
S1oD 5.3 i iS 0 s6 Ni IM*; 42 l** 5.3 4* *4 **t. .4. lip "' *1 r U S
t ti U a m i I s 4411 INA 5 1IM.S O f I$.5 e4 IA 1 Ni I 1 1 1N
"i MM i MN M W 21 IH.1 Sill6 36" 10. I ll INM Sn INAN S IN. 1 Mtl.N isM "i N A
sum Russ Unsm sag e I s 31. ipS S ass N il me innstel ,s in.N i M s pM e asNe
1 m o .00 i 811 .. 3S 9 M. 451 US H.ISNp 6 01111 .10 5 -9f **3 Is*0 0si* 0- *is Im." e mw4s"
Oil I MPIS* 2919 MR 5 311 INS 645 316.3 His5 tofNi isla.telIs9isLO. 1 i 1 UN NilAINA
Ap1ouimatious Derived From r I s.
Ia mi o--- mu e.'n ma eat' ss a n m, ess mts em m
Ml ts s "1$S; mu of "N.M I514 an .N 4 1111 m at sma 8 mo Nm M"a UI.M EWW .a IL

Mil d0 i n M1 2 Netl IM.Not in' e se Il M w lM wM. M MsmI IN I
611 1 .I IN." 7 lM IN A I3Ml 3L 1U lf INA sm 9M. Iso m 8W 13 9.00 M I4M.
? SIyt lo m I 1NNeriv9 Frm od M rI

I- mi-,N1.0sa s43IN, ant SMwe"SaMW- I.N ,@4 N-O' --- -N

in MA I =MA Si en I= 31513 US 1I S N I si iN W i "
Ml Ut'tt UIt J3S tK Oi IM.|a MM 1MM TWUM~> 16M M Me



Pt l -iaan shmbs of '4ar's a&Mttery drawing were sold: 1st In Chltrt; 2nd in Col6n; 3rd In Papam.
', h ewba.iil ,.S, fr. ,@6. the two S 3,.d t.".
SI M ;mB Xf-.9am* &0C8p Bera of e is nwas su mean-.
f. ( 4AWI IA Q., eprpmtatihve A MIai t ftur. .

fW it I


M. S

. -.

* .I1 .*-I


., .. -. ,- .. ... ,

-. t .... .t "




SWe wish to extend our thanks
the Weather Bureau for
abr fine cooperation It wa-
in local lawns during the
delay in arrival of our

:.awn Sprinklers
Now that we have a large
asortment, at all prices, they
may let the dry season begin.

Geo. F. Novey, Inc.
27 Central Ave. Tel. 3-0140


.f ISilsan, Near Juan France
TeL 3-1.S

"' We are the lare t

importers of p LASS

Diabl Mirror Factory
4 We are t 16th St. Tel. 2-200argest


..Out Of Iron Curtain

LONDON, Feb. 26 (UP)-Bpt(
Atf sold valued at more than 433,
W0.d0 have been ilown to Lon-
',i.a1 jrom behind the Iron Our-.
ta during the past five weeks,
reflable iniormants reported o-
da, y.
- 'ine point of origin of the
r olc was not known nere. Nci-
ther was lha desLmauion, nor tne
use for wanlen it was intended.
But there was nothing ilelgal
about the shipments.
Airport agents said that 10
g hanes loaned with the gold
A*vb irriveo here since mid-
Janufty. 'The latest shipment
ocutRred On Weanesday when
ex4 ra quacus ot police guarded
I the orinotl Airport urging the
The presence bf police made
r obvious: the government knew
a b out the shipment put officials
i '* re not talking about It. 'Tne
SIllpm ea may have come from
Stihe Boviat Union or they may
h ave co e from Poland.
The hip La were trac-
ed as far rsaw, but the
most riiBest read: "No
Source of 0rin."
SFrom Warsaw the precious
bars were flown to Copenhagen,
S Dennark, 'and then put aboard
-. Ueudlnavlan or British Europ-
ean Airways planes and brought
to London.
,. The planes carried from two
four tons of gold each. At an
-- Average shipment of three tons
Sd with gold worth 560 a
pound, at western exchange
rates the 60,000 pounds of the
"-g netal were worth S33,600,,000.
.*. "Although both tussla and Po-
.16nod had favorable trade ba-
r.- 'Lnees with Britain last year.
a- t trade has decreased steadily
0 ad the price of materials has
dne up. It may be that the
communist states are drawing
a their gold reserves to buy
; Ids In the sterling area, or
possbly the gold will be-shipped
the United States to secure
dolars for trade in the dollar
lIn addition to securing dollars
and sterling for purchase of
much raw materials as rubber
and wool, the Russians are re-
o rted to be building up for-
eign currency reserves to finance
Communist activities abroad.

Bloomer Girls

OGDEN, Utah, Feb. 36, (UP)
The bloomer girl of the early
l 'Ws attempted a comeback
today, but Ogden police nipped
the fashion style In the bud.
Pollee booked fear shapely.
yeming Chicago women on
shargee of shop-lfting. The
jg ap My more than $1,20
eth f stolen artleles were
d Into the old fashioned,
Slosmers the lalee were.
TAIPH, Formosa (UP)- The
of coffee may be going up
Sthe Unite States, but look
F tit costs here--$4.50 a pound.
41 -coats only slightly lam. a
80 cent (if you can get
), cigarettes 45 to 60 cents a
potatoes 40 cents a pound
apples dO cents apete .

ijy-. i*'*V *,. ,. ... 1 -

'.Jr a

&&ae S

Fey .hw

A es4 leveftmseat
,h q. 660 VSESD

FOR SALI.-.-950 Chevrolet Styline
De Lu*e 4-Door Sedan, only 3,800
miles on speedometer, white side
wqit tires. Car like new. Cristobl,.
3-1396 ofter 6:00 p. m.
A Seed Ivestment
FOR SALF:-'49 Buick Super Con-
vertible. Quarters 249-D, Coco So-
lo 302.
FOR SALE: 1949 Buick "Super"
sedanette with Dynaflow, radio,
white side wall tires, underseaot
heater, plastic seat covers, low mrnl-
leoge. Just like a new car. Call
Gulick 653 Hurdle, between 4 and
6 p. m.
A Seed Investment
FOR SALE:-1947. Hudson Commo-
dore-8, 4 door sedan. Good condi-
tion, good tires. Insured. Price
$75000. 612-A, Sago St. Cocoli,
C. Z..
A Good Invetment
FOR SAL":-1951 4-door De Luxe
Sedan. 263 actual miles. Owner
leaving for States. Full price $1.-
800.00. Con be financed. Call 86-
5155, between 4 p. m. and .6 p.
m. James M. Robb.
FOR SALE:-1939 Plymouth 5150-
00. House R-31-F, Rousseau, C.
Z. .
FOR SALE:-Pontiac De Luxe. 1950.
with only 10.000 miles, excellent
condition. Real bargain. See it:
SAS. Avenida Belisario Porras.
FOR SALE.-1947 Chevrolet Fordor
$800 00; 1949 Chevrolet Fordor.
$1.25000. See at 251-A, Limon
Circle, Gatun.
FOR SALE.-The sooner the better
going away reasons. PACKARD
uncompared conditions. Phone 2
2712, PanamA. To be seen at 1 1
West Street and "A" Avenue
FOR SALE:-1941 Buick Club
Coupe, good conTT ion, $15000
down. Albrook Quarters 261-A.
phone 86-7174.



Jewelry str
Inf.twirnational Hotel
4 wire haired terrier
u .iVt .H. Goebertus-R. N.
i ng upstairs, Crlitobal.

*OR S -To York ice plants.
Sech .t-n capacity. One electric
'. and ais4Otsel drive. Sacrifice
pr.* A -'A.. M. Migeot 3600.
Manor, Mary-

'FOR SALE:-Electric incubator. Call
phone 3-0255.
FOR SALE:---7 Ft. Leonard Refriger-
aetor, SW0.0, 30 patlon hot wfl-
ter heater. 5100, Tappan 4 burner
gas stove, automatic controls.
$150 00; 6 piece mahogany din-
ingroom set. $150 00, mahogany
twin beds coil spring innerspring
with 2 night tables, chest of
drawers and vanity. $250 00. ma-
hogany bar with 4 stools, $100.00,
plastic covered davenport. $60 00
Electric vacuum cleaner with at-
tachments, $3000. 46th St. No
8,. Ponama.
FOR SALE--Frigidaire. 7 9 cu. ft
3 year guarantee. Ford Jeep. Gofit
Clubs, iron and woods. Tires 6
50 x 115, four, used. 5469-B.
FOR SALE:-Servel kerosene refri-
gerator, new point and excellent
working condition. Monday even-
ing at 0765. Williamson Place.
Balboa. $135 00.
FOR SALE-Mahogany coach. Cowes.
Baby bothinette. Baby baskmneite.
Venetian blinds and louvers, porch
partition. 25 Cycle 1-4 HP wa-h-
,ng machine motor or trade for 60
cycle. 813-C, Empire St. Balboa.
after 8 p. m.
FOR SALE-'-Moke your bid. 2 beds
with spring mattresses, wardrobes.
miscellaneous. 44th Street East
No. 44, Apt. 1.
FOR SALE -Apex Washing machine
25 cycle, good condition Apply
after 4 p. m. House 5607-D, Diae-
blo Hgts.
FOR' SALE -Maple livingroom set,
two chairs and divan, lamp, grass
rug, call at house 1453-B. Las
Cruces street. Balboa Monday, af-
ter 4-00 p. m.

FOR RENT: Nicely furnished, clean
copl rocm meals if desired, 46th
street. 18-A. Apartment 3. Call
3-1789 or 2-1693.

LOSJ -Black and white Boston Bull
terrier named Deacon Lost be-
tween Gamboa and Summit on
Thursday. Possibly headed toward
Albrook A. F. B Much loved fa-
mily pet Finder please call M'Sgt.
Motz 276-3290 or Gamboa 230
or Gamboa Poaice.
LOST -In Panama City. small gold
pin, front lettered PIK,. back mi-
saled MIM, Alpha Kansas Also
brown leather co.npurse with re-
ceipts. check. Reward. Telephone
3-3360, Myklond.

35 64 Inchee. ..I.N
38 z 64 Inches... 7.0
40z 64 inches... 7.0
42 z 64 inches..,. 7 .
34 x 72 Inches... 7
36 x 72 inches. .t.lS
Tel 3-1713 22EastUtb t.



mon anAMIt1
run pilot and N noet, l&W
pi1lo fleeing .l Met lt
dar4N e ts from-is
mol hedd by b 1. via
a gfl vl U .0

bound btw e B .o tr te a e.t
Thr wth9 Commerce

homes agelotoi S

from athe w aekii.c of non- *
said the plale was C i Ipaw ,sure-.cot a of ia
the Clover 1en AVf tI Sta
at Clover P*eld. b t t a euar to he
ford and her Itusbaniti dfa the fRu- P11at I
have ownership 3Sedhet T
flying service,,n suppliers; to-
The plane. a Ryan had p-hcl knRussiat aSfl.
bequ spotted by po 6e9ra- coutesn adtle i3 m'. bst r
silly over the. city, and tarsmi t ost -e t lt
diving low, shortly It taut aequlmostacon-0c
crashe into the hop byth4mtl. rlsfactohe "a
fJo e and .eMway -beeon trale laglm eth
hrs. Robert Tay ba-lonholesn. i. Wandtre
Damage to the homes a s of natural rodes fo pr
timated atad14,000 ;tothe: -urnsf vhu e a l
Ishel plane at P$.010. plane the t an onl of the Britain also shipped- big n p
Tht unauthorizedM fol%, if Civil Aeratto. tons ~and ties of machine ry atmenal
caught, would ftace charge of the Calidogf Aeauties Ac, toos to the amietqt J e .t.

FOR &;.,- Two saddle hate ,
pony and 14 h iM
harmr' .- ,'children's pets. Tock
also if rJ ed..Call 2-1835.
FOR SAL ilgh.Fidelity Long Plaoy-
ing R rd don, Concert-Hall,
_ol.uni Jr etc. AGENCIAS
DIAZ. a-"ll t 6-A. Phone 3-

FOR SALIt.- y Ross Spinet' Piano
"Lester," 'd condition. Reason-
able Prjlce -.Puse 8045. Apt. 2,
9th. St. between Melendez-Sonta
I.sabel, Cj.

ul. W for Cupid
neralP *~G .rant. 28, an
arnmy A Vm Chisago Cty,
w from the usukl
ive-d* .vlicr period so be
Could g tJitca r before return-
ing to a.ia 'after his Christmas
Iurlough .

GRAMLICH'S Sane CAf beaoh.
cottages, furnished, electric, re-
frigeration, moderate rates. Phone
Gambooa, 6-541 or j-567.
FOR RENT.-Beach e ttages. Seo.
cliff Acres. Phone IPOSEY, Blboc

FOR SALE:-SocilfIj$ prices, e.lStrlc
stove, like new, win youth beds,
record player radio, hem taoud ca-
binet and parts. Tranmportes Bpx-
FOR RENT:--CheW- two bedroom.
room service, Lofnted' Via Belisa-
rio Porras, for information call
telephone 3-1332.
FOR RENT:--Completely furnished
chalet. Livingroom1 diningroom, 3
bedrooms, 2 baths, porch, terrace,
garage, servants room, garden.
large patio. 6th Avenue, Golf
Heights. Phone 3-3085.

FOR RENT:-Apartment for rent,
43rd Street East end Av., Mexi-
co. Coall 3-0140.
FOR RENT-Apartment one bedroom,
service, porch and kitchen. In-
formation call personally to Mer-
coda Modelo Justo Arosemena
Ave. and 29 Street East. Do not
coll by phone.
FOR RENT--Apartment recently re-
novated and painted. Second floor
balcony, livingroom. diningroom. 2
bedrooms. $75.00. Information
48th Street No. 23, Apt. No. I.
Panama 2-3067.
RENT: Completely furnished
apartment. two bedrooms, nice lo-
cation, suitable for couple without
children. No. 82 Belisario Porras
FOR RENT-Apartment. 2 bedrooms.
dningroom. sittingroom and other
commodities. Son Francisco 14th
St. No. 2, front Golf Club. For in-
formation cail 2-1752.
FOR RENT:-Modern apartment. 2
bedrooms, upstairs with penthouse,
beautiful sea view. 48 St. No. 11.
Information call telephone 3-1897
FOR RENT: Furnished bachelor
apartment 50 dollars, also two
bedroom apartment, Bello Vista.
Tel. 3-1648.

NOVELTY -Just received: A com-
plete assortment of paints for
artists, from the famous English
houTe Winsor & Newton. Excellent
quality at moderate prices. Pre-
ciado Book Store. Central Ave. &
Cathedral Plaza.
'DULCINAS." Juice oranges, eat-
,ng oranges and grapefruits are al-
ways of selected grade and ex-
ceplional quality Accept only
fruit that has been stamped -
Dulcina registered trade mark.
Sole distributors. Products Necio-
nales. S. A. Telephone 2-0028.
The Panama Canal invites proposals
for furnishing 25,000 BMFT Amarillo
legs. and 30.000 BMFT Cedro Amor-
go logs. 16 inches and up In dia-
meter at small end. under sealed
bids opening March 15. 1951. Invi-
tation No. 386 *available at office of
Superintendent of Storehouses,t aol-
boo, telephone 2-2777.




IA .; -

1 o.*n e. I

It has that longer, lower, w$Jv 14cw loW"

Here's Amrca larsa.and fn hw-r d cac-tbhe aqe
of all new aomobilesf tru worthy as it is rfty i
mJ operate and maintain. '

Brilliant new styling featuring en- DRUM BRAKBS twllt Dbl-UfWe
tirely new grille, parking lights, fender rlvellees broke /intlgsl-Larget
molding and reasr-nd design imparting that brakes in the entire low-price Seld *tar-afe
longer., lo,,er, wer bigcar look which sets Chev- extra-smodth, extra-durable with bWb.
rolet above and apart from ali other motor cars in shoes on each wheel self-energUing for forwaitnd
its field. reverse operation of car providing mnaxidiu
stopping-power with up to 25% less driver ffot.

BY FISHER-With new and even more IPANEL-Safer.. more cotvelkmnt.
stn'kingly beautiful lines, contours and more efficient having -a over-
colors ... with extra sturdy Fisher Unisteel construc- haia upper crown to eliminate rlbctin-t AW-
ton ... Curved Windshield and Panoramic Visibility shield from instrument lights,. e 1ower edgep aofpeS
... the smanrtest, safest, most comfa4able edition of recessed to provide a safe, coavemuknt lcaicm for
Chevrolet's America-Preferred Bodies by Fisher. control knobs with plain, mey-to-m;ad... fru-
ments in two large clusters direU in front of driver.

S-With upholstery and appointments STERSING (f d Conter-Pon *.De-
of outstanding quality, in beautiful l tL-Malng steering even eaier at
two-tone color harmonies with an even more low speeds and while parlag'. .. just as Cbevrolet'
attractive steering wheel embodying a new full-circle famous Unitzed knee-Action Gklidin Ride is oem-
horn ring (in De Luxe models) and with extra fortablea beyond comparison in iu price rP .
generous head, leg and elbow room for driver and additional reasons why more people buy ciSvll
all passengers. than any other car.

f .r


.- A. .-
-** .-. -"* i .- .'%

New with that intser, lower, eArb hi-cr Ink! *
strkllngly smare FiS. Si atyling and beautifully tailored
Mod&rn-Modet ialterianl fi'o safety, new In stewing -e4e,
new In feafutn after faNvs t'lAhoTl i rlvpd in all thiWp, from the f er
no-shift driving of its Twewlde Atutolatic Trasnmuion," iar'
the finer stand at id2 SiaiteM mth 'wuabio fL
the fleet, fruia i a.C. of
Come in-see and isev Anmerleds *ra and finest 'lw
priced car-Chqvrole ft '1-thie &oy qi tkat pbrin yoU ll
many bij-car aaS lst sin l qif

-proved by m ae tha a biion= $tWs of performance in t
bands of hundeaid-aof louads of owners.
*CJMbv .,of Po.erslde A.oMatse Tr MM S a
io Eao. -.p u aM Ag o

lU*l' Ae .. .- .


p 4


- -1. ..

