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Now is the time of year to seriously consider
starting an organic garden, because it is time to start
a compost heap for use later this spring. YOU canL5 Ml ft 6e for PO i
A compost heap is easy to start. Divide what you TCu 1 M r e itl f ye fbr Ppot
throw away into garbage, trash, and recyclable cans Yo e h e for 15' alc nCe'p
and bottles. Take the garbage (organic kitchen wastes) a ict el. Y6u cab pic them
and pile it outside together with yard clippings and. e
leaves, sawdust and wood chips, and plain old earth. tp 9t /401-N*Y-3R' u .
The pile can be on top of the ground, or in a pit. It I 2 If. . 8 T45
can be left uncovered for two or three days in the 2
sunshine to air out, then covered with two or three
inches of soil. Prepared in this way it will not smell
too bad. Kitchen wastes should be chopped up well
before adding them to the pile. It can be covered with
a sheet of black plastic to hasten decomposition.
Either way the result is a rich, fertile black humus-like
mixture which is the most ideal fertilizer available.
If you hesitate to start a compost heap because it.
is new, go in with some neighbors or friends. Don't
throw away that valuable garbage!
As the springtime comes we will have other articles
to help you grow your own.

Al f Wanted: Experienced full-time mechanic able to do estimates.
'R WriteP.O. Box 14101.
E NlRS I Need a room for February. Will help pay rent. Contact
42 378-3615. Vicki.
UNlVESIT AVENru" T 2 stack TV antenna, 25 ft. mast, rotor and all accessories,
E0crt V $20.376-9593.
oz().- Enh g fe Mothers need large cans like coffee cans to make drums for
S.kids. Drop them off at 923 NE 3rd Ave. (Leave on porch.)
SLi fOT Il Hand crocheted clothes and accessories made to order. Leave
name and number at Gainesville Artisan's Market for Margaret
Complete Astrological Chart $5. Six Month Forecast $5.
Bring place, date and exact time of birth to 214 N.E. 5th Ave.
1966 Honda 305 needs painting
4V $250 or best offer. Call 378-
2044 or see Ayleen Shorter at
i v1285 i M. 2036 NW 33rd Ave.
Ga. eeville,,la. 3260e
5o Gan+e**...o32."..... ....... "'"Three new Hogs bopped into
.' Hogtown last week. The People-
T T .would like to welcome BEAR, HANK
9 6t. W and SPEEDER. They've been
4P pices aL% o0 doing stage, productions with
k S no a Cleveland. based group known
Spie 7o.00 32.00 as Peacemock. They're going to
............................. ................. ..... help Hogtown get its stage
i 0.00 .32.00 shit together. Than a lot