. ,. 7 .. .


' "-' 'f-LAS


tion ReCaes 'w fU,
boo 2-3050. Eu

Panome 1.r137 e



Registrations taken for private Kin-
dergarten to re-open March Ist
continue through summer. 309 Co-
lumbia Road, Ancon. Tel. 2-1835.

Help Wanted
WANTED: Laundress and house-
maid, full time job Apply between
5:30 and 6:30 Monday at 27th
Sixth Street, San Francisco.
WANTED -Mole English Spanish
Stenographer. Must be active. Co-
lor no object. Etx 297, Balboa, C
WANTED: Cook-hots-o'eeper A -i
ply U. S. Embassy office building
Tuesday morning, from 10 to 12.

i- o



* .* ". "

.".'. A,-. .

t. .. -
S- .. f. : 1.. ,-" j

SIcan Cho


. < -. : -

p -> -* *

.5 ~




.'!* .<;:-






,.. .. ** ,. <-
* *. ," .-
*. *. ^
<. :!. *


na .

woe ere m~E
ew Into the .

.l :, unrutss. n a s.
r s11.

or it wnor Anm
I 'nrw thjtam ha tAi S

h I t I was excw S

b 7 roan sa0d aoUvny.
hi, Put eos

me te a iore wer- poured to

S1-.1ba OmtbaieD lost
ber bi treaurlus. They've
Setete out of CI. They've
6 b lsgy Incontibutiona e a d
Fm] doe d cold war turned

tUe dowa f to atS 4.

Z tics. Thi, at a
m Ma M n
S. r$1--m t dh ieshe

i* u r toohi Sfti t eM-

Sedg r e. ven uc h

i tas roae a oa=who & 1y

,are runnn mae o Was-
an eran lter m Is to
& irighen 1. Trume.nThas are

ofy on-to-qap O1ngiaiona i
probers), anm a a 'veh going
among Use Anmhas UIelaus in
prove Int tney h peace
leagues or thir own wben GOal
Colusmau m brmowle Jewel
trom thb en.
Tnere ar ic Confer-9
0nces on Cuha A World
eae, a tLn P far Oat
chief, and ilteraW"y llobU of
pieces of eapenve Itegasure.
There anr hamreds o f rganz-
eor moving egro emninlUea.
ilIng to &,l, r acial hear. a&
teans' councaa, W cog MI,
youth anelghorno e.
se the-re i.ea big s .
ao ,vi.c -l i2 rpe
of cen .la people to d. et
all th0e. the -

ag teeds oS The Pseas fes
I^eaqed l e uml\deeeuul
** ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a opeS.Ri^^ kJ ^^ R-H^'^*-* tfd ^^lM^~~~-

I- k -


" r .
N* e

M om n

n ro .
ttndids of g at
dalb, but for t 4 o
o an blame the 0gult
hard. They have m
which, in a=a*la
by the college whl
ho a"=n H u

Ma o a pay ol
While they play "am

alumnus or a gamble
The profeomafal
chopls. aTe ui paut
he*.. kamnsta deast in



me, for butIM
gie Air Force i
Mlbi about I
which Is probi
id forward bi
si- months fr
Sated withir
low, thebamts
ih its terrib
al nre. d

be rolled o
aMuch ofl
. of the


'I --BMW tb b-, i .,
uW--- flW- Si ^' .-- -k, : =- 1 CM---i .- ;,

'DouF I
I wO

s Dough'

rAvw and Murray were0 & T h
men that tuia wa not
dent, that labor's requests fr ey ppot teo l
tracked. I .-
- m IT n '
Labor's coolness algq had an effect on the 1t elections wlrg
Democratic lsoees In the eitiee were heay.
a_ What brought the rebellion to a had Wpe:
1. Truman's failure to cos"t'A
wage fresse formula. OWSehee.,
reen and Murray, alwaysR mad l r
- agreeable news to their members by trefient doMultatl.
S. The absence of a top-flight labor man a t
ata,-f. When Stuart 8* ag n defenseM
pointed a Labor Aviso CO but not I.
3. Truman's crack compaing rairo"l strke to M
This janwinad labo. *ahlae'4eu f ha* Sts* UwamIj*da -- e

a.s. o them for keeps.
here ia useh t d in minor league baseball. The b n1Di, all s t-
ae~nr., to invade major ball when the All fath loot- Now its mutual.
to tM a Wht, ww you ball dilgracefulneus happened, and A mauth up-
y pistel ,3,too roar was raised that the ladlii d to lay M 1OiC eND DmIKON
epirity .off for a while. There is no fto eem
se-r major baseball from to the One of the best things about the Mnw and vtetorl avt .
tch1 brane V More money is bet on It than s rin. In Korea the way the .allatd Division has taM a.
There Is a form shest Ofpa =4 back. Last November, inthe retreat from fti" .
eforr Ibstanoe, exift than for baseball teams and players. T* 0point- Divlaon took the pumntm s-t Wgi t wA
S temt of r ot ath- spread bet is heavily in vogue. Is play- tough a nment og off ehileb the
iR payers, and a keo r ed by men. If you can ba beSi Play 8th Army pulled back below the a .
l one kind or s1nomer and football players and ,.Mnr league Thed n Mio te, tr Mmm I Mt, w aMbm.
iter" bl. The o or lo- players it stands to reason that the m-aor boIy t).s so heavy that General Mai rthur a t
Sought 1 det table or are bribable, too eseIall the matter young 2nd Division was "unlit for further .
tc a eau men who make mean and easly salaries on
o g W bri Dough cheap-wage teams. HowVr, thevte d rvd4has Yo eO .Y t
.0 I tfrom a rich m a nt omee
or. It blame can be placed, In the current i- Rd yt t ck Into i t
football coloUge, the big nicism of sports, It first must attach to the In- Winl oted aW 1M a
been mixed up in some ot stttulone of learning and the amateur thlett a North Korean end the a.
the hLto etetal vio- aeoclatton which fed and tended doube-deal- Then the ad t e
irn which a lag and crooked standard In thet eagerne to Ue. drew the Ite traphit
of r make big bustnl out p the strpn ba ob f nmaera o.eath Yl #At sdli-n wlthem et. ,w-3w -ba .
S" "A The million dollart' stadium 'E1t have in two rsV; n ,ss ueaetik.
bought and aid for athletic starts a s ever.
the scouts for proutulI teams.. mT e
Sbe ltl ntstanees in wct h aeUte sta iad not 1WASNINOTOMN P3RLE
afford to suit education for the pro., bhau.
*A ss he was making more In 6oVege than Out. Senator Taft refund to.allow of Isllso "e to be
On e college exerted politicall innuene, sactual- cast over the Mutua roadcaestingf re
ly, to have A man sprung from the armed ser- network deleted aal of Taft Tafo e
vices in order to use him as a ler. All the ommentator Frank Edwards, who is sponsored A. i .
old gags about being paid for wind tg the 1- Thus Tat., Who has bpn critical of labor, wV e
iPW ''ELy clock or winning a monthly bet that the of denyg a labor-sponsored commentator the to
eUm Saeor cannot Jump over a suitcase are true. him. Tafts terms were delivered to the network by
h that you have heard about the am- strative assistant, Jack Martin. Later, network o a
u tennis bumn is true that is why they Edwarda' script, found It wasn't critical Ta
i -even refer to then ve u OOP eolleau are needling Rep. Clarene own oi
.eve.. refer to thees considered leader of Ohio emen t th
of ebullient George Bender. gender, they isy eB
C Ja t...Tme .tate of Bou Colina ha bo'h aS i
TIET rOF F' Aac llsefor much-loved new Govermor Jimmny W oe,
S" the le nature has not yet imported w w .A'7pd S eMd-.
StM A cha ur, Joe Andr who piloted M around Wa
py IoJH U -w Al5W when Jimmy was on the supreme Court... .ecomnmnded rt
Lf t Alan artea new book "The Loyalty of ree Mun." A bgs
e** for understanding how to make democracy live.
osf Stalin's relet w rea Luired for the Strategic Air Command to com- m, e y .
G -very cleatos a tht-e Its mt on would be more than doubled. COW COLLEGE DIPLOMAT
by eM western n ato iat B-2Bh and B-0s could also reach Soviet .
Make warlnevitabt targets from bases in this hemisphere, using re- No op would ever associate an Oklahoma cow colleI. -
m ,a to understand ftuss tedhnmlque., although these planes are of tesor with career diplomat, but Seretary of tate Achi t. e
ir powr s inrel m more vulnerable than the 5-SIe. Thus now mixed the two together. He has placed Dr. n qOts M
nte rsw If ti importantt fact is that the strategic air mis*- Bennett, preient of the Oklahoma AgrIcultural andeasa
a Onwhy the uld still be performed, even under the College in charge of the Point Four program the.t ii
hould li have =e sa I wonst possible circumstance.s mont. his the program charged with helping the unde r -
-Kremlin so cleely derg. Moreover, the Soviet Union simply cannot ed ar of the world
to measure the growth of msth this country in their. Care=fl analysis Dr. bo atnt bas tincolnesq knack of reducing
It war comes, the task of by air lorce experts has lea t starting ow- nation to Itsm1MP terms MA thnllanmlting his point
ad will e, of coure, to lon, ven assuming that the Sov et Union an earthy story ag ch to the Poit Pour nt Fo ea
arD potential of theSlet ~gsapaSvl 0o producing an air force equiva- "Joo" ay Dr. e tenntt, "i the ke to 1on. at PC i|
.r idy a ose. T to m s tuw air force tnis countryU will oon.-have, people in und velod countries depend on td e lade
t Altask wll be double Si noet be mamitaIned. TO maintain it, for iivetood. It taeS ftalWa of nearly eerAdy t
And a year lter, it will B le under training conditions for one ar. ow eou food t p alve.
SAnd a year later, n e r eoat conditions for only t "That the same prediemueat our peop W 1S
would require more than half the year- years ago. we learned btter waYsto Now
m of ilustration. tat the t option orl in the entire Soviet empire. one-third of us an feed all of a, and vi a
sui now compete its mit- naton of course, cou ertbly ao- Consequenty, more than two-thirds ,na uadaa
* days of the outbreakS of ift halfitts entire aol resources to Its air for e prefeaons. In order to obtain a better
ably a reasonable esti s alone. Moreover, the Kremlin could not solve n i .958 to rgw more food per acre per m An.ecan't
ma were not neutralised. te protolm simply by capturing the Middle o ae, but we. an show them how to help themselves, at
r ?m now. the s sionpslcou A ML re because of lac" of transport, thersea smlleast-. -|
Sdays. Anthe on s W more than a trickle ofOiltoR- 1 free themselves ftom the threat of hu
.r ore should be *ft ee years after the MI S the'ow president,. "thOy o a long way towsr
es task In little more th1S et had fallen to the Kremlin. g.the..ut te e threat of Ctmunism ao."
en short, what is now In prospect Is a crush- Dr. BeCaOt4 now a trip to several Latin-AmerIcan sou-
iy ropd laas int *rt..t Ng Amecean air strength, which the Kremlin tried. whe tna a new style of onlaacy.
ces dMriavim y simply will not be able to equal. To be aure. R h aen tal met President Ulae on a street
ofatouf lcimbsandhe ay ts Be14= gro=- for complaUcency. For te neo and to the eOaste1matlon of the diplomatic entourag by
te aen"S b nb r K n will nevertheless quite oon be able to walked over to a sidewalk bench. sat down apd t oisussed.,
t prfoduston Une ce a dv e nusbeo of atowic bomblto tar- Point Four program for Costa Rica. .
I the WMW PON em~ ame H cour# and elewnere. oreoicr, I
e n operaion. ttle geNtry alies will also never 0ne -(06 g~ 151h, by the Bell Syn sate. 1s.)
-e praoW- s ,tr beet emat w "at. oviet ground strength, in terms.r
...~clb... awaU P.O a m *manon t .grond.
enfe, bf.ft... balance o. pow- INVESTORS SERVICE CORPORATION
t ahe"ai- "_1a. _he wit ning ir LOCAL MARKET QUOTATIONS
feet. but St old mita*n This Ia what a l" a andthe t-oit-
eat grestrisk sofs sone an m determined to prevent. -tay0
losb. alnd 9"l 4ch sollpre0 1-tit, to.plot.t Will defy AnMa#on p .e16t ....
angdS d aicr e.reatacp are. ptan t-...............
so. A number OfU t it na t erta e_...................................
.hp omh4 ago mayelongafto
.,I ---t-- ......&n wL. &d L..t.nwtt ::..............

it f irba ls th an rle MAY-..-) ... ............. .... .
-ma Iv s w.*.....................
halWtj. j rth1flea" In) ., A........................
"a becausee 3%* A.- ............. ....... ......

'w,, S eodoll and ,tanil ....d. .............


- .: '9.;
- ..~.

" .'' '



.. f,.. .. ... .
....~I 5 l l



me1 dl

aO w # as -.e ri .".., a b.or. be.
s ,ifA"d It is ..worth. .. .ta i... -
St.t &~l ^anb.^'saa-- ---- nak hes.s-- -_

. t.., .*.. a -, .- .' e
..* ..... ..-- l f .l pqp.- t 5 h. A. .. .
; 5. 5 5 -'' -
-,. *- ; .- .. -. .. ..< -..- ^ .' .; ,, .
E E 7 ::- -'-; 2".pi-: -. =i: -; .'-*-*^ *i.-:,:%,, -y-:,-. ..,

,-, -IN :
I .0Z Ak ji^


. .'* -



"'S NYt

. A'mGOK RED CROSS FIRST AIDERS learn Instruction
'"Methods from Mr. R. J. Amiro, representative of the Ameri-
s. a Red Croes National Headquarters, Washington at Albrook
Air Force Base, Insert, one group learns the art of the
Sin sling from Mrs. Helen Cummings and Mrs. Wilma
4 ner (U.S. Air Force photo)

Sirmen, Officers Wives

complete Red Cross Program
U -

Red Crossd Md

Lt. Col. T. B. Stewart. chief of
the management analysis branch
Of the Caribbean Air Command
at Albrook Air Force Base was
chosen committee chairman tor
the command Red Crpjf d
driveat a meeting of com tee
members yesterday at the Al-
brook Base theater.. .
During the meeting, C o.-t
art stated: "Monies collete 'will
be turned over to the Canal
Zone Red Cross chlaptot
He pointed out wt
1950 13,300 needy caWdf $Oeo
iced by the Canal Z9 W.aM. t ....t.
chapter. "These w i4 or
cases' only and do .SDO
those case on which Mirds were
not available." ...
A quota of $10_ ,b bees sit
for civilian and .fitq person-
nel of the Caribbean AMr Com-

Experience ms

With ExamlltHns

Twtvnty four airmen from Al- tify others as they complete the ;or PC P Ro tllS
wook Air Force Base and 12 of- pjres.rlbed periods ot classes and
.icers wives last week complete ltuidy.
'Vte ir.structors course for Ame.'- A new Civil Service regulation
Mn- Red Cross First Aid. The e C n r k permitting the substitution of
'uurse. taught by Mr. R. J. A- !ieOrge DvOrya certain experience Nd ts inning
.hlro. American Red Cross reoie- D in lieu of written examinations
.aena.tive from national hed-: Area for promotions. reassignments. or
'quarters. WashinVon. quailiisLeavesPanama.'A*e intra-agency transfers to typist,
thG26 graduates to instruct ilrit clerk, and stenographer positions
d. courses for Albrool: person- Rwas announced today at Balboa
ncl which begin this wee!:. t IiI iUIIO iHeights.
nThe tic t irs The new ruling isa part of the
The combined instr u C I ur r ulaxideng aio In af
Georgenfoolowyak.hRedCrs current relaxed regulations in ef-
ourse followed the preliminary George Dvoryak, Red Crossfect during th emergency pe-
.courses which were concluded a Field Director at Albrook Air i nod when indefinite appoint-
,1Aw w-eks a.'o. The preliminary Fo.-ce Base, since 1945 received I ments are being made to Civil
women's co'. rse was taught o' notice last week from Red Cro.v I Service positions.
.Mrs M..ry Ann Hib'js. of A-; headquarters in Washington of In effect, the new regulation
Wrook and the course for ti.e his transfer to San Juan Pueriu provides that persons already in
militr rv by Mr. Clay P. Carpen- Rico He will leave today for Ban service do not have to meet writ-
,4r of the Cocoll fire fighting Jua-i headquarters for assign- ten test requirements for promo-
staff. Imentez to an undisclosed post in tion or reassignment if they have
thst area. the necessary experience, train-
The 36 graduates of the instrucc- Upon entry into Red Cross Ing and educational background
tors course will be presented Service in 1945. Dvorysk was sent for the type of work or grade lev-
with Red Cro0s certificates of inmmEdiately to Albrook Field. el to which the promotion or, re-
proficiency and will in turn cer- i During his service as field direc- assignment is made.
--- tor at the base he was dubbed the Substitution of certain expe-
fl Fvins Field Director" since rience and training for a written
i an o Mon Fluies necessitated f Direqucto since test for status employes is au-
'Airman of Month' ie thoized or the positions of clerk,
Leaves for Argentine ravel between Albrook and its enographerandtypist ingrade
While nt Albrook he was inris- The new experience and train-
ALEROOK FIRST AIRMAN OF trunienal in organizing bowling In standards are to be used in
THE MONTH left today on a ten leagues on the base for military effecting-noncompetitive changes
day trip to Buenos Alres Argen- personnel and dependents and of both status and on-a us
tina. was also active in stage produc- employes to thise portions ,
I iIg,, pstiq he tba stagi3 of oniAtlee ti as-to the
-..The trip and a 18.00 e0peI e frtr trrrtf rofm T r d, exrerlence nd tra ig whih
accounL w,. the reward earned 11c8 may be substituted for written
by Set. David Ingram o0 Pais. iHe Is a native of Farrell. Penn- examinations in these cases may
Texas a member of Albroo..'s 0.U 0 sylvania an da graduate of New be obtained from the U.S. Board
Main.inance and Supply Squ..- York University. Before entering of Civil Service Examiners on the
ron for the distinction of binmg the service of the Red Cross lie first floor of the Administration
chosen leading airman for .ie was a high school teacher of gov- Building at Balboa Heights.
month of January. 'I ernment in several United Staces
The trio by regular rou'ine High schools, I .
car'.o C-47 flight was made on a ---- III kI
apace available basis
n Reign of Terror Steno-Typist Exams
SA Follows Srkeshe United States Civil Service
Strke i Commission has issued a revised
$ cC0n ^_Po-e r l announcement of its Stenograph-
eks P c n On arIDb Island erany Typist examination. It
s Mo announced an examination
-ew rrsthe blind only for Dictating
SPORT OF SPAIN (Trinidad), Machine Transcriber. All the obs
Feb 26 (UPI --The strife-torn to be filled from these examina-
ENO AIRE, Feb. 2(UP)sland of Grnada 100 miles tons arein Washington, D. C,
representatives of La Prensa' north of Trinidad was calm but and vicinity. '
S ed since e Jan. 26 by the News- tense today as police, reinforced
derse Union boycottM hoped to by Royal Navy salors and ma- The starting salaries for sten-
b eceived todayngbl Eorlenrhl rInes, maintained order after a 0raphers range from $2,450 to
and Minister of Labor Jos M. weeklong reign of terror appar- $1.875 a year and for typists they
and minister o Labor dietly week long reign of terror appar- are $2,450 to $2,650 a year. Most
to the government for protection tural and unskilled workers, of the Jobs to be filled will pay
of their right to work. Pat ols "-went ashore Sunday $2,560. To .qualify, applicants
Smolovesi l300 of which slon- from the frigate Snipe of the must pass a written examination
Samolo es I 00n upoortinht Pren-. British West Indies Squadron to consisting of a general abilities
last weekn sourht vain1v to help the police and British mn- test and a typing test. In addl-
,gW eent their viewpoint LaPren- rines and sailors from H.M.S. tion,stenographers must pass a
u eimnloves stressed there is no Devonshire to keep order, stenography test. No experience
emo d'ote a' the Newsvend- The authorities warned tour- is required for any of the posi-
or,"Unior members are not em- Ists to leave, but tourists from tons.
ptoveq of the newspaper. 'the United States who returned The DictatIng Machine rans-
La o rensa wt jfo-red through I here by air said many are Ignor- The Dictating Machiner ns-
ie i ewsvendon' Union boycott ing the warnings and are de- beraingn s2 a
hvhen It termlned to stay In Grenada ar.aying $2,450 and $2, a
s nhlatflndeasyn Grenadaheyear. is open only to persons
ulted the unions' demands A tourists n Grenada have who are blind or whose vision is
which ie been evacuated close trt rom outlying seriously mpaired. Applicants for
" ton rights In Buenos Aires. 20 hotels and have taken refuge in these positions must pass a writ-
p er cent of thp revenue from I accommodation near Govern- I ten test. No experience Is requir-
eb..Iineui pridert'sin". 50 ner cent nient House, under a guard of Ied. Opportunities for placement
01.subscrlptlfn revenue Pnd su- Royal Marines. i n these Jobs are limited
rv rvis'on of the newspanepr's Rioters cut telephone lines'
.1 ks bv the union's own audit- i and looting Is reportedly con- Further Information and appli-
- tinuing. A loudspeaker van pa- cation forms may be obtained
S -- trolled the streets with union from the Comminsion's Local Se-
a Iieaders urging the strikers to be i cretary, J. A. YatW% Board of U.S.
s Pursue alim. One of the arrested lead- Civil Service Examiners, Balboa
U ers appealed from his cell for a Heights. C.Z., from Civil Service
Itt MOUntain 'ruce" of his followers but they regional offices, or from the Un-
ird, rejected the appeal as fraudu- Ited States Civil Service Commis-
(Continued from Page 1) lent. sion, Washington 25, D.C. Appli-
oti no on the hPeels of tle cants f or Dictating Machine
.the north OThe ee Average American's Transcriber will be accepted by
iening North Korean 3rd Cor V age am icans the Commission's Washington of-
oa r eported. grees.Le Amew Hican fice until March.%, 1951, and for
The Communists hit back In Wa Show MStenographer and Typist, until
ate air. Six to eight Russin- V 3I r b f noie
l lt I hters attacked four d f L i
Sjted Statsers Superfortreesrd f Li aged the lowest n New Orleans
of-North Korea but failed to da- -8$ LIVin -53,453-and the highest in
e them. A gunner claimedMwaukee- ,93L
t on one of the nRed lanes. WASHINGTON. Feb. 26 (UP)- New Orleans workers paid $647
Twa other Superfortresses ran The average American city work- more in budget coets in this Oc-
to antiaircraft fire over Pv.)n- her's bt0d itIs enough to give his tober, 150, survey than they did
when they dropped 16 Ij sfamilv a "modest but adequate" in 1947. Hilgf egenta were the
anabrdgen t r hed Red standard of living. a Bureau of biggest s for Increased
b on a bridge n the Red Labor statistics survey has show- budget costs in all 3 iAtles sur-
hta today. ed. veyed, the Bueian said.
Mean more Superfortresses The 34-city survey showed the Included Ininabudget expens-
The 34-city survey showed the includi toMebudget expes,
today's air offensive with city worker earned enough to pay as were godo..rents and services,
attack on a bridge 21 budget expenses ranging from persona, toax ..ial Becurity
south of Pyontyang and a $3,453 to $3,933, which the Bureau dedctonaa wancesforoc-
Sraid on supply centers at sad provides "a modest but ad- cupatl l eand life in-
n; and Wonsan on the quate level of living" for an ur- $W -5
P :ban worker's family of four. jai -the city
United States crulver Man- The average family included an -we rk's went for goois,
r, th* destroyer Osboirne employed father, a housewife not rent salote. the sur-
atree p-trol fri.ates bl-st- working, and two children under vey L alluded foot'
an e.rdus lor the 15. heat; M thingn, medical
straight day. The oty worker's budget .aver- care .andeeOnWa9Or

never anw ra
dmn't have-teei
d movie queen
1 4

tplng keeps up,
Ie'Wll be the new
MSd aRoddy McDdw-
mU into C. Aubrey-
Sday now,
i isn't asydig
winked. f!.t
In be Young"erA

who'll be CAI

eatoh W-N

Street."rr etft

Sictures a ay. followed and
hea in mo -
"oergIt ever since
Letter tea," "I'll Get
By," "Pe iners" and"All
About r eY ."
Now she's flying around the
wild blue yonder as a star as the
result of 1f performance in "The
Mating maoevon-
And withdt being stock up on
billboards wt a V neckline and
a dag"peterS'.t mitt, either.
Thelma thought It over and
"Spot announcements, photog-
raphers taking my picture, peo-
ple interviewing me. the guy in
the super-market telling me I'm
gonna win an Oscar. I didn't plan
it this way. I didn't bargain for
this. I said to George Seaton the
other day, "Kid, you've loused up
my life.'"
Maybe Thehma never made
Broadway, but she was some
pumpkins as a leading lady In
stock companies.
"Some towns liked 'em big

Russian Note Seen

As Dimming Hopes

LONDON. Feb. 26 (fp)4Rus-
ala's latest note to Brlt&in, Wrg-
Ing the West with mainRnfing
"more than double" the armed
forces of the Soviet Union, has
dimmed hopes for a suO ul
meeting of the Big lnut;. n
Ministers, informed sourcnlOe
said today.
(A United Press dispatch frol
Moscow said the Soviets infaied
to impress upon Britain net only
their desire for immediate talks
to improve relations, but also
that British Prime Miniater Cle-
ment Attlee would be wemlome in
the Russian capital. ) .,
Russia charged hi the bft~" te
that Britain was guilty 0o'slan-
der" and of following a lliuy of
"unleashing war," but i 5ied:
"Nevertheless, the teM s Un-
ion is ready to enter l a such
negotiations, en'deavorh* t Use
all possibilities for improvement
of relations with Britain."
The Soviet note replied to the
British note of Feb. 17 which re-
jected Russian charges that Brit-
ain had violated the 1942 Anglo-
Soviet treaty of friendship and
In replying to British charges
that Russia has not demobillaed
since World War II, the SovieL
note said Russian armed forces
now are at the same strength
they were at the outbreak of
World War II.
A British Foreign Office
spokesman said today the Rus-
sian note was just another "pro-
paganda outburst." He said If it
was designed to cause a split in
British-American friendhip "it
was a clumsy attempt to achieve
such an aim."



.s cair ns
UMN Ailni .


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o0d. d 7

ranI Sed used pi 'sMt"

wiiir wia e s
had ob A

teal-meothwaIsh-beaud j
ae'd win two wtek a w
York's. hif
cle and
c"Whe n I came fto
he winced. ould a

had to Import me yet. tte a-
iand was actually llg
You hmew, thoese I-

wd straight esas for me She
have been casual. Dwut ea
handed me the lines on a
thepglittera." s andProfileboys
in the movies?
"When I eame oat fto e:11
About Eve' I figured theo were
going to Mativenge the buson" rec"
she winced theI ctured tst
them with
wood Thelma:y w actors,
had to import me yet. Bette -
vie was actually
straight prman for egot all ted
have been easbal. But 0
handedme to knheIlnow whera
been Charles racketta who ptrode-
ed nThext MatingSeason," rees-
ly. showed the picture -to a fa-
mous New York producer. Ladlpha
"Thatproducer tall omet4i
and want to know where. Id
been all these Years,. I Old -
lie nexttttmeesAwhe ir
to tell him tht Theimat Ui prg
been hanging around hisO'ffii*
for 20 years without getting a

2 National Guard

Divisions Being

^1nt .1 r;b
- WASHINGTON, -Feb. 3 (*-
Two National Guard I-
Divisions previously c led p*H
have been occupaiok
duty In Japan, the Ahmy has an-
They are the California th

are ptei
Infantry Division and the OM,
-loha 4hth. They are snow h
trainingg In the United States ZMA
will be kept intact for fure
train urin Japan.

The 40th and 45th will be tb
at no full National Guard Dvi-
slons to be sent overseas since
World -War U. Four others hve
beons called to duty since the Ko-
rean war started.
Alsough the units are sched-
uled for further training p Ja-
pan, they could be sent into Ko-
rea I needed. They will replace
occupation troops previously sent
to Korea.
The Army recently announced
that no more National Guard di-
visions will be called up for duty
unless the war situation changes.
It a'o announced that only a
few moit unite of company and
bpttalon size would be activat-

1 winM,


sA -

Ihe t-


* -" "<

- St~J.1 -

---I- -- --
4. r~5rg t.- ~ -
-r ~.-r--r~r-- ~aLIr ~t7 ~ -

for simply
won s rl singer
P who her wha t

a person-
t. patterns.

ha t have my.
e tht flashy
h ct ey wanted

S r aecklinesargued
she maid, the maf ot resisted.
more. N U WanderW erls Carsnd
has At the pt Versail-

"ales x y ,angad a fiaenge-
vment that.: u forget evey
if top night cub ivd' theater

in the country. he argued we
shover ud2 resiscentlyed.

Manhatthn secretary for $60-a-
I'm oure glad I didn't go for
that senedx-amour routine," she
said, "I k It's been pverwork-
ed and f I ad, I'd f engably be
'Just another thrush. recently,
Wshe sa' sh isoeed$5,0
Cartons, sheworked a
'just another th-r-* -.

Of ColdSteaw

W. C. Bain, who has ben
Assistant Superlntendent of the

Announcement of the r9n-
nI change was made odud
T R. L. Sullvan. Acting QCtn.
Vral Manager of the Commimay
' Bain has about 4 y -rMr-
vice with thie CqoniL
tlan. He came to the Is
l child anzd flrs worked .
C ai l-Rallroad aer gmat darr.
a school vacateios as -a i
aenger In 1918 and 1919 &ad
employed as artisan for s'
i4Anths in 1921.
mplnoyed as a forean in'
Commissary "Dvialon fi
197. he was named clerk.
felowio g year and
tlat c tpacity until April
a hn he became relief cozl
azy manager. He also serve
assistant retail store
before assuming the position
Adasatant Superintendent at -tIM
Abattoir and Cold Storage Ps3a.

TODAY Last Timer
M-0-M's biggest musical hMAtt
"Annie Get Your Gun"



uponan 3

very r

"Aa40, K4anu U sA
to sate prbf .. p.
its lminn tettwil
shoes a l old fhur- -
other Pa tat
aucaug e ae e in
created W t and t1e
price ma n. month
ago,. for
SO, the wage front, Jhnton nd
wrestled with the.oughe pro-
blem hne ho faced t4 -hte ook a
on the stabllisatleon J, mark as
.If he throws out the 10 per He.
cent fomaule and doeapt asked on be
board ti draw a ne*tw e, he sha limited-
another alternative: hb. an Is- Stateosteo
sue hia qn, formula. alm ble hoq ip

tPanarna Kio
s F.* -ar

ALA04 tlS

wito MH s. DRU
L 8f

- 5

wastew shereW., I
Betty HTTOWN Bewl KE. s
U flT Ql youz mr-



't t .a
v^W ,^^*^- r *-

T TR*MDAYI -. teu- -..

- j~-N -; -. >~

C, ~

..4 0 C O X

S. ., p

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La m a M-wra r da Asprensa y la ra-
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| l=eig a dMM ef a- marino "be.
m mInade, Caal dte PanamAi
Iq.dorsal isdo anstde.
,q M 4a-.e .a |, .. qu6 olanmo de un alert
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a 1940

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m6129 ha0te boy
gL Departamento de Camei deo
la Oomtraloris Gieral de la Re-



So especifica relative a lt-

coqperaci6a entire Panama y

ELEUU. para sureazacin
So boae el megoramiento de la salud y maidd
el pas y estimular intercamnb de codoe eaDnto
La Repfbllca de lnsn los nl1 local en el ramo do de lud
Zsta0a=unldo0 de Amrles ban manMAdd. ?
selebraS hoy uno aMews ba- a. Todse atllddau de que a t
co, co part di Programa de Ilevn a catb de contfoIld
AaitoniLa Tdetaca del Punt con el aeuerds baico obaj,-
Cuarto en *l qa ae esatUpla lud y andad me regran pot
de nuwers espeilfa lo relati- VsPs a i Pa Cil. F
To a Is cooperaeld6 en maftea
do alud y sahldad. El Dr. Car-
lm N. Bria Minlatro de Rela- N a cm. ,. -l
iopn xteifAore, inm6 poar pa p NO ac Uirl -d
WM Encargado de ofl-I UiY .... Al
6 a nombre de lolm do Mayor Almuk
DL* objetivos del programs l Embujlad
cooporativo on: taalltar el me--I n im
Joramento doe la stud y la Ia-
nidad en PanamA inr media de o Z Mayor Alfredo AleMAD.
la Ik6n cooperatIa de part Mlnlatro de Obberno oyJ
do C doe Goblemu. y eatlmu- declare en nlahiafana dim
iat sumhntar .el interoamblo Pnami-Amiric quo a
d o ono te iento n, habilidad y to no sceptar r ao 0
oe n enats ramo entre uode a eIsaIPrtd
De colformidad con el acuer cargo
do ul*co, pueden llovarse a cS- nueultraojsb nto .S
.bo nuoccione xmobre proyec0to 1 d o

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*.Sh .,. l Sd ..i.i *- jibr. i~ L .O P Goblno en el interior de

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I'I NI Minitro te Obra- ----p--tntr q
o ..m.O orderr o. Cs udno f n=a te .:. Co.. nomotrs tro. eatne. yma 1f.i5rt eon R. dnm
it en. id ee. de i partiso as. sganliesc6n bral ba) Ia d- -c.- .- bass, Cuba laM obras de ao e Mssi. &Re onomerieco i
Se a la ive fla del de ant Ig rea de pd e ado ivtado para di- EIn Carbone que
isa. ho a. xico" A orte- salaea-te dec- ole y merit qa n ver- tar an onferenclas o- pina dare tode ipulso e e entra en eat cid
'' -- t e Q le on ea. mom trtr g as do en d- s detror ref lA diel iern- bra eu imfMtanoln eL em5 enD- poaible a lau nuva8 obras du Is artlata espanola de d fam eon-
mei lls a plc rOeldetalsd paur a B Centro-, fte- A tir d ai ali to Prot Sy iblloleci o ar. I tadm s ean. para tinental, joledad de losR
mac quo ha wuain ~, ral. rd te ti ee lo d t elu- monencon4 arf a gpntia l Victor Pn- cuando illcuena la lluvis pro- an lires namericans de buena
m ~ -nan rgdemad a de1 .a,;. dad de Pasasa. -I e dplo6a *iS sDlrec- lt sasaris i nau, U t.5a_ p ceder a ealantar la obras de volunt -
aL* ikr el "lt At don oa Galudida t.a d1e be-y -i. "DO or-- m e mando bilotb- tenlmlnto ea l
rtit o. -n dicho Mansdo IImetI Buscannol169deo los Reeslo
mea41n b -o mejore totgra ..- de ." nU-aq .sm M a f ljflAf b n "I s Mbbl10- Con releicS a Is -Trater reOdoate de m, P.)r4.
-cirn. a Oa. ., tIls d iaa eon quo Utulco., c de lo B Wr. S3, S SCO 0 ,,,0 ue teoatMMelc del Zs- a Chepo. 0 Minltro Sboneli deo ttrabad en 1o pridaell
* .umant l IA tt ad aam pe titdloi 6Ita~hio aon -una o. -i- d" A- a tdo .w del Mlat- inform quo e ta sumamnte testros y emrnoras do dicha clt.
Sa de la al 96 rri o que rio oer intereado on term a c- ad, aleanzando clioroo
S iu ho iitW df d oBamed. re- anteresadoaWtPal-Fe Puent t No b IIe de r ls M acsldeBibliote- rreters, pero Io Iimitado del to.
oensdeianeiWs;AlaSpner;o.o1."So do-".,Go Sbreni- presu ato*upuesto loaobI ga 6edl D- de ma., no en .a nc
-- salaos anti o admemnte Il aJIl otmA ae; R c lc i tam lor re b, (UP)-- ntinO G'a CS rcal e r m ncim o n ocale- e imptaa artita c-

glternd ai fth- do e Ttolai del to W pardt6 e1 po- quien ae ere perdldo entre de. Buen r tda tareos ables de lat paerior s conquer er 1i commercials dg
poa P a& toI. lu T. A o aw Aes p.srop snas bu e *?tl b-l"A. f tati 13.. en O .air p are praso- tenr an Red PaipMsy
t-.lrl ,a-r *150 -hBLua*tt cuin- Howard, io da -a" o 1 .- d = blUr a. i m rp pin de c ousecu b o, patorl-a

d l p l l ve r aa Minttr Carbonel Soledad de los Reyes os una
dto alb TW quan mse heo uddeorntre doDn toarioa lbles G aIs gplieds conque Crp es rc ls
nll. __ lea pentanooorga i s ilaoon o qamplaeaiasn ciu elm jrtooetmd
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anud4d de Col,.n aan.a.. ?..XMPMR 1 5 S W ranme d q sn upruesta "disidencia" de
a de (016n maamscbsGrsu fl 8=
..":=..d"JILIow"mo uscat-monr *. .iS'S a te s u t disi ec do