The Eye 378-1071 -et
Gainesville Li beration Movement- 378-3156. 4 .00 .0 "TheHerstory Synopsis"-good background material for
Women's Liberation Movement Box 13248 U. Sta women's street theatre, radio programs, picket signs, posters,
mlac .e n I o grafitti, and other celebrations, and women's courses. Send
Black Student Union 392-1634 $1.00 to Women's Research Center, 2325 Oak St., Berkeley
Draft. Counseling 392-1665 3A 4200 10.00 Cal. 94788 (20% off for 20 copies or more)
Corner Drugstore 392-2331 Poster of Mine. Binh, with her greeting to American Women.
SBicide0Pree000 *O Send $2.00 to Comm. of Women to Defend the Right to
Suicide Prevention 372-6 559 Live, 204W. 92nd St., N.Y., N.Y. 10025 .
Vets for Peace 372-6559 A"P.M."-Womien's Liberation Bibliography.cl ior. c6sntamps.
G'ville Women for Equal Rights 378-6279 "Listen Marxist" by Murray Bookhincritiqueof contempt
3P7 9-651- rary radical movement 50d. Send to: Bob Broedel'308 S.
Amer. Fed of Teachers 376-6516 U. S Macomb,Tallahassee, Fla. 32301.
AmbuiFanced hBox12 U a48 page pirriphlet, OKINAWA, from Amipo, the Japanese New
Ambulance 372-3454 Left-U.S. strategy in Asia. single copy $2.00; 5 or more $1.
Legal Aid 32-04'31 Ampo, Ishis Bldg., G-44, Kagurasaka, Shinjoku-Ku, Tokyo,
Ba iI Bondswoman 38-232 Japan.
BailnBond man. 7 oc378 2320 E 1 FN DThree- speeches of slain Black Panther leader, FRED HAMP
Ganesvl le Defense Fund -5 9 TON, available in booklet. Send$1 to: People'snform. Center.
Box 13209 Univ. Sta. defense of political prisoners and Black Panthers.
1S ...y ..."1 AvE. A Women's Liberation Tapes: (1) "I wish I knew how it would
THE COMMUNEIST CONSPIRACY F 1 (41A4 and I'm Proud; (4)"And it's Read: Abortion in the US.
and Cuba"; (5) "And that's what little girls are made of";
Loretta* Andy, Elaines NUCRobnA6 $4. each plus postage. If money is a hassle let them know.
L retta, Andy Eine NUC, Robin, Radio Free People 133 Mercer St., N.Y., N.Y.
Faye, Erik, Nancy, Marcia, Eunice, A S 1 Reprints from the Black Scholar. Index available. Shirley
Barrister, Lance, Madman, Jimi, Burly, KONSTLE F Cr Nhisholm "Racism and Anti-Feminism"; of a Black Scholar"
hBarieste rEsrn, W ya- L F Linda La Rue "The Black Movement and Women's Liberation"
u~Crut:p, Rof!. pe~po, WeloTeCeH, F., Fe.. F'*I > *OP.DN". Robert Staples "The Myth of the Black Matriarch"; 354
Vets for, Peace UlFSFEC Becky, Connie, e "-- /"S.. each send to: Black Scholar, P.O. Box 908, Sausolito,
V o e- California 94965.

today, from plain poverty to subtler forms of aliena-
We ran an article last issue called "rip off the pigs" tion. For people to condemn "everyone" who lifts
(p. 21). People's reactions to it were strong-some is to6 much like the rich condemning the poor,
positive, some negative. We want to talk a little saying, "I made it on my own, why can't they?"
about the negative responses and then in a little more In this messy situation, we don't see much that's
depth about the problem of shoplifting, clear-cut, but we do think there's a valid distinction
As to the reactions. Responsible people talked to to be made between small hip shops and big busi-
us about it, wrote or called. That's the way it should nesses. The article was not trying to tell people to
be, instead of getting turned off to the eye altogether shoplift, and we don't either. It's dangerous. But we
when you don't like one article. Because we're trying
to bring the community together in the paper. It take one negative act-an individual rip-off-out of
belongs to all of us. It's what's happening in Gaines- -- that whole context and call it "bad." To downrap
ville: the feasts, the co-ops, the protests. The people the individual rip-off is to identify, not with the
trying to free up their lives. It's where all the elements "good," but with the big systematic rip-off; and we
of the counter-culture and the revolution get togethP feel the greater evil, not the lesser.
it's nobody's ego-trip. can't say it strikes us as immoral to rip off a giant feel that's the greater evil, not the lesser.
But anyone ripping off from the genuinely hip
chain store or corporation.
Hitler said if you tell a big enough lie, everyone little shops around town is into something completely
will believe it. Large corporations are like that: their different. That's tearing up our own community,
T T T I theft is on such a grand scale and so built into the messing up some of the few things we're able to do
S T A T-' system here that somehow people accept it. The to improve life here.
police like to rap about how the law protects the Frankly, though, not all the little shops around
individual too much, but that's sheer bullshit. Laws town are all that genuinely hip. Anyone who is run-
The best negative reaction pointed to a real com- are designed to protect property against individuals. ning even a marginal shop with the same basic atti-.
munity problem. Somebody put it this way: "There In Gainesville recently a woman went to jail for tudes as big business and who identifies with big busi-
are a lot of infantile hippies who have plenty of bread lifting 86 cents worth of catfood. Whoever heard of ness interests is a long way from contributing to the
from their parents, who rip off from all the shops some individual going to jail when a corporation robs "counter-culture."
because it's the 'in' thing to do. That can break a people by superhigh prices and super-advertising to ..'- L .C, '.-
little shop." brainwash buyers? What drug company owners ever r e. ICO --
We agree: the universal rip-off should stop. The went to jail when they marketed drugs without or
little hip shops around town are pretty marginal, went to jail when they marketed drugs without or
little hip shops around t hown are poWettyho d Alo even in spite of testing results? Who got the chair for
Nobody should be ripping them off. Who does? A lot mrer after Thalydomide killed and maimed thou-
of times it's well-breaded people; sometimes the sands? Or lethal tunafish? admmdto
really poor. We can h't shed many tears when somebody liberates?
Some people say flatly that it isn't right to steal We can't shed many tears when somebody liberates
mything. Morality makes across-the-board judgements something from the big thieves of this country. It
n all people, and we can't see that. Let's face it: isn't bad karma. The whole economic rip-off in this
ere's a lot of heavy shit coming down on people country is a negative context. To us it's bullshit to f1 T-Srz-L -r 5 QIt.