Satos de su fundaci d f e Iris nocturno fue d o s,1. comunmstas chinos y coreanos
_rdsttel lsC5Oad.D o

777,U Ant6n ." Um-. to.lmJia m-- Jr v irvo Ganan beean param
El s.iJ s-a Mai.-u .sn ar __L__a_ r -j4 l o r con imad p ctav" ....I oi
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Vail"a ,os s. anr loe anobors o no bason namento de Balud Pthlisr

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N0 ASemou ARIA6. m's.Kn UNA IIOGRAFIA 01 V..S
8inAe IO Pns LA FITZGERALD -4 v manor ido
f. Tl'Eroeo 2-0740 (Ct & N *U TlS R.SKM sITU 4DOi IN USTA CIUDAD. CALLE H. NO. 7 Fitzgerald? Y, sin embs go f d ...
-..________.... '____________ "This side of ParadIa" tetim a fdte 4- ...
-. revelaclon allA per 1930. Cla- tl. dale cavida en Como padre; i /
SUN PLAN EN BENEFICIO co alos despus,e an 198, "The a pqPretigioso pV-I migo do Is
Great Gatsby" cRUI6% u- 6=41 ipalento tInfOrmla voz favorable
L TUR MO imprealon, conatitu i a !coauoo e
ble triunfo de irers.-a.B Fe"er e v FadeuJ .,
baj6 much, 'Tnder t Sladical U js, ya que
Castanteanente me hacen sugestiones aisladas en night", de 1934. Y deo6 I ter a-s ZSDO 1bi de orden, do
tacl6on con el impulse que debe recibir el turismo. oy a no amuerte In tron6' Traba adora c. ard
repetidas ocasiones hemoe hecho alusi6n al pro- pio en Diciembre doe 1940. i .deeaora incan- Minitro deo ,. -
ma convencidos de que en nueatro pafs me podria Ahora, al cabo doas 1. i.& ltI d inteu detao Salamn .
lograr una buena fuente de entradas si me dirigiera fis de Iad ,etap ur s o dentinoa s n l esti onSirle suns
a Se t t Fitzgeauld, or bPl U#neTaba 1ar aIae c nL 1 q. .
en forma met6dica y tbenica una campaa en e ener pub a ta bir l. mlnal' y 1 pendrA en
w.tido.faex trare t.ul,.1 tCQlen da pr dq ueis bie .
: Totando en consideraci6n la necesidad de inc mre- P Pare ldao e tuno Bse ~s V g ,l s Dinm ia ginica deo duc 6.
t.,es on Uloea ist "A t atdlgatosdevglad"cii ll
inentar el turismo en PanamA como algo absohlta- Monthly." Yo he lido eoso Wa- 1tSB a a rector la pu a a
j mente inaplazable nos parece oportuno sugerir Is im- pituloa, no el libr r o. .s efectua- cribo muy y *ro mr-
Sertancia de que me proceda a reorganizar lam depen- Qu figure mi curosa Iso^Itdes 8 l vidor.
S lencas oficiales encargadas de esas actividades. an 186, e ducado en Print tIOu Ge 15 P.S.T.R.P. en called Al oob-n tary A.
S.ton, con facultadr s eXtra 36 O n.wtal .2 altos a la 1-143. A CARNE CO
Las experiences deben aprovecharse para co- narDas pars la litdratur a, e ty .ai 3 aro 4. ttB a.i e
rregir errors. Si la oficina de turismo no ha ren.- gastdmuy prnto. Seo at6 pE pr tant pedimos08 puntual Ei.| drvly
dido todo lo que pudiera dar,. e 16gico e n que s e Be 'cura. :Pars 11ee bro I a,
astudie la causa. Probablemente el motive fundamen-. ft o ya que ze v raa COM i d
sal ha de ser la falta de organizaci6n no tanto por Be pu otbv sd vital Cm-.ACION
a de los empleados encargados de su funciona- tBa n m, |a r -.- co
s .ua "ude lospempeaaius'encargados.d...I S...d.ayre. Ha o mefhaiorsu aW-dObaf-uruneisObrera atocasa
pliento cuanto por deficiencies de la ley misma que rrera de hnoveWa. Ha iy l Congreso Naclo- lo
ha credo ia hstituci6n quizas por no abarcar todos de re la y ase s, n ie t Am moaS ente L ecD r0 toooe dre.. ".n pr e.&
I s puntos adecuados que permitan desarrollar una rouya penso a rb s S.aide a. r ompafs ,lrra unto ~ul afe s 27qd. i
jabor mi ecativa. o fdaO J "o totes Colare 16a ] i retMa de
b- u dime"ueafeol e ltl wto ,.d s oreil Cola l. D _o1 di em t0 Dospasha dolae-Z
Nadie puede negar que no se advierte ning6n Y Sarpredeite. r GaApAs4d9 eiP onj t nd d dl'S.asi a
*ovimiento prictico y de regulars proporciones en visibles. c td r dpndole la s racl lae de orpoaoIf PanaRA, vetcatro de Fe-
materia de turismo. Nos referimos, dde Inego, a lo BusnE ast! e ltid camn .te s55tm 5 0med m sgratn su Los directs eleidear'de. sil novecientos in-
que pudlera llamarse un verdadero plan encaminadO de treinta y sets mil d6lares. Ciibii et Usted AtenLamente,Dr. Harry X"o, vers. V
a despertar en el extranjero interns por venir a Pa- Luego part. para Francis. Burt dE Ren o ah Oe re fue- wy- 1.
nama y a mantener en el pais agencies bien organi- .Ho is vida del min-ria Olr campeas Harry tr. .r., L. 3 CW s en:
sadas con capacidad suficiente para satisfacer lam ee ld,.doV r' f4a.n ; a td tualmenta mdooJJ. CVUrino o dt as
gencias del turismo. enomor6 de Zelda. Era lo mi Prop de l s y.Th.P vot poSr Se s y dost vcepra..nte V 8,ryZ r nOa
.-," ".," "" no e ]mo. Comenzaba ellas a perder Coronel eliver X .;: 'r,., se. rtar.o y tgorg y 0. D
El public en general no esta conform con la la az6n. Y A no lt pardia, OMAS A EbUCACIQN Lam oeflcales laoi wertaan. gernte general.
political que sobre turiamo se ha ftguido siempre en cribin, asi hi m "The Greait Pee, Febrero 16/de 1951. de
. PanamA. Por el contrario, hay descontento entire los Ga aby." Segundo y enormO Br. Director de /,t -.. ,
Sceomerciantes, los cuales pagan un impuesto especial ene Y dCel doren: desmM- Pn rANAMA-ARCA. CORED PA ITAS VIDRIO 'o
con el objeto de acrecentar las actividades del turis- zadora. Sr. Director:
meo sin que ello haya sido debidamente logrado. baQuio a.prender lt. esta alonoasuntode s* d Made
d' legaba cask a loa trointsraner clonalendo lsComuntaidd pt-
Serfa muy convenient^ pm se pensara en dictar Be dedic al arte de dsnza aber permanecidf duarf te al B
medidas que reorganicen el funcionamiento de eata con una aitensidad inimai- pin tiempo vinculado a! Ramo
nable. Mlentuam, su aInarid as de Educqelen vnmeuhadoomp- A_ -." -
rtante dependencia del Estado cuya exiatencia consagabs al cohol. neis dedod br mes 66 COMS ted ow
llegar a constitUfrh1id de idi-bases mins $11- sin dose .31 5I era lnexo-I ls conceptos fta -_
e is economa national. ; r tble. So ZkfW 4eArre- seTreshrmpeetorp
43e la economfa national. cluida ean un sanatS orto Mo r n e6noen relaAK At
Ojala que tanto los dirigeantes de la Adminlitra. treu. En ; tr ti blecimlento de ieN-3 C "a t r
fi& Publica como todas aquellas personas que est6n msatrimonso .- srl zEcolares quor a t ion a o. e a .nt & 4
gerald trabija mnao nouev no- da, para crear -lam aetualea
q :condiciones de orientar al. Gobierno en relaci6n velas: "Tender is the Night." Se
aSn el turismo aynden a concebir un plan efectivo e public. Es un fmacasso.
integral para darle un nuevo rumbo a las laborers de Ms tards va a ollywood. '
satracci6n y de mantenimiento del turismo. para peculM. Aeu rtu a media .

llama a El Ponomd AmErica?


Club de 50 Semanas

el mas ven tjoso

Club que le ofrece Lco

SLAMPARAS Avenida Central 91
de pie y de mesa




Ahora todo el mundo
viaja en los modernos
aviones de


IV W Solamente R.
a coso. Bi3. 35
Sarsa mayor"e I"formes:

Svb fplap N& Tel~ess: 3-HR
-' --W -." -


aquet nomore ae ealento excep-
clonal. Esti deuhochq soaba-
do. Comiepnm upa niava no-
vels: "The Last Tycoo'n".: la
dejari ain terminar, en el ca-
pitulo cuarto. Un ataque. al co-
raz6 interrumpirA su trabajo
en Noviembre de 1940: la re-
peticl6n del ataque pondra fin
a su exigtencla el 20 de -DI-
ciembre qu quel mismo afio.
Nads mA nada mAe.
Ahors se reucita la figure
de F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Hace apenas tires Aoso. en la
primavera de 1948, el canato-
rio donde pmabse u aug d''mio
aflos Zelds a .ncendl6. En el
incendio perdis la vida la ea-
posa de Ftuarald. -
El destiny baterrumpl6 unsa -
carrera de ooerltor.
Vuelve a Is actalidad au
personalidad n virtud de e s
blografi de Arthur Mrzener.
Da triatesa ests trogedia del

Y constltuye Unas iefimza.
La bohemia no ea excluslva de
la latlnldad, Crece eMnte los
eajones taUmbai. La despreoeu-
pacl6n por el manana, is ml-
serla cifindose a l pros dia-
ria, desembocan en lo s fMalMes
tragicom. Habrt quo admitir quo
el escritor es culpable de su
suerte. Y habrit que admitir
Igualmente que, qulza por au
manners de virb, coaatruy6 su
Quo aprendan la leean6 lo.
que todavi a puedn aprender-
Ia. Estoy seguro de que no lo
harin. De dul as releldtsa, de
aqui lao frucsai.
No es aleore vivir. Lo que
ocurre tiene mo expliacl6n. Nos
enteramos tarda. Cuando, can-
ados, eo ha extrado la Oltima
gota del lim6n que ountituye
nuestro cerebre.
Lo menato aa reconocerlo asM.

3"i meuhmiA
am i made" ss d J**OW


mir M


,,. ":., -,-. .
,. .

La B.6.A.C.-le brindari a
Ud. ese viaje ripido y con.
veniente con el cual hi so-
ado siempre .Acondi-
cionamiento de aire supe-
rior y con sus Controe de
humedad a presi6flt se-
guran comodidad .*c
so desde el mo 'ctelp
despegue hasta el fuave
aterrizaje. Inspccci6n
de Aduana solamente. en
Nueva York ...


Consulte a ou
'ialea pars tartf
de 15 dias



'AMNide t
,.-B sh ''^l

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JefSe de
B I*, 13 GWto do 101.



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~ ~~ ~ ... ..." ,I-., /, *r\: ^ .*
9 i^. '. .- 4-.,.)<
.. ,.;...n,.., ., -..; : ,
-*.- .' -
t -Y

Nos conmpua en .en dor .1 timlodo doe n ts lm.eyaci
1a n anclret dM n p.p 0 dote.dficioe

sitVades freatne t eol "El Pnami" -
.f; -

do tender ssw lituds
desda FEIRERO 3

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el w .oh9

agesr, ee.,,e

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___ __I i ____1_~

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1t f Stalin," i
q-e las tarea
agCd Mes tI

baucunente.' po .
I3iiaiSentO Baa
r rfr eoo s a i i P
1loa..dlplam&tl=a. pb s.
hte fUntsn eoawWtarn en we
h ,l i s .n:d1s.
los embiaadoresu 4s ver al vro F
An eIs& miuma-*, era c0and SOa
Pan menmsaje o 1 ceal caradal
) la mayor part dl prudent de la Un
in que contentars T creo quoe l aosa'm

I. ta y

L;& .3-I


2 -

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del 20 de Mayo de 1951

- ,. I



Los poqutw V cios.4.

son v!6 s yn este gren cmcurso


._ "4

t i diplomA- gando $,8M0 m 1te 861a o r
Molcu." la comlda do a6 lrt- A
o nu6 pan- comuntali" ..
I ost, puesto ,
ble ejercer Otro envilado ien uLsia,
S oficiales, M. Khall Tw, d f ,lbano,
dice quoe 8m gNIII I wo e}
tantemen- Politbur6 que putl
mis en mi guewro entre 1 on lvl4a W
de los di- y 1l mundo no *WU1 ttS. "la
becho impost- Stalin, Muers," doa m u-
specialmen LemCoore a deaatar d n tt
blecieron pre- Monte una dera
talt!nios para atyd'o ni Vydo ."
libra esterli-
rublos, bald6 l a ugmntQo 4Iafltn l que
enta y alete, no haly necetdsa d uaWt- l;
dEs, finalmen- fuerza, 0 4sto qua el .omiim
*pueden hacer puede obtener tode. 1 quO
:e ministry de medlante una oftangrv- do "pd .
a ruso recha- El dplomfttico ea d.cW a"uR
declarando qua los rusag ms mu*tso muo d o
g l-tbertad de ft- satisfoahoa sceroes de a
oamblo que de- en Core, ya que ha movi do
pricticuamenteS a tpo .i ido
Seoa qua tienen occidental. Los ru og no fwpe-
extranjeroa por, raban aue los o ido- deinmoer
S articulos rigen ticoa d tarfoW de su nac-
Gs .Juaairviented, c16n. Pn. s an apoado a Ica co-
Ba be uated muniste. chinosay corena ma-
pars preparar ra mantfer el preOagilo de la
Trescientos rubles Unl6n fovl6tle. .
cerca de noven-
l~6 ,1Mares. Imagines
. 1ps en Mosciu pa-


SHa9 estl protMidb contra irri-
taciones de la pinl y silpullido,
cuando me lI expolvo.
re, TalcsoJohnson para
niiam. Es pure, suave,
refriantm. Lo mejor I
pArn elnifi6...|ILomw- e I.em If
jor para ustedl I"muI

oat desincsi
BSlaico, ros. celeste Anegro.
Adornos de flores.
3.95 y 4.95
Blanco con rosa, blanco son rojo
Blanco con maul, blanco todo.

Xn lae Bmis nuevs tIoes.
Colores claros. Tallas 9 al 11.
Especial... 7.95 s r0.95

Aqua, saul, mamey, balance,
verde, negro. & a 30.
La media mis fins.
Talas 8 a 10%.


Que desde cuando iniciamos nuestro Club de entrega at suscrihr 0, m1es deo.*--
milias pudieron llevar a sus casas mayors comodidades sin netisided doe teWlr
su presupueste y disfrutur do muebles, a rtefactos elictricos y mercaderidhs '*i
vez hocho el primer abono. -,

:Nestro C- b e I e

Cumom 5 Ju4 .

rat Sahi de P us.
MERCAeos ari dorCALo .av


dor uB PARA s do omiEA.r

MAquinas doe soribir, atuf .-
de Kerosene, Abanlois, LaIrr
paras reoldenolalep, sr
dors, Estuf as para gb,-1
chones. Lln61oe", A. omSI
81 oltaw do lae- me.)
maecai. S

Llantas y Baterfas parsa
Carroo, Chivas y Trucks.

Reoljes, Sortijas y otras pron.
des do Joyerta y Platera,.
Juogos do Cubeortoe VajiltflM
Cristaleria, Artfculos pars re.-
Trabajos garantizados.
Cualquier otro artfoulo deeds
die balboas on adelanto.
No teamos smcursalem I
ageteBs veuedort .
Reparamos Radios dco
ousiquier maroa. *

EaNtramos is mercaderia alieComsto de suscribirse, enviidola a is care.
AdomAs del ndmero quo etija RECALAMS0 OTRO NUMERO CON EL CUAL TIENi' .
OPCION A GANARSE. 1 Jueog do Rocimarsa Comedor completos, que oobsqula.
mo SEMANALMENTE a nuestro suseriptores.