An Howdrticle published in the last issue of the Eye WHAT THREATENS IT. WE DON'T TREAT OUR FRIENDS THAT WAY, WE
forthrightly encouraged us to "Rip off the Pigs." RESPOND TO THEM, ARGUE WITH THEM, IF WE CARE ABOUT THEM AT
The justification for such activity is found in the ALL. PEOPLE BUILDING A NEW CULTURE HERE, TOO, WILL REACT DIF-
behavior of the "Capitalist thieves." "It's morally FERENTLY TO WHAT SEEMS TO THEM MISTAKEN: THEY WILL STRUGGLE
-feel good alibnd probate ud a bout it." Whesecapitalist the new world WITH IT RESPONSIBLY AS A .PART OF THEMSELVES. THAT IS WHAT WE
comes we won't have to Rip anyone off because the INV I TE. -- the eye collective.
system will keep everyone together. 6 1U1* tU
This delightful projection is saturated with the
same hangups found at the basis of most religious
and social institutions. Don't worry about how things
are today, they'll be cool in the future. Don't worry
about living the way you want to today because in the
coming world you'll be able to groove.
People who hold on to such beliefs fail to recpg-
nize that the traits we develop now are going to be ." nML 13 1
carried into our emerging culture. They will become O In lTV *T1'L.I
cornerstones for our future patterns of behavior. We ** Loun* V an k0
are seeking to build a new culture that is devoid of o 0, I T
the bullshit of the old one. Let's not be satisfied to *. R 8 P*.
merely rearrange the bullshit! The People of Hogtown A S F1 (* o
have before them the opportunity to create a joyous C.m4 W L0 f Soul MU31C
and loving community, stronger and more vibrant CIO I** C 7 Vnon Worth
than any existing now or in the past. In order to do A. AAsd o TerrqloeS-4
this we must begin living our new culture today. 4UO 1 nte t'i ( m Au185' UO V
Otherwise we're just going to keep waiting... and P M Coo Fesh!l C o/
waiting. andwaiting; If we cannot condone the W Ms Cun er
behavior of the "capitalist pigs" then it's up to us to 00P
create a more viable alternative.' Sk .o ... U eri^A ft
If we'regetting ripped off by the local book stores, t \0p
it's up to us to create and support a people's book '
exchange; if we can't get decent food from the local
restaurants, it's up to us to get things like the
PALACE and Hogtown Munchee Wagon together; F drglrnitnl '.o t
if the chain stores are charging outrageous prices then C.; *r1* C 'F 0 e 0
we've got to build and back an all purpose people's 0LL 9 00 P P
general store .. and a mechanic's co-op .. and our I U0-V.r l
own bail bond service ... and.... AU :30 .p*
The foundation for the emerging culture is being l ## f0on Aud .' )* sy,
set now. We must first create the alternatives and then \a
give them life through our support. 9 S
Institutions will not change our basic moral fiber; IF 7 ,
fortunately that is left to us. Uo

The government of the U.S." l b
is not going to end the war .' ', ; *
in Vietnam of it's own accord, '."
and so the goal of world peace
must-get support from the .
people as individuals in '
groups other than governments. '

This is the idea which .. *
sparked 16 students to *
receive a mandate from the .
23rd National Congress of
the National Student Assn. *
(NSA) to travel to Vietnam a *
to investigate the feasibility :
of framing a treaty of peace .-
between American and Viet-
namese 'students.
negotiation was the Joint
Treaty of Peace Between Be it known that the American and Viet Namese people are not enemies. The war is carried out in the
the People of the U.S. names of the people of the United States and South Viet Nam but without our consent. It destroys the land
and the People of South and people of Viet Nam. It drains America of its resources, its youth and its honor.
Vietnam and North Vietnam.
We hereby agree to end the war on the following terms, so that both peoples can live under the joy of
When Abbie Hoffman visited independence and can devote themselves to building a society based on human equality and respect for the
the UF campus in the Plaza of earth. In rejecting the war we also reject all forms of racism and discrimination against people based on
the Americas last quarter, many color, class, sex, national origin and ethnic grouping which form the basis of the war policies, present and
of those in attendance greeted past, of the United States.
his remarks about the May 1 1.The Americans agree to total withdrawal from Viet Nam, and publicly to set the date by which all
(incidentally, May Day) in U.S. military forces will be removed.
Washington, D.C. Demonstrations 2. The Viet Namese pledge that as soon as the U.S. government publicly sets a date for total
with laughter. IT' S NOT A JOKE, withdrawal, they will enter discussions to secure the release of all American prisoners, including
people. It's going to happen.' pilots captured while bombing North Viet Nam;
(See the centerfold of the 3. There will be an immediate cease-fire between U.S. forces and those led by the Provisional
Jan. 16-26, 1971 QUICKSILVER Revolutionary Government of South Viet Nam;
TIMES!) Remember the good old 4. They will enter discussions on the procedures to guarantee the safety of all withdrawing troops.
days -- Nov. 15, Oct. 15, Oct.
31? It' s going to happen again 5.The Americans pledge to end the imposition of Thieu, Ky and Khiem on the people of South Viet
in Washington, Our Nation' s Nam in order to insure their right to self-determination, and so that all political prisoners can be
Capital. released.
6.The Viet Namese pledge to form a provisional coalition government to organize democratic
Read the People s Peace elections. All parties agree to respect the results of the elections in which all South Viet Namese
Treaty printed here; see if can participate freely without the presence of any foreign troops.
this isn' t something you can 7.The South Viet Namese pledge to enter discussion of procedures to guarantee the safety and
conscientiously support. If political freedom of those South Viet Namese who have collaborated with the U.S. or with the
you are a member of a group, U.S.-supported regime.
support it in a declaration 8.The Americans and Viet Namese agree to respect the independence, peace and neutrality of
from your group. Seems like Laos and Cambodia in accord with the 1954 and 1962 Geneva conventions, and not to interfere
nobody's been interested in in the internal'affairs of these twocountries.
the war in a long time, but
Laos is fighting for its life, 9. Upon these points of agreement, we pledge to end the war and resolve all other questions in the spirit
just like Vietnam and other of self-determination and mutual respect for the independence and political freedom of the people of
Third World nations. Viet Nam and the United States.
By ratifying this agreement, we pledge to take whatever actions are appropriate to implement the terms
This past weekend (Nov. 5-7) of this Joint Treaty of Peace, and to insure its acceptance by the government of the United States.
the U.S. NSA, the Midwest Peace
Treaty Committee and the
Students of theUniversity of This version of the People's Peace Treaty was negotiated by a student delegation to Viet Nam and Paris, December, 1970..
Students of the University of
Michigan at Ann Arbot held a
nationwide Student & Youth,
Conference on a People's Peace.
The problem they are working on People's Peace Treaty
right now as the EYE is going CP.O. Box 203
to press is how to get the NewOld Chelsea Station 10011
treaty distributed to the people., New York 10011
Nixon and Agnew don't speak for
the peace movement, they speak TO END THE WAR IN INDOCHINA
for imperialism and racism and
genocide in Vietnam and 1else- -- -
where. They speak out in support I endorse the People's Peace Treaty. Isignel-)
of Thieu-Ky-Kheim.- Unless you Addressa-
dissent, they speak for you, 'd like to helc you wityh..ct in -
"the Silent Majority. -I'd like to help you with a S contribution. StateiZin _
'the Sl M o t I'd like to help outin the office and ratification campaign. State Zip -
If ,_ 1t QL '-Please send me more information. Occupation I
,m p -, *- -