MImbleria Ferrdir Ardeaule de Ci ,
Jovertf v Platnesa Objet pa. Re A le
'(Ave, L o. 20) praxm tea s *a ( rtemtda um a)

0uaM roedoa pmr P m -s -Oon noteds is


"i A'. ~o "m-dera. P ris -

f .. .*..0 -. I-.... -._....


para isiu Sa.
Tallu 2 aI 8. Zn
r ros a, amarillo,
azul, gris, verde.
2.15 a 2.75

Tallas 2 al 6. En color blanco.
Especial. .. 3.95

Jab6n meliado en croma.




I ft.

. a ~..-t..KT~

M 1

,4.,-, '-~


Socios favorecids, e'o Iobrero 25, de 195:
Sefor JORO J.PINZON-Aye.-P. Aro emena, No. 1t-,
1 Cams double de easbba barniada en color natural
elare, oen Coleh6u y Spring de resorted. Gan6 eon
3 seouans.
SeAorita DELIA ASIN-Calle Central, Rio Abajo, No.
2171-1 Iadio mares "Pilot" de tubes. Gsando
eon 4 semanas.
Selorita JUANA GOMEZ-CUlle 16 Oeste, No. 17T-1
Coleh6a pars eams double. Ganado son 5 semanas.
efieor ALICIA F. DB MRJIA-Sabanass, No. 370-- Ga-
blnete, pars ee as grande, esmaltado en blanco
con fratjas roau.. Ganado eon semanma.
Seiers ALBDRTINA 8. DE MANON-Calle It Octubrn,
No. 52-1 Estaste do trees cuerpoe eon espejos in-
ternes, baralsado en jaspe naranja. Ganado con 8
Lorensg, No. 4-1 Juego pars sala de 8 pleaas ta-
pisado 7 en estile Rensolaeimnte EpaAoL Ganad eeon.
14 nieansu.
Setibra X. L-1 Cams double de madera barlsaida en
japo amranja, eon so Coleh6n y Spring de reeo. -
tes. Ohana seon IS bemanas.
Fite. No. 2-1 Moqulns de seribir portitil, mar-
ea Remistoen. Ganada eon I emanas..
Senerits MARIA MONTBECR-ArrasUin. No. 1- CA6.
moda son sepejo reoendoe y 1 Radio area "Regal"
de tree bandas. -Gand eon 25 semanas.
Sefior F*RNANDO FLORES.-Pedrersal No. 60--1 Cuna
on eo so resde eon so Spring y Coleh6n. Gqnads
con aX saeenae.
meon. No. 1-1 BMea de4 extension para comedor
y 4 SUas tapaisdan. Gan6 sen 27 semnans.
SeAorita MARIA MONTl.CER-ArraljAn, No. 0-I. Je-
go pars sal de I pleas, estilo Renadelle Ato sB
palel, tapisado en color vine. Ganado con 42 se-
Seeor VIDAL GALLARDO-Ave. "A". No. 24-1 Couns
espeelal en color celeste con Spring y Coleh6n de
resertas impermeable. Gansda con 48 semanas.


AVISO: Per motive do inventario, temporalmonto
haromos ontregas do muebles por site-.
ma do Club, con un dop6lito REOUCI-
DISIMO. Aprovoche esta concesi6n Gnica.



~ __





. ,,^ ,




" i.,V ..





a aft elctrica.

in i eustre energia

os, LajasySanFelix
au sascribe en ese meiobrial petici6n para
'de escuela mdblica pats Las Lasja

l F..,

a-. -

As Comisl6n Legislativa Per- obras. Pedlmos pues a ustedes '
ente as le ha enviado el se interesen en la solucl6n
to memornd umrn: de estos problems que bene-
P.aPnAA, Feb. 25 de 1951. ficlarin a la juventud estu-
don diantil y contribuirAn al deas-
Marletta rrollo de los pueblos lnterlora.-
Uht de sla Comrisi6n |nos que much lo necesitan. ."
hativa Permariente, Desde hace omAs de dies afies AM0 pasa t sond0MeO
ambles Nacional. se vi ene incluyendo en el proe- .m en n,
orable Or. Presidente: aupuesto I partida pars Im a
foaotrog los abajo firmantes, construcci6n de la escuelas de o de la o -
laJefos todos residents en es- Las Lajas y debido a que Is primerAn
_-A cludad, nos dirlgimos a Ud. Asamblea Nacional no ha. apro- al
pNr te media ara que por bado dicha partida y al poco uo s
mu conduct nos naga loegar a lnter6s de los gobiernos, no Se e i d. e
oea honorable eAmara, nuestro ha solucionado este viejo pro- el ni2o del.n; -i. -iean tione on
ants ferviente deseo de que sea blema que cada dia ms agrava e. on Ucon cunto. Sim ,iresflrt,
S-robada la partida ncluida. ya mris debido al umento de ma- .*.. Fa san d.
S1 el presupuesto de Obras Pu- tricula, la cual as cende a mAns t1to y respCl -
- a para la construcci6n de de quinlentos alumna. tribnfo do it on
Is escuela de Las Lajas, como Par& su informabia6n quere- cu!uW o1 INN., 0oli1pleta do
tambidn. la partida para la in- mos decirles que el goblerno e so motIv a pap li
tlci6n de una plant ei.M- national durante el afio lecti- W a sdIM .ea lIRs fe- -
trica que suministrara energia vo paga alquileres por masn de 41t1pnlwl onr "eada.
h Ion pueblos de Las Lajas, S n&1quince cass, las uales s vienrTO y .en. I luorgna 1ia e c bo a p oue ta
7 1 Remedlos y cont ibu- alendo usadas desde hace mAs INSTIsTtO d el Tui Is ane qa,. l. o esna d. .
gan dal a solucionar parts do e o quince eTlos y per ob ten- d as sall etS. Io6n tar-p en ea. 1 de
los grades roblemas qu i.,u- to son un verdadero peligron Matverl d, .
bien a esUs pueblos. para los niflos por si dete- tregus es y ea tenie A ch a los patla t r retath anejo? co-t 14 -44 las hhlpt61ugLo.
Principalmente nos referimos rioro. Es esta pues la raz6n de .Cabo l opr operlosa sr quo an e5 for- v .ec
a la escuela y a IS plants elee- nuestra peticl6n y esperamos .* .-.. -.. .e fueron to e ma loo pueblos anfhlguen re- Io.
-trica pues sabemos que. como de ustedes vuestra atencl6n de- tend cads tinso e ami PuW- paumrad o elctrlco, agu po- r1e--t t.
queda dicho, esas partidas es- sinteresada para blen del pue-no Las qo eyudarn deo cuei dtareloeo, xalts iia de l ort rs n.
tAn incluidas en el presupues- blo lajefRo y de la patria en blos que aaynuduWRr on Un u re- table y T ealta hio de 20--mprdor romo
to de gastos par eumilpove- general. ya so.AuEIpresentacionesa el @ ito de IS lugar a I. labraena de la tie- 21-Paseo sembrado de Alinos.
cientos cincuenta y uno t19511, Sin otro particular a que re- o ea. rra. 24J -Ientaci do u na
faltando solamente la aproba- ferinios somos de used atenta- El c A y ampealnado do ats r .g
cl6n de esa augusta mariaa a- monte. NOTA: n te atuemna aU Ae. Oar mla t un extractlo vincia v Ud d6 pao- 2-ra e l iy.l
ir lievarse a Bfecto diehas ~Syos seguros servidores,T ebeo n lmi,. ar tene1La v i t- Nil e Q. tero 2 -e.ord lmaoo de I lmaly.

Nntab^ 0eii a"AS ^^ gcn 6d da Wto DO=Tss L Q 0
Lon delebe-al esapbrslian.Nieddslwats -gto et -l

am a ra lea e rI. uiiena Vonancla rol iesn at o n ye a losntrn bs- o .pisepo let3s1 C on l agliPBlto
e uradoA., Ruhbn oD. ArJons, Is- preduet leeug na dsel p alS. pre w a la pubi.l- uanrda laos al-l

r' iahiagndd UA E ve. 2 o I ttnqdeeusseurnmesl do nie- e ale quma sbe qa mtenla Agicturame s p
I Armae.i CAL o tieo.uqemtat- d tio e dm m eu os snacbnurelo tsielt Caado de dws oo la ldC ldAr l b atar.
"L'eaom pn a lorapn t. N V suits 'mutua.ebunlqr rM- dnlk lnder e le industry. -dustria;r fu it orn o i r" oat -d o a .
OdeEPasnrmEtmdato aImpdsio e ucequoq u nte lneva can.ayl- [1o ,elo r -e nterehr dieron con IS "o 1 36-PI.
a Ort'a p dtsotbmd tors, Meist Vpoz dere Important qua e uestio0 ploe eeontei a qy eatW, paeso a | an o I a de

five n CIAM D Ci REQr N V 40E Q O a s e p ha e pliao De fo r- sutrtoor-pes e nte s visltados camu- o IIa a.
hI olwiatralp6dico IaTaut. unaf lC 1nourd rmpenee sancontesian mu fo-e paos e Divisbhas n96 re aa- o tunda in i. lrn (1T1 iar Wanes
aMl sj An lM se *reanam oa a do, ere e6rto, nvieloe a IC dodatones Inter-ernsults | o ,deedad=SO. -Bayn"ssn
len' a s InreeIM C all ac& vm.m- aenb no de u -n ul g" L. ues dre ag Icu- fo ,- S M.lM-r Gut r.,it *

s-mi Gso----d. -'o r pdc.,ndo na beo c.. oeaose- Jlo eoede.ap.uwntw a I.dea; c o' 4- +- #orrandos*pr," oM M.
,maa tso rt.a y n-dosadn r.teor ats pdralsas ra G.ui ,el" o ars-e- sede e onuc ralo M 1
d adrlaw base r deftrmlnsda -qu el. emoe tm el M.M f1vot1 Ms Ple ** colebr arr tMOIwo .
oleha-a sens reina de Azuero Ail l muy Importante san un los no encuentran nbun campo" I bade *bocon .spicm1 Ir'l Ptrona- wdaa
negocio agricola, e lOrion- lugar parn desarronlan apl-dluartt Gde is ofrria ei lea8les a ":..0-.
P4gina oarw Geo do UAARAE, Feb. 25 (Corres- taci 6n de Is gene mis enten- car lo qu saben. La m a yonpr A Actuaanlte so p I
JOSE A. CAJAR ESCALA ponas.-- Pueblo deo Ouarar dida. Los preju ioas y resablos tiene qu depender de Is buena nza en l "Ree on
Scon gra entuiamo ha esco- de vijas ideas, deben ser a- voluntad de los ptentad odel unae t o te
congr and aentao hde odl ml odnera- conm pendnenus dntrioranas- Fd:;kO,
al gBdeo a la Brta. Ninfa Visquez bandonados ripidamente. Cneros en iion. interioran eoen Pila.. los .
do de Azuero. La natlla de e- Mushes veces uns nueva tc- prendan que eis Inportante exhibltiendUll

U es BANT l cdada la con maboifiALSCORRESPONSALES com aor ,ca ns det aoenenieRo bs-ar lh Ibi nd utulsl ,S I -
,. ta eleccldn haodespertado enorn- nics a un sLstema nuevo de tra- que hacerlabor de fiestas" y pris ICraU rm ltor en --.
Lap erALMoA^-.. m L entusmon toe Los bajr algo, fracas no porque cnaos acesor la, es solidIflcar s proramal hacmes O ambe am Ulas
iL eA-.. Oue nss. toes de eats poblci6n pues el sisters sea malo, nino par-i el el conoimiento agniol oe
PmOVINPCA D-"CHI QUI la Srta. Ninfa Vequez goas que no se ha ap laiado en forn-un asociad osy, entonc s Ios mu-
de una gran popullaridd elm- ina met6dicea, continue y comolchachons de Divine realizarin ". amsie
I Ouaa Al nd patia. Ouarard se apresta uas mandan los requislIos. Por la tares ms important de
'1R1100u1No.Tr rn.. arlrWaa. vez mds a cooperar en I a Fe- ejoemplo, n un negocio de ga- pas annual es ayudar a formarm
I hLAJA-.-Am" red deraci6n de Sbociedades San-l SlinM, C M pueden* hacer muy verdaderas coopratvas con L I I

EA -- Fo. Sao dtel S Herrer anas con miras buenas insta rciones pare evi- sentido, pan l pro
Fl .a- t rr a cooperar al d ito del primer tar la peste entr log sa tin- d P uc M M I0.M O tia.- ft.NIM nte-. Premieo .Mo el o
1 a SFMeStRnEs on Congreso de Azuero y de la Ji- lee, peron a no '0 ei uen:oWe. cadoeas._ os uans 3 bIl**t *f comSprnde 5m2 fr clones dividiM
I 1 -fpossh Sural.n MmUcno b&se.oncral rn Helar- o 2s7aw, trBbaar decuadol,1 riicui.ttn io 1 .P M I
Y.V Che dnH vinciaide s Herrera el p ueblo Ji* no' e ndr ls re- prducain y lEo tirente en-
to.h P tdom Guarar eacogse Comoa usultad apetecid. Despus de Ire lots ec ine. Y, sabre Wo, P e

it. candsdael doea olotcr mgsicalde o g n dr r i o 8 8 I

h O h^n^, *,'a .. ca ndit a a e iado de coue- o b\e o n o \ n \p de IMdet de I R MIMA CMOo E
l 0110r-aaatn ao corona de c son camuen- fo ge *d cc qu \to qu a Gobiern Nec 1o ns
A no ou l. o "ct ,t NMoe deea mu F Poa eso es qucis convenien- crear ila Inspeecl6n General Su:8
I -lmAo sldo Y.... sibildad. s de triuon aon eapote que lo municipal o mien- de Agricultura, omo los. l-*
A A-lo odear rt dias de cre t ndon M parti- I Unid nI M quo otes i u ns- .
m-4D DJn do so o cdrparsrpagel. GMeode Inhpecto-rpectores esatn visiltandlno ca1B
30 Rreu-'e. uns eregricoaisqquouirvaa dedsopino- y fincas, hsldndalm re-
P0m-. ALA. cwrd.OmpuaC l gulas, naeseres, etc., de lot cam- comendaciones e Intervinlando In' v a,, PsINsia oW rom"aOaS unS INoneFu es.a eaPi
.peaino Gdel ia. El Instituto en saus modos de trabaJar tie- p'oal
VAUres all dNaclonal Gd Agriculture, en Di-, rras y animalesi4413ses I4.0ss sasn euts 0 e seo 13 tI 45419 s. n ass a e ne
D Jis as ue Uoss ttimulo.OalzadorIn u visa. yantimne aftos de estar f01156-90 1!119 1590M 2119 151.9 41s311 Ile a s4" 9 gat sie .N A GI.s tirelte
IL.M l-h.-IMa qGord.lloproduclendo una buena cose- 861o5apuntamos I&Pue stI: .LUS 35on5I.. f119 4. 195219I I S31 .IN."1423 3 11" .i1n-- loan -1do-
a3A-eo J'- .- o Pdcha de muohachos blen entre-I do ser obra nacianl a. muni- = e151210ss0 t 2s ,sts ,156.0 135 IU9.Se st4 S4 a iasa -lasu cog i"#.
LAT----o F eo. Hernindez nadosen matoisa agricois, pero rlpal. : : 1: a.ns 1a: 19ss ses" IsNA. .I"
memaalMoviesfOWfIN." e."n m- ,am te IS.O."251 W sanS 1I." ",S 9at m w5n a-ss.NI -- ,
AIPM-,rem. Oerneu i CARANAZAS. Feb. 24 (Caortes- ,15 5011 mu 115. 11IMS 12 15 M.6 3 15 U 19U aMM I.u m Nrs I n 1 ags tY I
ponsal).-- $emos observado deotf t as 14 .M Iis12.7 19 II esi.ll II, 471g I.BI,.9119 I IM It II. I%
LAII v W aLAoDXLOS sANT0--hsa5 porIerc larscultursemusicalade ve-"Ie A LO MORRESPONSALES '!
,.4 1-.1 posa ragurn desarrolla don Francis- Se ruega a nuestros corresponsales ser
&_A UINAU-Sp--idd.. .dun /' co Hernindez, en la ctudad de A P I) KIM A C ION E S
J. AIAPISTULO -- Juno Vilan fCoSantiago. Gracias a su eJem- braves en sus informaclones, pues debido lsPREMIO MAYOR
*- alas tm'a pian inter inuehon son lam nil- peco espaco con que contamos nos seri In- _M__ _O __YO_ _
1T4. bAO-D-omne- IlNnmf flos y adults que reciben cIa- "u;ntiis -ie-."'
A5aCAS,-Aqoulao *orwao 7 ss de violin, gultarra contra- !o-su I omuu usgs sme nuss 'ensaufuet ciof .l6a45111 so
i 1ITA--p.M ado agmum baJo y piano y graces u 5aal "i ssa. somauei ser481112e.s11s em1lu 1s2 mu.41
OU-yOmqufluKo o uq-4orm noble empeflo Santiago cuentll"It453111s.09s__4S3 a 6151159.N 49117 S 1,&4_ uH an OW."4M ULM.141,
UCU.T...gIH, AdTu1ou ya con un grupo conservlsta
;An rAaL,--ga Leans. a- que, en veladas y fiestas cam --,., a, PR 50,
UASAR U +o~o V S e colares sabre dlstraer al pibli--N-W
.a'n+.d, O.. U. co con sus habilidadeo must-i61 on
V U calsa. Labor del Sr. Hernindez M." I mitM." JIM;a I
COLON es digna de encomlo y de em-s." "-! ..
fOUarm. timulo. OjalI Direcci6n Culture1 30M C114 rN # .N 19 wt f e ULMsam Lo .m M
311355L10-T~fuc ,,Me ntndez las facllidades que ri T-ej
MAM ca labor se desarrolle con m ris'f aa
CE@553 3A-Adrela Mer rrnI.esponsal felicita sinceramen- 0TaliN 351 U
ahgn-J 01.-._t. te al Sr. Herna ndez par eusIALwe31 u I uNs1315 u :2137 etln a w 111A RUS I
SALMA U E4IrLLS.--eI .ald. aon..J m~nrtos. yr t.1 ii I+ 8 i41111+1141 1 0,1 111

Me, o gan !!...
listed tambian puede ser
moreWICo lubde B/. 1.00
semmal y tan slo per 35

Venga hoy mismo y suscribase
Oaw --'Rp*p-'*to puede tenor s

rCentri2$,d Tela. 2-33

Ams de eas y eameri

Coc NS.Ci ".a-
m- f NESCAFE AsLcan As
- MhmM --I(. { e

4.- .- .2.~

LoS premlos del Sorteo del domingo fueron vendi
Lee naeveleatoe blUlete eater terminduG en 9
Por billete enter go entlende il-eoeuenva
FERMAN EL ACTA: La Autoridad: m1 Ooben
El representante del Ml uterlo
JTo* F. Vllaloboa C.-GG. No. 47-144. E1 Note
GOIberto OMuZrdI-CuIla No. 47-2337.