It is man's nature to get high. High in the
sense that he experiences that higher level of O
being. High like a baby's smile when you blow of experiencing the world, If he finds it to bes a fo o
air across Its belly. High like Howlin' Wolf higher style of living, he will try to adopt it
singin' the blues. High like the Swami chanting into his present life style and If that falls to
to Krishna. Call it pleasure, call it anything 2 give him the satisfaction he so naturally needs, Howdy foodpeople,
you like, man is a creature in search of satisfac- he will try to raise the level of that way of Febuary foodmoney should be
tion. He eats because it keeps him healthy and being -- he will try to keep getting higher.
the healthier he is, the higher he gets. He loves Drugs are only a tiny part of it. We are living in by the 16th. We're gonna
because it feels good to share his being with an- in an age of renaissance, an era of rebirth -- fill those boxes with some of
other person and to share in that person's being. man is being reborn. the finest organically grown
So too he slaves away trying to pay for his new There is no such thi ng as the ultimate high. the finest organically grown
ker htause he aets hiqh when people see him In Q Each and every high we experience gets us a lit- grains,nuts,and dried fruits
tle higher. Some highs work better for me, some SO get your order in before
are better suited to your personality -- I can
--e |ly even get high diggin' on you-gettin' high. mOnday.
lta I can't get high on you making me get high your Organic oranges and grape.
WW i)041^^ 'WI way, and you'll never get high if I don't let you ra on- an ae
Sfd1 4/ be yourself- "-We can help each other get high. fruits will be available again
S4 0 Look at all the current interest in music and art, at $2 a half bushel. Come
Sin crafts, in sharing, in living and being togeth- on by the Hogtown General
er, in 16ving, in being alive-and a part of the
living world, In tune with nature, in-tune wit6 Store and munch with madman
it. Call it anything you like, man Is a being in our nature. Dylan knew what he was talking about. while you rap food and insanity
search of that higher level of being. He does HOftown Dofood Co-op---Andy
what he gets off doing. Ho town Dofood Co-oD---Andy
Take the recent interest in hallucinogenic has it rockin---come on by the
drugs. Why is a big part of a whole generation,
and quite a few out of some others, experimenting Store,1122 W.Univ, and dig
with consciousness-expanding drugs? It's heavier the lowest pWiUt in HOgtoWH.
than social pressure, it's heavier than striking NOw that I've become a hop-
back at their parents, it's heavier than aliena-
tion, it's all of these and more. It's man get- keeper, I hope that people
ting back to his nature. It's men and women try- Will COme by my shop and
ing-to be themselves for the first time. Free to will come by my shop and
be the way they really are without shame and with- visit with me. We're open
out fear. Free to enjoy living, free to get high. daily from-5, sometimes
_ultar"e-t drugs a cop-out? Maybe in the other al rom smete
style of living, but in his one they're one of earlier, sometimes later
the cop-Ins Marijuana gets the smoker high, it Saturdays too, when it
changes his Identity. Maybe it even helps the happens.
smoker perceive his real identity better. One happens
thing, for sure" it demonstrates to the smoker, Eating is an art
through experience the only valid teacher, that Healthfully, _
there is another way to experience the world. He h
And if he finds it better than his present height Organic grs
P.S. Organic &a eners. come
and rap with Wolfie.


Non-violence was the theme.
Joan Baez the star. She danced
on the way to the stage and
came on barefoot. The lady felt On 6
happy Jan. 31. Baby Gabriel
was carried on by mama Joan,
asserting her role as Mrs. The basics of this is true
Harris. Later he crawled under revolutionary consciousness.
the stage while she sang. Marxism is a pre-hydrogen bomb
Joan Baez has changed some. philosophy rooted in the 19th
The sJoan Baz has changed somostle. century. Non-violence is
SThe songs she sings are mostlyprimarily a 20th century phil-
her own. The microphones at osophy. It is transcendental.
Florida Gym weren't modulated L It entails persuading the
right. She was. The message power structure to change.
was all men are brothers and po e ct reat ne.
ove your brothers. The songs No one can really under-
lexpressed ith. One was for n stand it unless they're willing
hitchhikers -- "Know that un- r> to look at their personal
hitchhikers ~--faults and ego trips, see them
General Lewis B. Hershey spoke der the make-up/I'm your sister." in others and realize that
here Jan. 20. He was boring and It was a plea for recognitionwein ot are all transit toryealizprecious
senile, and at times incoherent of her thru-celebrity-for- we are all trwe can do without
as the central focus of his show gotten or never achieved and that we can do without
was putting down hecklers in the gypsyhood. the bullshit we lay on each
crowd of 200. After the singing there was other. Essentiallythatwe
The abrupt ending of his five a question and answer period. mus do away with the bull-
minute speech caught everyone by Once again she recommends not shit structures if we are to
surprise, because the speech was paying war taxes, refusing draft live.
completely void of any content induction and going to jail Ira Sandpearl teaches that.
or coherence. if necessary. e's Joan's advisor, friend
Prior to the start of Hershey's On husband David's upcoming and co-founder of the Insti-
speech about ten people wearing parole from an Arizona pri- tute for the study of non-
red-stained bandages told the son, "The idea that David is violence, Box 1001, Palo Alto,
audience they represented the being paroled is a joke. What Calif. From his place on
dead in Vietnam. Shouts of "End they're doing is really weeding the stage he asks, how do we
the War" plagued his speech, and him out." David Harris is one expect to fight the best
one of the Vietnam victims walked of the founders of the Resistance Z equipped military establishment
to the front during the question movement. He has been in jail 0) in the world on its own
period, threw his bloody bandage for over two years for draft "T terms. Ira holds on to his
on the stage and shouted, "This resistance. His philosophy non-violent vision. No one,
man killed my mother; you people is expressed in Goliath, a good he says, can separate him
watched it on Huntley-Brinkley theoretical statement of the from the power of that vision.
and God sees this!" Resistance Movement. 0 He suggests a mass march
The most colorful thing of the Joan says the same things she 1 into an Army base and or-
whole night was the red, yellow said at the beginning of her ganizing against the war
and blue NLF flag hanging from the non-violent proselytizing: don't locally. Maybe we have the
balcony of University Auditorium, call men pigs. Refuse to re- fortitude to create that vision,
symbolizing solidarity with the cognize anyone as an enemy, if brutality and hatred don' t
struggles of the Vietnamese people Grant them their humanity, doom us to responding in kind.
against war criminals like Hershey.

St.4 o 0by Barrister

mellowWasn't that Psycle Ride out

.ot ..oSome folks are talking about
having another Psycle Ride on
nSunday Feb. 28th out to one of
t the state parks. And maybe
ga rden when we get out there the Hog-
S town General Store wi ll have
o w tho sesome free munchees for us.
Look and Listen for more
o s" facts about where we' 11 meet
SS and at what time. 1
t SmIf you' re ever strung out
for information stop by the
Hogtown General Store-- Madman's
been hanging around there a lot
1 lately and really digs rapping
n about what's happening in Hog-

fmoea I tm -' r e p town.a

faer Ptee Geems
NoItnE seem lies pn ilhv
ae A--somfoo n oee.. th o .. ni "

Lots of folks are getting the
nooron t o eformetionsnoobath

growing up.
wants to help anyone whose got
Loaos tof o200 apre geiniingth *n g

garden SMC organizations Those interested onaion-l

toa wath Abse bceutfulnd Aafo wl
growing easn. pL.dkt
er s fo a. Hog who .o,"o,1, O f-- r t k ire n

orfBganT ccrsadic motorcycles.eano

use the farm equipment for Weodu s n wh te at to w
to know more call 378A565n and ao f cr ad wh h .

tmto *hngaoudthr easopnW asonedtor
m yleoeocyce mchai "

Aynor ehowoan tob oocreassohl-erf

iBatle roero teHogtownMechanicsCoop isreayrckin'out

are grovingoGkeep southehe ruhnin L a nth co) cta ng
foodedays.Itooreay otfrchcs c
mallow.WBua aaosls es one with the ability to work on

tg"rnemotorcycle mechanics.
LAnyone who wants job should leave .word or
"Barrister over at the Hogtown General Store (behind
Great.Southern Leather Co.)