.. _jT raggia 4.1 gA .H

.. wM. ".--,k ... ., (-- 1

S *.-. :-. .-....^ .* .

le. sdt! el lo. en Chltr6; el 2o. en Col6n,
y eM eosurmutdtme as a asd s-edo
I a D"Itbeus fAIW"A).
i dos hfeclones ue coNoaponW lma do
neddr de Is Provlnes de PanamA, JRO
a 'Mdenda y Teoroe, JUAN AROBe
do ando del Circulto de Puanama DA
"---- -- l __ / iiin
" his Gel So'ts.- OuIba"

' uI a -
.+.-" W +. -. MR. ,

medlo de un.

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a- m.. Im m I

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IfM MM 1@ If.M

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.i* m i -be ,a '

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Su'* W ,M Ael contra a R
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,,,. mes a. w nor.

ore qucl e Duqu saor

i-toC 0114IE37 n-
Li L Z. do Fo nseca I m aO -7 AO, Is 01 l w6n.
;i&O41" alce dae de hdotdarle. cumple 9 0A8( dfun-
LAMo Eena W Aanc. ado q ndborS

ta. Carimnen Aura Dns Aniverurio .
Calixto A. Fibrega .- e lIJtint.a 7
BNor Harold A. Snder )brada ieldia .doce I
SAntonio Angi ckrrente, prob .d I
ArangoArias ACOW c l .@teoiIsr .
.ati- Mendo- MIdalHoor Y Me plate aI MLue

U.enda. do.Ar1 Med oalado i

lfaA Vlck 'her Strunz pndo ee dei fmo Cd po, y
Sfta Victoria Zugenia Abad A don TomA s Gabriel tique,
Sn .. mayor Tercer -Jefe do la -ama
S 41berto A.Od Arias "Institul6n.
S, rilt. GaO Tovar Diaz ~J-Que en Junta de Jefeta 61-
e, Amd eil6ndez O. cales, en Beal6n Sitraordinarls,
Celebrada 'el dia veitlid6s (32)
An verarlo de Matimonle de presence, sprob6 Reolua6n
ItUPlmo may cordalmente' por la cual se otorg a osbnge-
81 dqtin gu0do mltrnlmonlo, Pro- ,ors a "Fundain Internsa-
fer Alejandro ienz y a su elohal Joa6 Gabriel Duque" a
er Profesora Inds Arrocha elob' l8lgulntes miembros de ls
quenes celebrmn~ a af itucl6n:
S anro de bod
to clue d rives i
m rwm h n Ducru;t.Cman .de otorl -
quo Is I^ mnro wc yr iTte de la Prinlaa
S-L40h O Persists6todel Cuerpotdor ombi..
QA 'Fr Q e e Jntde one la o-
SI s dalte'neIa "gntoPrn-
Comubqaw, plius Mioar n
t ro&ntainoNa %We rd0al Maile SL
l Jeu., -a. chaoa *on da elnmr a unta
l- ertrio d., doon del parob6 Resoiucl6n pifor media
t-izi .OCi.a y d.fig Rosa Bm ed a 4u0l me or la cdo
.hnarl, qu 10 *eAtu dgIMaa slu., 0n -"49 ors--
dad pro deatP cnuran -doanute
eniado la odea d na1megorMealvin sustain, Je-
I I de Inetico y Jefe do In B rigada
Coru dp luabuom eon- l toori dabi enl doetor
em ora. --a. "eoa -s -c I d "OfnSa e t Fort We lliam
Cdyan VinWalra y Frane Felda n Is Zo-ic

0E6) di"o el-do. feeo do C a dnoado d -aL
II s : n(1951). P o n
91 AIf ,, WVo 1 nv oc3a, ,ttOdU asl WUnidaden t
I. D. Bzin.adoi per pberos de Co.-l
El Secretarlo, .19, Pra queoan uniforme de
Lu L Chard. p d, concurran Cuartel
colon N; b. f-tB.._-oi uerpo t rs eW de, 1 de lo dlco-
de .Bombr deo Cl noshan m x dsa.oPm
Ienviado1otaorde W01n w itr ndme- I. r et de acon-
ro 2 do U-de do eSero,la 2 A R6 eld6n o r o lto" a
Pot do lame l. sncon-' tr,_ders dolandecom-
lmemora I fundaeltd I& clu- I t -'undacln Intornacional
l.lus, "Ron*.oYM U&St. .I .con- 4.-_ntrega del Diploma de
IdecoAcim of.ate pr_ I h- gCsAn RHonors* iy Reconoci-
dae a lnJ04 OR-_ dau G- Bm del um1 p er e CuerpA,

Calla.ino te d, partindo
leO Vart e l id'Ol, d o I

mhnteuwatro on d men. d fe-
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,te pu onC/um. 'le c/at

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,. C nd teo Vidal.

....... .
i s V a -" m* u s'
---B -e a -u

flijM -lb* f^-^-H

ftfrdea lof eoncurrents mll aaJ
t DM personalidadeos de o antlf
lt Dr. Alfredo Cant6n. EnimI
y enearpdo de o dIreeel
rir' modo asradecia el lrime fde il
teid Bdel Daneo AfropecuarIo dmA
bernador de Isa Provinolacs, do

Ae de dee-
proctor de
director de
soa de Ve-
I6. Con e01
a y el 0o-

DPau forma- Era ",
dipti icon. Auncionarlse N n6mlic" y mon suficlen-
sofFli pSias, Auatralia, Nue- temente am para cubrir
ve Sft la noo lamente e uobre cuolquler tas I sltuaclon
an ap un, omsins d- amerlcana d el n y el his-
lnidi regional en el area del -- r pAn initd 1 ,problems
puis se" contemioad i una crn
Poater Dulles informarJ a los aia politics mun de cortai
tunoinaros del Departaoento duracl6n de la hok h ades. Loa
doe tado comaO al Presldente economy As conldeO sahora
Truman y a una Comosl6n del que Is "emorgencis" de dU-
Congreso, sobre sus vialtas. Dea- rar un largo perlodo.
pu seguiriA las eonsultu con A f
otras naclones del lejano orJen- i. -- \
to y Oran Bretafla. Los enten- SDe-
didoa dicen que una f6rmula
pars reataurar la soberania ja- ventina a Is Asoclaci6n de 1l-
ponesa podra evolucionar en un bllotecarlos de la Am6ricg qi u
pacto de defense del Pacifico, se reunl6 en Washington, e,
que permits a naolones, del Pa- donde conocl6 al Director de'
fifjco como Australia, Nueva nuestra Biblioteca Naclonal, Lie.
Zelandia vigllar al Jap6n y evi-, Galileo Patiflo. Natural de Ba-
tar la agrel6n comunista. hia Blanca, Buenas Aires, Ar-


Cualquier recess que requlea lch asreme
qu cxipe KULM-y KLIM ma un convenient
y Mdcl de emplerse. Ddle a on famil mnuri-
cl6m adicional--mjor sabor-con i delicious
leche KLIM.

1. KLIUM i h pm moo
2. KUM. *. *m*rti* relersecl.
3. IKM @a lemp de seNded useferse
4. KLIM **oeIs perun *I il me on r*
6. KLIM aH re*mlnlo pr. .o s*lMto-
7. KLIM, pare, y arr ... *mvaeeds per
8. IM ** prcmief, espelel
S. A KLIM **e *Iebered bel *ImEs

Ague pai .. egr6guese
a M...16cle o
y t ndr6 lech@ pura y sona

so ...11o..



Sdel 0lub de lSde eta 3 Mde

wa orat lllan-gtti poir e rwa d&t-l eaft =do"'
cbrtorac ns

eRtitna, el flustre vItato h
eombulmo de mannes.1eu a
I elde na enelt l do ts
"ltoa tealdna y eum a11-
del-de Id bro" ha oateeado a
1a *eun entire us coloegu del



Avenida Central No. 21

encontraba eo na
mna inU ii made .
ese moxsato ocUtipada, N
desculdo la nialta tomo
1 estado de la peque64p
tennis no es de ravoedd..;.

* )~F

X No pierda asted j

Gran Oportunldad en la .f

REDUCTION de-Fin-de.uM
en todos IQ l


quo tongan mis de 30 dae '
en el almao4n Y MA$M.
BEBAJA aun an aquello quo '
tengan mis tiempo .


Avenida TveHU MNe.

Ablerto l4 d! 0 ls I :R t aS 9. .i ..iH piI.M l

es ral de las empreas mis podermas del
y s6lo Jabrica rticulos de primera caldad ..

-lm (i mm
^-LV ^ffi.1



*I 3 *


"La Ca s de le Vidrios y les LndJeoe"

IAI 1tA t lv

la ,I.
^a-**;&l**i*TK ^ <*l." ..

El "A'viso Oportuno"

Es f.Hrato y Efec

L P MINIM --' =H V w



_ ____ ~_~__~ ___


CUVM1*--- NK--
*Mattel drilMi
hrtoxicacton. ^
'* i "t.JI
-BlUlK jtMH^H


:- .. -^ -p y. _

iA- mflbkrN&u

MiAeetpnea ay
saCendeia. -tra mh-at.

pmee-.. excuses. etc. a
r 111 c a e lese Teplea.
-CIA$ I SALIU. Via eo I-
em e a Jes- Fance. Tel.

DE: Incubadoro elictrica.
V^j'NDE: Madera usada en per-
%-'ctaas condiciones. a precious sin
.' nwp tlncio op Io plaza. I x 6 -
2x4-2 2x6-2x8--4x
,A.4 6 .x 6- 8 x 8. PARECES
y CIA. LTDA. Ave. Pablo Arose-
~mena No. 10 y Dep6sito en Pai-
tii Calle 12. Tels. 2-3238 y 3-

I S o

Bicnes Raices Autom6vilep '
SE ALQUILA:-- vende. CEs deSE VENDE: Hudson 194 in
comp o h Chorrer IEI 'Coco Tel. Commodore-8, 4 puertO;
3-0255. condiciones, buenas Ilontas,
rodo. precio B.758.00. 612-A, Ca
SE VENDE:-C- ntrice y acreditado lie Sga, Cocali, C. Z.
negocio. per.-s poder adminiitror- -- .-.-
se. Para informs describe -ol Sn. SE VENDE:--Cam;6n Ford, 1947 de
Kuylen. Apartado 1828, Son Jo- 2 1.2 tonelados volqu f. b
Gi, Cosil Rica. Iao y sM convencerl de st bh.ryst-
do. Vadg baratisnmo. Aroesemenq
SE VENDE:-Aborroteria y refresque- talleres S, Via Porros.
ria. Calle 17 O te y Ave. A No.r. vi.
9. muy buenos negocios y cntrico. SE VENDE:--.or rozone do viaja

SE VENDE:-Casa on San FrncISCo
de Ia Caleto d* 3 recimora. uala-
cormedor omplio. Lo|l *n csquirn
do 406 metro cuodrados. Buen
precio. Informes: Juan Navarro.
Avenido Cuba centre callas 25 y
26 Este. Telfono 2.0481.

SVENDE:-Equipo de garage, pe- L.otes en casi todos los sectores de lo
azo, harramoientos, materioles, etc. urbonizoci6n "El Congreio."
a preclos rozonobles. Detris Dep6- 0 0
s aito Industrias Unidlas Carretera Chalets de dos o cuatro recimaras en
- Tronsistmica. La Exposici6n. Bella Vista, El
_______ ____ -- ---I Congrejo y El Carmen".
1 VENDE:-Novedad! Acebamos de a a 4
recibir suriudo complete dea pntu- Lotes por hectireo con frente a la
a para arlistas. de lIa fo 'o.a ca- Tronsistmco.
so ingleso Winso' & Newton. Co- ,
isdad exce:ente, a precios modera- Lote de 2165 M2 a 0.90 en la Ur-
dos. Lbreria Preciado. Avenida bonizaci6n "Los Cumbres" colin-
Central y Plaza Cotedrol. dand6 eon la propiedad de Liche
S '---4 --- ''- Costrell6n. en calle "Los Andes".
SVENDE--34 cabezes de ganado- Ocas.6n. Facilidcode do pago.
Vocas, novillos, toretes. a t c.
.En Punta B 60.00 Cerca de la ROBERTO MIRO. 2-1215
ciudod Informes- Colle 29 Este
No. 1I1 IExposic,6n de 7 a 8 p. M ISCELAN EA
ra moternales de construction J. BROUWER-Pintor de coset. con-
r tens en Ia Avenido Norte 83 o en triatista. conreles tlcnicos, garon-
* nuestra sucursal en Call. Martin tie por jn aelo. presupuestoo gratis.
. Soso IdetrAs de la Lecheria). Am- Tai 2-1276
plieo specio, de estacionornmiento. SOLICITUD l PROPUESTAS
servicio ripdo y eficiente. PARA IL SUMINISTR DE TRAS
l Cn1 i" i ,l Po-nA soiciit r n lues-

E VENDE:-Adquiera sus tiquetes
- de ola Rifa de Los Ltones. par Sis-
Sfeam de Club an La Casa del Pan-
tel6n. SI no se lo gana pagando B.
1.00 semonal durante Doce Seme-
4' as tmmbl6n se le entregari su ti-
t quete

C. ~'fl


SNECESITAN:-Costureras exper-
S tas paro comlsas, ro se present si
o tiene experiencia. Creociones
Altman. Via Espala No. 1.
i. LjNA 6POR-TUNIDAD! Pora jeven
" "'. i- bueno presencia y qua have
cursodo estudios secundarios. De-
-f -be hablar inglies y espaAol. Bazar
: ei Armeicano, Central 25.

: Artioles de Casa
I.E VENDE:-Motive viole, muebles,
camore de cine. plata peruono,
Misc. Acudo despu6s 4:30. Case
5358. Calle Davis, Diabla
-^-VENDE.-Boratos, motive de via-
s. ae, todos las muebles aiartamento
-' 3. Avenido Central 279, Tel. 3-
S*E VENDE:-Juego de bamb'u con
10 pizzas, en B 10000 on Uru-
p ay No. 4.
':-E VENDE:-Prec.os boratos, 2 ca-
mas con colchones, guardarropos.
misc Colle 44 Este No. 44
Apto. I.
I VENDE:-Refrigeradora de kero-
S.'ne Servel, recientemente pinta-
do, funcionarnianto perfect Lunl
*n la tarde. en Williamson Placce
S0765, Blesa, B.135.00.


1 ani lai u c e walllla pVIIwlIu p rpuwl
las para que se Is suministre, boio
propuestas cerrodas qaue so ban de
.*brir el 15 de Moarzo de 1951, 25,-
000 pies I I pie x I pie x I pugoda)l
de trozos de amorillo y 30.000 pies
.11 pie x 1 pie x I pulgadoa de tro-
zas de cedro eamrgo, de 16 pulga-
las y mIs de diAmetro en la extre-
cridad mis delgado. EstAn disponi-
bles los formularlos para las pro-
puestas, olicitud No. 386, en la oh,-
pina del Superintendente de Alma-
cenes. Balboa. telifono 2-2777.


SE ALQUILA:--Chalet con dos reci-
moreas y cuarto servicic situado en
Via Belisorio Porras. Para informed
flame al telifono 3-1332.


SE ALQLUL-:Cuartto pore refrige-
raci6n. Mide: sito 8, largo 12'.
6", oncho 8 '". Consulted" sefor
Davis, telifono 2-1043.
SE ALQUILA: Cuarto omoblodo.
. linplo y fresc Colle 46 18-A, 'Apartomento 3.
Llamor 3.1789 o 3-1693.
SE ALQUILAN---Cuortos pora hem-
bres solos en la Ave. Central 209,
Le6n de Oro.
SE ALQUILA: Cuarto c6modo y
vantilado. Informes en calle 4a.
No. 9, altos.
SE ALQUILA:-Cuarto, a motnmo-!
n.o u hombre solo, preferable. sin
nieos Ocurra calle 12 Paltila, No.
61, San Francisoe.
SE ALQUILA:-Cuorto omoblodo. bo-
rato, gas, lul, lovadora electric.
Tel. 2.4448.

SE ALQUILA:-Cuortol omueblado.
con lul; entradoa ndependiente
Ode aqu6l quo Utilice Tel. 2-1237. rigirse: Avenida B
e- qu eNo. 29, ULTIMO PISO.
Irrmiolents debe leer SE ALQUILAN:-Cuartos frante al
dI Icl6n do Febrereo le mar, omplo s. onfortables mue-
* ,,---. .a --. bles. excellent vecndario. Inme-
d.ota astaocon Autobuses No. 5,
prinmeri escolera. Plaza 2 de Ene-
SE ALQUILAN -Cuortos con fraent
a l colfe. B 8 00 semonal. Pen-
P U JLAf% s,6n "Chiriqu.". Ave. Central y
Acalle "A" No. 2. Tel. 2-3030.
SE ALOUILA:-Cuarto con balc6n.
S' amoblado, refrigerodora. cocuna si
Is queren. matrirmonio response-
ble a persona sali. Celle 9a. No.

con 32
* ilufr

Todo mecinico, y
umadd en her
idad, debe leer
ta comooda revw
'it 32 piginah
.laeciun de los buc
mundo. Cientoc
raaacnes y se
y maqui
masim.nto de
p' uested ad

6 'f

an"s Circlan or Torresola y Collazo son dos
nacionalistax activoS.
del ejirclto norcoreano que lu-
Spaginal chan en el frente oriental de Pay dijo que on el bolaillo
la ofenslva central. Sin em- de Torresola s e ncontr6 dos
adas do bargo, los norcoreanos se reti- notas ftradsa por Pedro Ar-
ran tan rapido, que es muy df- bizi Campos, cabeeilla de los
IENTAS ic que los alados puedan naclonaustag portorriqueflos.
alalarlos debajo del paralelo 3&
AP-ON Los rumors de que hay fric- Lag autoridadea newyorqulnls
Si6n entire los dos mandos co- han denunclado que el com-
munistas se ban originado en plot de asispar a Truman fue
en general toda persona circulos naclonalistas chinos, trazado en una comilda de un
ramientas de la major que carecen de access a los in- apartamento del Bronx del fa-
t edcindefebrer defornmes director del servicio de bricante de vestidos, Juan Co-
l edcin de febrero de intellgencia del frenLe. Sin em- rrea mediadoe de octubre y
5tA, pu en cilla apare- bargo. los informed naciona- que Collazs fue uno de loe
que describe e ilustran listas sobre la situaci6n interns lnvitado.
N'TAS SNAP-ON--"I china han resultado bastante La eapopa do Oollazos. Rosa.
nos mecincos" en todo acertados durante la guerra co- ett acumada de partleipar en
de herramentas p reana y las autoridades del go- el complot e ira al juicio en
rvico de autom6viles. blerno norteamericano lea eita Washineto. Be encuentra libre
nco de aut6vea concedindo mayor importancia baJo flana.
naria de todo upoe a que el cartel general en Co- La defeasa 7 los represen-
rmado, produccia6 y rea. tanted de la Utels, as pu-a*
equipo industrial. Si sleron die a dou para ellml-
Iquinr I revista.n r. a i. com n.... nar de 1 Wurados d aeon-
m ejemplar graeis do lenct toed lei empleades
a m scriMs on ape lieva igual culpabllidad por el del gobWeme Veltls piro-
crimen que ocurra durants el nuase exeual par etar en
lAs I A atentado. El heho de que se contra el' MAI e castigo par
IIA & CIA. acuse a Collazos de haber tra- In l its de peron"
tado de matar al Presidennte a ipeade a dos-
STrumian, ello no tiene ninga- eatonto
A diferencls de haber tratado Collam e t t orte
AUT JA. mtar a cualquler otza per- tmalif. mien-
MTO, :Aa t SONSa
-rf i Tres A-bosados nm ir &- i t l*
8 C ...edefenderis ... ..RPt ...

f .' -- '- ''"" =.. i

Packard Clper Sedan,' Super 8,
1942. per ctas condiclofia. Tel.
2-2712, P namA. vialo 1n calls II
Oesta y At. "A".
SE VENDE: --hiv Chevrolet 40. y
una coarroceria an buenas cendiclo-
nes. Inf6rmese llomahdo al Tel.
SE VENDE: Fargo 3-4 tapeladas
1948, perfects condicione. Llie-
me ol Sa16n Morio de PNIo Nuu-
vo. Tel. 3-1513.
SE VENDE:--Ganga! Busito Ford 46,
o cambio par chivo grand@, de I
1-2 tonelada, pagando compra-
dor diferencla. Estaci6. gasoline
entrado Porque Lefevre.
SE VENDE:-Gongo! Chevrolet 1949.
convertible. con radio, so puede
f(nancior. pare Informes vyea a
Frank Alemin. Smoot y Paredes a
llame al telilpno No.-2-0600. ,

SE NECESITA:-Mujer jven. ser.a,
y responsible. pare ofitios do casa
y ver niho de dos orAfs. Tine qua
dormir an el empleo. Ocurra Calle
Estudiante No. 81. uiltime piso.
SE NECESITA:-Empleada. Via Es-
paoe No. 54. Apartamento No. 1.
Despuis de las 6 00 'p. m.
SE NECESITA--Emplead compe-
tente pare oficios do case. El Con-
giejo. calle D. detris carreras de
perros. Coas Amarillo.
SE NECESITAi-Empleado pare cui-
dar niAos- y oficiaos domesticos que
duerma en el empleo. Dirijase ca.
lie 44 No. 30.
SE NECESITA-Cocinera que conoz-
ca bien su ofaco, poro 4 personas,
B 10.00 qu.ncenales. Ave. B, No
SE NECESITA -Empleada seria, qua
sepa cocinor bien y hacer el serv,-
co. Familiar paquerl. Inuitil venir
sin reocomendac16n. Ave. Ecuador
No. 4, boos.
SE NECESITA:-Empleado para ofi-
co.. domstihcos. dorm;r en am-
pleoa. Calla 18 Son Francisco. No.
14, y una lowandere una vex par

SE ALQUILA -Local pore oficina a
cl;nica. Ave B No 59 altos. Acu-
do sucursal Sylvania ev mismo ed'-
SE ALQUILA:-Local pora oficini.
arribo del Teatro Central.
'SE ALQUILAN: Do. locales en
Avemdo Norte No. 61. Tel. 2-
SE ALQUILA: Contuno amobloado.
calls 10 y 11 Avenida Balboa No.
10079. Pore mayor informs lla-
me Tel. 837. Col6n.
IE ALQUILAN:-ExclusivomYInMe p*0
ro oflcmins bocwles cintric e n los
altos de Avenid Cenrrel 44 o
precies modices. Solicit IWar*-
)moc,6n an Aimnnenas 5 y 10 can-

zos. Ellos quizi invoquen que
Collazos sure de una locuras
temporal. Collazos ha mIdo so-
metido al ezamen plqulatrico
por arreglos de sus abogadoA y
el remultado no ha aido reve-
lado. Colazos ha declarado su
inocencia, perO la Corte Nolo
la aceptari en el casao del crl-
men. Pero 61 admiti6 que ha-
bia ido con Torresola a tirar
al President. El fiscal de los
Eatados Unidos George Morris
pay tratarA de probar que el
asalto fue part de an complot
del partido naclonallita porto-
rriquefio, que pide la revolu-
ci6n para ganar la Independen-
cli de la isla. El robara oue


de today case



2" x6 y2' 8'
Calibre 26

*C U. d,
0 ME




E AC :z-A tmento reclin
pirnnfdo, pis alto, non
4: No. 1.

AmenA= Mcalla
29 A noAp4rtompento de dos
t: 3T.3-0815.
ALQ-U.aigante apartomen-
'to un. d es rom viservico, mar
porchil 4 N t I. Irnformes pelrs-
notmn p squin" Mercado Modelo.
Avedificia "Cstila deno y Call"
o29 E.teEno par telmfono.
SE ALQUJILA:-Ap mo'rtae d dosn-
to de.o',fl ancftn en piso olto"
rchmon er., le cmedor, y dl memr.
codllod s. C. 14 Normes. 2. Santel-

SE AQULA: Primer
. rtomAnt de.dAve Centmras. protl-
S ne, p cio qnuy convo Espoent, ien
-.el ediflc + "Cadille del Oro" "fren-
S ofo Htes plntPano baja.
IoIr1RTO MINa S-2175 2-121.
SE ALQUILA:--Aprtamentao se dos
comodldades. Call 14 No. 2. Son
Francisaco. Frente al Golf. Pofi in-
forrIe llama W telefono 2-1752.
SE ALQVILA:- Primer alto deolo
Scrisa 103 Ave. Central pro
pi parco e aino sal6n de rmareunio-
Snei, precio muy b onveniente, in-
formes plant baea.
SE ALDESELA:-omApar fiento sal-co-
medor,s uno crca cservdoos
coarrpletos, independi,enes, muy
fresco, recien conjtruido a matri-
monio solvent unicamente cin-
cuent 40 alas mensules. PEdifcio
Trina. EscAven Apdo. 28Juto Arosemen
y callia entiseis. Informan Forma-
cla Alonso, beios.

SE DESEA:-Compror fin c 100 hec-
treabls losde terreno, cers artcudod en
carretero P interior, no racs leos
de 40 millor del ferry. Pricis ba-
ratl. Escriba Apdo. 1289 Ancon p
todo 1984 tel fono 23646.

SE DESEA:-.Comnpruar en cantdaes
opreciables los siguientes articulas:
Sandevs, Lechuga Repollado, Repo-
mo.s No. 623. atios Caebollins,
TaPERDIDtes, to -Ptes smor Bull eran-
iera All, Pimentones. Pererido ntr
Comotes Perel Summ. Of mce oes ,s
mejores precos. Productoe NoAFo-
tales. A. Call H No. 2761. Apar-
todo 1984. Tel3fono 2-0028, Pa-

PERcIDA: te, dnt c resident Via
3706. Greotfic cP6n par entregarla.
Avis Quee Editouronte Meradilto Co
lidonia. Tom Chang Young.
PERDIDO: -BrrCda, Vista Hermosa,
el 24 de Febrero. court de rar an uer
Stras PKterson los documents -MM
vore dev uero Barriodo Vsta He.
moso No. 623. ratificaci6n.
PERDIDO--Perro "Bostor? Bull Ter-
rier" lmado Deacomensa. Perdid entire
Gamboo v Surmmit el rniSreales.
Possible esth cereal Albrook :AFB.
Muv quer-do par ol familio. El qua
lo encuentre favor de Ilamor MAs-
ter Srge3360 Mykant Mtzd. 26-3290
Gamboo 230 o Polhcio Gambol.

PIRDIDO:-MaoItin de evere, colder
ehocolete, entree ce rlte do V.-
Ileialoba y Pedresl. Popleles Wiles
lamente Par su dueie. ufeal:
He Quie, ldificie CkeefieMl,
Apse. Ne. 1.

PERDIDO: -ERRO Cdad de Panai).
PequeAo prenFUedor Z de ore I*-
tras PBK, can ,nicires atris MIM,
Alpha Kansas. Tambkn' porter mo-
nedo de cuero caf'i con reclbos.
cheoue Rscompensa. Telefo, 3.-
3360, Myklond.




esmaltados ...

de Gallinero...

preparada en aceite...

Rkardo A. Mk6,

Calle 16 Este No. 4
Tel. 2-3335

De % Paulada
3. p

1/18 "

Rio Abajo #2154 TeL 3-0524
Almacin Calle "I" #4
Tel. 2-1752

CLUB DE B/. 1.50

* de plata, 39 piezas.
* RELOJES para sefloras,
"Bulova", 17 rubies.
ESCRITORIO 22 x 48, 7
gavetas, silla con Siento
de madera.




2x6y2 x 8

SHorauitlas paor Ropa

pore Almocin '
5 x 7 i; 81/2 x 11
12 x 15 y 17 x 21.


* La we a. *isra


Rep aracld Partes, Servicio
ioAa Uf& SU V



de Kerosene

de 7 ples3, ca Cooelador.

(Ia. Econ as, $.A.
Calle 34 No. 4. Edifclio Lux


*"Solarpruf" parr vitrina"
Telf. 2-30o Panma

Detrozadas tropar
mUlli al este de Sefl y martl-
Ilaron las polclonea comunlataa.
Las patrullas surcoreanxa IMateo-
taron cruzar cinco mlla s l este
de Seoul. pero falaron lando
los chinos abrforon fuego en el
moment ena.qU los bote b
aaucho eran lanzados al sua.
Los comunlitas tamblit 0Con
tratacaron en el aire cuandoa at
u ocho aviones de propulam,ln,'
construction rusa, atacaron cua-
tro auperfortalesas de Iobs ta-
dos Unidos. pero fallaron 4n a-
verarlaa. Un caflonero da up
B-29 dice haber hecho blanc* a
uno de los pviones rojoa. OWrSO
dos B-29 recibleron desagrgs
antlaereas mientras dejabrU
caer sabre Pyongyang 18 tofe-
Jadaa de bombs sobre puoute
en'la capital roal. Otras 13 NIi-
perfortalezas mIs se unibron a
I ofenalva area con utn atadu
de 32 toneladas a 21 milluas
sur de Pyongyang y un ataqus
de 100 toneladas en los cantro
de abato en Hamhung y at M
coat ate de Wonsang.
Los aviones de las NaPtOsI
Unidas tamblbn atacaron un
trend roJo, dafiaron otros doa y
atcaron clen vehiculos. -
l- crucero Manchester, aI d-
tructor Osbourne y trees
l1as de fragatas de los .i
Unidos devastaron Wonsdn
de e1 mar por el docesto sa-
consecutivo. Estos buquegs a-
claron las baterias de
inaj de las cualesa InttM
banco en el pabourne I la&Eo
ha f asada. Por otra peart

a LO.W---A '

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por vanes a
rtie, Vitan

ye 1 Ma
Den art

6 J

ea sids **oi e oses. aa1s4 t SMWpa P--Pubblica uoa'7
: de 4,000 beade pendencla ad aicranmava Qba
.tomM la oeasve ael- eonoterca cn el ombre de
fM dim s.5co ftCooperatvo Inte:-Ae-
UM column s ortamerlqWA a noA said d Pubeia"_. Lae
dadu d ql dsufdte do rot tlalS-ipE6i'de laxs' adO O
Ion y cort a ons ruta .de a- dos en el program ae ececti
lastelmlentsAde lax tropas nor-. pOr conductor del llttuto
rAf que COnu lMM=C a AfIt* Isotmr-AmOXtgf4, a
norteaai~ng id -B h12. pe dnda del OoberO de
Las tropas noreamrican en.- -.tadoo Unidos.
traro k dic swludad deaPe MD. OneajwAnd con 1 ao_1
de reper urns sBlmnbads.-'. do tfarmatohoy, Jlo te dMt
u qu destruyeron con fue-
Jni .... e. fle Ga C~fltfl~aamfcontr n con 00

gal de los experts tBCa
e lar.tadop Unldoas quoe vi
yon a Panam, al coma doe
ot gastqs de eTareter ad]
ntstrativo que bagan los Esta
Unldoa .n relacion con el p
Sascuerdo estipula que Pa
as ey IO EN*ldO Utdoa pma
cOnvenir astOrtomOateo. ean

mara divlgn da lnftanr de
antna, e eel oomando del No-
*le Cuerpo.


om mol 4 emore.* ..,.
Cgion mN a ltnain 1 7 5W
.el tes .

em tnr a1
Sebwfl5 M

-ote"# -
ias it SeSea T

Via Esp


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Arradecemos.s h Oftelam ma.
teorol6gica u sayuda ea rnar
los sardines de la eltaded inlen
tras nos Uegabs nuatre
embarque e

Ahora que tenemosn 'us ea
surtido de els, a tode prdel,
que comleae e] Teraeo.

Geo. F. Novey, Inc.
Ave. Central 27 Tdl. a4ze

~Je -

; ~I------


I: *


? .: ,
-- '

5S ,.T, M' U ; 5
I .' .. ...
t.:d'bi : I
e ..e*.. 3e
New.,.. 53
........ 1I
cP...,....... S

i .# '* l' le, V t or Li m' be

7I itr.j~

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Stase tai
a talks at
11 01


I v

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81.8 0

en la inau-
its auna

6 j Iolfoa Navarre
S del empate y,
1M on el Juego.
. en adelante los
Si, demuestran au
Sque los nica
Ma mostrandoa
S en los asquea de
a C niOteros faltaron
= Up, lo cual apro-
M istrarlog para Ir
. antoa traa tantos
t .IG de 8 contra
M Ijd.n6 completa-
Sia admirar la gran
lu.micaraguemses y i
r epiritu oombativo.'
otieslM el guardame-
S-bbleto quien hicq
mAs magnifoaas y to-
ia y Bladio Eaquivel:
I tdeo dee u puesta i
y delantero Inter Iz-'
* tornaron en la pe-
Ia met nica, bonm-
o Nldo favorable


.u..o a. tSuioS 1........1 8
.t.l ........... 1
MCaIle........... ..
aertol .............. 8I

C. dl Taira ........1 2
A. O M
. Cart Vleja .......... 5 7
J' auno ................ 4
S Retultado del Sueves
Chsaanle 7-Granlleo 2
Regltado del vtrnem
Maaaa 6-Manurilo. 4
Restade del sbade
C. del Tulrt 4-A. Call 2
Istmeefi 4--J lon 2
Patria &-8s Be 3
Chandler Rl-m t l ,
Resultado del Reomito
San Miguel S4-be 4.
gIMS* 'dca ItM
Fuert 1i5 w Cart VIeja L N.
GuJi o do lam I. N.
GMOl To Marm I -. N.

Smau ma en el tio dt man Lo

*e i,.W opu ne. y ms I4 eYMS vMMivldod y de tod a aKid AMien e
""e aeeal S moca q a-" .v nBop que vi6 ea- W a
V., victoria r o ceal n eltenaconal. o aSaIto'
fat del Mal tO -Pe rDARKINS-
a e quiw t Federi-o PlumAer vnci6 par

Wnz ro-lmtrus. '.I f I eU Wun suouantoo putdo a dies
_"- *- 1 'a-,- ---~,~ ..' I analto.. .elebrado ano ,he. Mag
3tL Fm I anmaflad v n, ilb nifica fud I* a setuacln de Plum
n-- sndiirat 1 IU~III ye flO IRh B I mera nIsecatesorladoIonlige-
I i t oe is sgueir en ou categori
"" ."" w o ] Is corona de WUltredo Brown
SI I estara en poelgo. El orgullo
J 33_f f f S S UTflb D LO4 NiWO5 debut, buAend eat a noche u del Darien algul6 ;u racha de
7 U s iVCw em eu Ic msi Vl) Imra vetm. triuntf, .1 noquear a .u con-
A ee u juego may inte- trario Al Weeb a loa treintsa
i a I o .'P. ree y abo equlpoi han euatro segundo. del segundo
SJ 0 a ; .......... S a 1I tad t a ensatetmen- asalto, en peles fljada a sela
*,- .. .... h ...e.,,, I te r n eSna re- vueltas.
G'.' .elebra .s i ., a et M _e. Tt Vicente Worrell ando elen
W W o ... lebradteL o Vldriers to veinticuatro Mias obtavo
lM de ...... 1 1 I Pres .Oprape la etedra una decision 'unta st.-breb
Saaeera SBm a.oti au .Alnso ue- Ch o as ulen desle6o ean
p 1t. pLaI=0 paer7ls6. supntltucledo dluarrdq
~ ~m lam 7.0kP. p 7.10 po. eot e.
1. 1 mc. oCentrol del Co- JaTmes Milton hiso un magafl-
1etie ......tN A c meJ co retorno noquem oa a org
A. .t g enn.. .. 6 2 S t ----- Riva a lamA dos minutons cua-
S O _.....M ........ I a rents del primerS asalto, en-
as I -;d Dip-fV cuentrado e euatro a ,lto. Ri-
ball daLs l J Imporun a de t l og Ias b oe..loo.mente I l n .t ardeo .Milon.
.t _uena Laa aGratlsva; ur 'e W M span leno l s irbitro tean de-
S e dsde -l a t Comerela l do tofGll, ot por e combats.
isentran sm altads del a Mrk d e i a er- pa T a e08 1 49 opre-tme d ia ace*Repro
I ,:. w yfV._lOt w V 861-5 0 11af sent.nte de lot equipar patl- &LCuBAmO mlMI GURBRA
SINI~ nM l N i l___ ._ cpteni s last&, para una F ElX UNICe BKCEit
Per, 3 f. ABA rounin .trauordinaria on e1 QUC NO MX A PRACTICAS
ISt LaUmA -6 iot Jaraih Balboa a lu 6 Ppm. SARATOGA, Feb. (P)-El
g ruesga puntual ana I cubano FermintGuerra quo ha-
Sballa *u ,lda .dWrh 9dads Ia lmportana de 1o Jiman bituanmpnte Uags tarde aI la
va quo *SrEridurat el m4 i ,rS; cent Rads La Teaoreria ruag a lo Re- el nico receptor que no se pro-
,. eaaroloS V Voampoato SS pr.enntantesn. pwe al disa n mnto ayer cimanaer.
SC Aenrtieanm.P y 01 Caribelt rue cueotas, pIMs no -r afec- de Ila Moed a Rojas Ste Onesi
dVe Funt bren t en Log "lupulos e" Sd o I comer- tid e por lar~b~sM teeI6 u q comenzou lo ejirciclos do diem
amienlre n d t I1 aamo. c hn i ad&a, p palc r en jsgos a Lnadores y ciaco receptores on
SQlmlennan can nas noN ohuW vim a. equipo ea tfM el primer di de praqtisac
AT '* 1. nar.a*a' -^ -__ G- Es pi'tti@

jaeo queuioe- dii 'zibana
mn Ia achoe eIl SRoeo., loI
equipos de Ota RIBas y Pana-
A lo nuqpis so I concede
buena opn y 7 afana podri
asolvue is pleaudtte.
Por otr pate asa oonaldera
que maniar rt .ans on-
surrencts record a pramenlar
el choque satap toos y pans-
*me6ee. ae pr'd a.te 'atmbln
Qegan lo* rfltiienmataotma-
teurm, durante stee artid0

nmleale AB rP 5
40.txmd+.lll .p

tea, y

1 -"



iis ~ & ~ 7--- [2

Cen De
En forma comepltament lte-*.oado pe eil p n
renleo y c~m dos lou rquislteonsy apt e o I
d0 mo a no ugu a r6 r trI l
/lr em, d te 91i V M "ifoi I'raWldedo ,
dofttraInlzdo y del oan-e C"n.
de PM Batd*oolo-
nad, cuMmpol_ a. aAt-fcln No merosta yktti galu
todos lo pun del Programa. Current ll a
81 aNto ceoannso a a cs 4.30 d ldn d Ahi f
In tarde con el tradcioonra de ron con prrIa. au
ile I la bands Rpublaons oI distintol as et de la I
abria el destHle, asetn despusu rain ai -ao 3M samsIas
los mimbros del Comlt Doree- jugada ue rqeta a
top, del Congreao T6oide, del rantse partlcd. *
Comrit Organizador y Comllo-
nradog, luego ls Delegaclones Numeroea os t rates e7.
de Costa Rica, aragua y Pa- vista para l a
nami, todas eon aus v atosos 4a, localrer pextranje
unformens seompaftadasa de 0 a f4aUmo Uan S
simpAticas nmadrinas, delegades cula pura Tarlo
y mascotas, la banda doe a Pft- ui bOandaM om ear
lcia Naclonal corraba aIs mpr- aIlgres pleas durant eli
cha. rrrllo de et
En el aigulento nmiro *A do earacter InttEso
procedl6 a zar laa banderas de .o
Ilo pale. concurrentea a lca Los oa del Torneo aes
acordes de au respective Himno vera pa atmender ta
Naclonal, tqoadole realbu r t quier emergaenef, entire lO qu
acto a los diatintos Delegado. 's contraband la doctor. Pa
El vicePrealdente del Com4te N. Bsot, Vald, Nt
do, pronundc3oatinsiadas i manllans marte en la tW
merecidqa pplabras sobre el so1 el ulgo entre Cta 7 .
to, dando ub saludo a todoa le namA.'
participantsa, y conflando que
todos harAn su part para el
mejor 6xito de la competencia, a .=
asi como exprea an senotmlen- j I
top or Ia auseola de squall& w .
aelegaclones que prometleron -
asiatir y a tItima hora dueatole. l u
ron del viajle. 'a
A continuacl6n, el Pruldentae -- ,S i ,
del Comlt Director doe I Con-I i.e Jl
(ederacl6n Centroamericana y7c na
del Caribe d Ftbol, Lie. Mas-
nuel Roy quien presd ttambltp C" I AC ., Feb.
e; Congreao Tcico dbl VC C ACAm b. M
reonato, procedl6 a declarar nowai Ba tuni oe its J
ina=gurado el Torneo, manifes "e uaSur6 prttolm
tando Jo slguiente: campeoato
"Comn Preidente del Comlt K ae do 1is -. ss
Director doe l Confederacsln dcftrl r0 0815wI
Centroamericana del Carbe ena.- s Mgate do i
de Futbol, expreso ml aholta p
conflana n qe uloa raiPt lLI
tera a ets Campeoa db amsi a i so m
se inicia, lo harAn c comC a r s m ne S
petidera leaves, rea deot en e -

caballereaco enhonor a tuirn aySr d4somlo sa
es y por la gloriea drel alfho. l'isal am to
Beflores, hoy 25 de, Poebrero .an W i mram
Inaugurado el Vo. Campsonato Vol _1t s opu W do
Centroamericano y del Oaribe por 13 a d. .
de Futbol pats bion del DpoWt I n. el teroer par e 6t.
toe, de a Raza y por la fraterni- ayer d o orer sOa Ven ,
dad de numtro8 pusblo. novena Halb a ds Oua.t. 7,

ca y Nicaragua, ofreciuron son- tro arIsUrera a trA No as ,
dog ramos do flores a loa capi- calebrar partido nocturas -
nes de amboa conjuntos. Luego estaban saealado sn l .o s
se Inicl6 el Calendarlo de jue- sla noche debdo a
gos con el partido inaugural a central eletrica. y an la -
cargo doe Io equlpos do Costa hana debleron Jugar L* Habmia*b ,
Rica y Nicaragua, ganando loa de Cuba, y Spur COa d .4a -
primeros por 8 a 1, y en lugar ml. El santurce de is ero .*_M "
apart sparece una relaci6n y Spur Cola a la un? y
mis detallada del mncuentro. y el ganador de edo e oa ua
Al finalizar el juego, el equipo jugaba con el MagallaD !u s 1 .
de Costa Rica obtuvo el Trofeo tree y media.

a,.ce d..


Wik IL

que las homigas cuoetan cen ao organlizaci6a social perfects
y que existen leyes protectorsa para tod los os aiebros de tl

asimlsmo, el hombre ha aprendido que para poder desarrollar
kuts a u maimo la hdustria y el comercio, cads io de les
mieabros d una empres debe coaster con el SEOURO DE VIDA,
COLECTIVO, cowme edio de garaotia y protecci6a.

^fflWtot----- -hff~fMB~. 8MaM- flfl

. -Co an O0]go,= O"a .
.i.0 .


J. J.

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~L.L- --. -- i ~


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-' "' ..


' "* *. *'-^ 'V ^^
I M- .,. .
R "7

-~,I. *~5I


A '

Ia No.ak."

del Are '
Muloulers -"

5:20 BotiU"
. 7:00 a V3
, ro a
7:30 Melodi
8:00 Oraun
8:30 Leo N
8:45 Cantar
9:00 El -C
9:30 Ritmna
10:00 PeticlO
11:30 olos .
11:48 M6alei

AQASAO A P ERIODISTA HONDUEA. -El : o lardi Rano" ih4reC- bV% +'tD r -ti oM
. fllame Ge IUWlO4 I ConchHsa: hore. 0. ae iFerrer u oGain7h(es1.1 Erti d 14Ia,. L.'L wg.eii. -mthe
da de C.bree, Olga do Moren Vietoria Bertrand, Matilde Cde Geni es., L ,o 06- 1:3a0 Bol o Aanod U .T r a ax,
tmee, Lila de Valdfi, Drs. Conchs Pe d s.. LuNh .a.o 4oY_ astr o Lux,

La presentia de Eisenhower
a 1":00 Noti" a.n.
euos le .

Europa inquieta a los satellites en taI 2:05 nte l r
de "s lud" :15 t Thorri .
p-re s e "'e n nl '" 1 3 A do; "as I""" "
tH d ild N.A.N.A.) Hd-ltda Uder r.snc en- YO*1:45
BERLIN, F I. 3, 1951. (P) .. uoentra on eMos par eli misRmo
b--aea un official ruso, mio- 'i motivo, Y el oflial ruso dijo quReARI
ro ComitSmae de Control RuIso f 'a q5e t a ,a salud doe ambo era "tan ma-
eripto an oestiones de bo n la que unnon de ela o haba

erat S",lvisisraelpod a i"Comlinfor n" putoun pie fuera del Krem- tn lo EA' t" p V 3
Buvo un efeet sorprendente in-. -.I I e.te "-li ti K I B
etwt. en los palsce dotrake .. BeaD esate oflolel soylitlca dJ,
e a Cortna do rro. t yes a .Pardool Comunut. s Comtt do Contr ..lo8,. del
def ortaiecer S Comanorm, co- paa~envim~aitdoa po l1 gene- Comoeform mu1rieran n rudo
me Seperaban l sso vllti os, il ral norteam elcano lesven a golpe con C OD visits doe tK.iho
preSecia de AElsenhower n Eu- cabo maf e taco nes contra osn wer. La moral 0 ln pais. 1
'o deJ6 poario e uo e deaf tr vs d a ldoa Undsydelq uarnen t-lado ree act o ial rus ao quo
do Ilrots qulo no roe lbnso 'u- mPartdmeno quomnsbairian Hierro meler6 gmfsloMente, n-
yd er .vereenat ab quserr p ri conI ro sm poaldtieesa doa "drofens- sae-.'
x cdieres to e e aivlrse be n qld.e oa rus.s, Hu c a" pred eada e p o Esenhowe
esosn nducts ds l Parteldo Co la nl- fetacSiron ep oa, lo a ona nolohap_ dCO YS.tU a pa se d_
guniata de la Europa ocideu- puero nadme s atrItldn f decir |lo Cominform en un bloua e 6M11 M
-. t l uicomo en los recientes Indido po n el ComIndrade. lEn1 d community d laan V
saonle ntamentor p que ban teni- vet ode itaio n re a t e of ol usom guse.
do tlugsr en circulos ptc Partn do Cnlog lIa nob.Idos, equeoa ite de n .O quen Jal de
.raga. 3o declarab r patrlte miana ua i
Los llderes de& Comi nforn blen quo prou ri.t Es o agcedne-.moral do m atas. t tonea asatli-
mo esoerebLs 1me e l sne o t*acoI v isn a oldo astoce
dieron 6rd Eenhe nten do i s lie- mhentrae Palmro Togattla, i ea or al o tpoe o pas des a

e laJ6 po mser Itlun a tnr E didar n elor palI Ct iY Ar6 e tsr ld detl o8 doIs.0 _o gradon
ad Depart is mento de que to- der co muniota ientdio e en- ral lteutasuo lit ics, riltlzNo p o
o r eceapplideInrms aped donlaM Tito. n n t me ds -
tnoemersanm to l gue hpols -re4 r u

S en sutg eres enqu; India pague ad e e- r 9 e0 "it1- ;..r ts11- do. h.ot ,,|.l RoSA C:

il, oa Torio unas ineiporta del ones rt omiuial adm e ,l.-*j gjn J
o-m.tltrinmeosquentrti aoso eteO ro .ye oA- mas.rt. ... te l

e,.,. Per ITEFFAN AND3EWBg tqflleaddr pare 3M1l' trapUeso do"lao 4 r"6t m si sre .e t!eP- .
p~ a .Nfl.A- ) ojireltac/ sotdeitp q pudioran tU4 d# el o I tftn ntflc.-tHoteL "Ro ocnuam t.rrue mu ---.;-g+
do Inrl pu r ovsl tolit arlisdepCal-osdtor ." ale eletpcr-Tr p7 nu h e .....e,.. ." ..,
dWoBCINgTON. Feb. 26 (WS) que ulmpatizo. profuadas mntO xinle 01 er iiso.-qua saleCInasi- ln. a ett sea do lambs pats son
-Il Deoprto.dltton de Etato ngLpueobo -ando y.10 Uisn ten do usoe queatar.4e il so)- 's iepr t, cu
Edra reeonomieanter a e leo eon- rs b.lga do.mi c a co- bod ron Ya l,..OaienIortinnrqerolfaH 5 nnu o meo doses
hmntres nortuaon lre ae n a6 ph e o a! madmoq e tonra Wheo- .., im pocr m rui--'..ealtens olie p s br ..

Gq dban tos cambldd alo el stn- pottanle- los to aen depe r e los semanta quo el qu s era ranz.abra s ro Ja 1- At-a ae S p,
y atirde sranoh que s o be 1e atto er istnca i tao y s por o vi- q o p ro-Seet no se og aoelsa cd an- c s a vra .d In u.r-IMIAso AA O
S e n a Is pndIa par aus o- indo iaue ode I pva a i o ne ton do sd e. bald eattlatai vd reeienem L. .t f
rpciui rlotoo, altamente valloao, GM- dinl uo pageue ostos.fl 0f combatlrn Io ntire 7sti cusudo ahe s o. Ott i- im.Ii dobenlapsmon usIV On :I
deo e punto do vista miritar, sum dpnltora qe do o s eoo Ia nceSr I pr 10 e on fterbas prsafo pr e1 .l ; ,l a"R
Cdei toro Mnle tra. toant, la Comlrni6n bolmab a nct ores 61 que s do ue, pars tw yn al Hp al m nlo o DtA.
El ropeslentante repubrlcs no de i ne la isAtmia h oYa con-e n la dvcir o Ygsala eno gA 1thO DrA !
C~harl" J. Kerst erin p itd2n 0 h trmbad gus aon reaiment im-trea baIslbqm Ge resla1encla EsENll puss leg a Lie d DnLa la e sI g. s
unsp e b do boy en -o e n en portants. Ios yacloue ntos d o e 4 Nero l! quieren'.hmaar s .!
tido, gAfia ndo que un..a una torto ozlstemn- an ia ; provin- no c*os quo.-flo e' dads Uin' a c0mbati tedavi. ugwwS DEN. PASADO"
cono1 Iso -4L -on SALVIA ROTH
sta o ndos vne vnar a, ad los. too. u aolo ira ..V oamdrD- CAsgminoI"
kr ston ldnicsgauo el Ias dnd Un funclonarlo de la Corn- de Hitl', nuns.Io- ui4m:0'9. -:00 P. Con.utao M.atcall
saoutnd oals q ue s rnco rg-rnj dinlo q yac me hn dosr uo t sE -pore JOER S1
1s! utilbasble en ei praoso a no indto con Ia idea Geo eoan- h a u ca nAr eol :msrnnta, on P I BR, -A.
de ur mndo '23. .. rernpueata ha aido negatival
um us Is ComdolWh 0doeiner- Los dgopt entue l IndoiaXo pad e deaold l ."
'W rS=6Toa oremenF.2 diea Qpxpr r nO ,ee'"roDndadEBdea sgtas

.e.A..a n m er etr quo e mejor o yar
tuasparlosa Ge aroa um per JsUao dep6 VtES alra quEo u paE L
M part e soameGo dla, ni esaqub pue- a u Iarios dlreoazantw mab
.t m ciasrioe n SInaroconeto a adeleane La oibfdatn diaMlRt11.1)y 0 Pe 4 .
"Pydotnddoxeftel, r n fter s

s o erm nD e l vai col fueron dl uetblorto.o he-
lent a mlllones de a -y.o. do? L.Re o kls no- ERTO E )CALA
en aI ne yp al-g n tqemIpo,- peao Is La -oIn- ton de en. o a tau1ldC eAnPa
1r u en. no ha ldo polbe utilarlo .oJ OSE
;i el rcomnnadarsan:eduadeteeneo SANTIERMY eLiM CdLO&o .e.A...
dante Truman, y d iairgpst o ns u srl- *.P
r pcomsndiaonia -SIreCbrla, Adimts, dice, e n c. gobi.rno ha a
apacidd do La India para pa- roller las r iooza natural del" ".o. ...
Keon.Uno sxporterlaa. I
C harl .ue hay gus iecir as-l a
to porue ha ln/amlItdo mi(s-_1__M 6_n a_.,m..1._.._.
quo te fdo mu poblatign .mu- ______I,_+tna '_______
par esi ,an co trlo no E NTRAn-,
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