"0 a S


1.0 MRE.6R4 S0

e of heae aeeuts f eey
bl k swom tran ennues a 0-childay

NoeW. Dy CR ive ee at 7.30

blackwoman ruennnt ude aen0s Centernn tospeuetioingted

Care Center sometime ; maybe munity to improve what needs improving, in hopes
James Brown will show his new of bringing about a constructive change. The choice
cowboy boots or you can get is up to the students, who decide what changes are
into a good book with Becky. necessary.
The kids flip out when folks Some students are getting into the field of geron-
drop by to spend time with tology, which involves working with elderly people.
them. Others had volunteered their time to the Corner
Don't worry about making an Drugstore, the Suicide Prevention Center and the
SRose Community Center. Another group of students
48NiW 5e-t s A ene are putting together a free day care center-which V. -
o0 d oW. at u Avenue. could be a far out contribution since the working
And how about some MENothe mothers of Hogtown are in desperate need of ade-
Comin nd to the Mther quate care for their children.
Co -op? C sts

4gy -your detriment, men."
NJane Fonda left with her
fist raised in the air saying
,,. "All power to the people."
At the press conference that
S: followed she said she had been
The crowd was large on that ilo
beautiful day. Looking around, B 4 raised a liberal democrat and
beautiful day. Looking around, had believed in isolating issues
one could sense that many of like war, racism and sexism.
the people had come to see a As she learned more she saw
movie star whose name, -face,r .. As shelearned more* she saw
movie star whose name face that they were inextricably
and figure had been blasted at tied together. She blamed the
them from the media since they i c om thr e (latai
were kids. She appeared with "economic structure (capitalism)
a serious face and a serious and said it didnt matter who
message. The People's Peace was in the White House.
esat he Alternative she p She talked about the role of
Treaty was the Alternative she al
was bringing to the students a movie star in a socialist
at UF. She encouraged people country, where the stars are
not put on a pedestal, but are
to read it, sign it and ded- not put ona pedestal, but are
icate themselves to ending the a part of the people. "Holly.
war*wood will never make a real
war. revolutionary movie, because
She told how people all over evjluti ryie, ba
America are being pacified by a bh are off th i r o laio
Nixon's claims to withdraw the a buck off the revolution."
Nixons claims to withdraw the. As for herself, she will.
troops and so end the war. continue to make movies and
"But," she said, "the policy give the bread to the movement
hasn't changed...Nixon still but she vowed never again to
intends to win.'It's just that "portray the barbie doll image,
the soldiers are e not willing which helps to further oppress
to die for hypocrisy.- Nixon women."
has to bring them home." But She said we should all take
now bombs will do the.killing S st w sol a
a lesson for the future from
and the object is the same-- ( a s on a efuure
VICTORY. the Vietnamese people and rea-
te a e mn'lize that it will be a long,
She said we mustn't be good long, day-to-day struggle.
Germans, we must stand up a- She was ushered off by Accent
against injustice. The Winter dudes who apparently hadn't
Soldier Investigation will be "We didn't bungle into Viet- heard a word she said. The
the start of the American War nam," she said, "it's just part struggle will be long indeed,
Trials. She encouraged Vets of a system which maintains but as she said, even though
to go and relate their horror racism and poverty."
stories so that the American The university is a part of she draws a 'crowd, most Amer-
icans don't listen to a woman
people will know that My Lai that system. It maintains ra- ias do't liste to a woma
was not an isolated incident. cism (only 200 blacks out of speaking on a serious subject.
"The power of the people is 20,000 students) and sexism,
greater than the man's tech- teaching women to be sex objects P eu snE'r
nology," she said quoting Huey and men to dominate. The "men"
Newton. "People have the power broke into proud applause of 4cE r 7 EAu y
if they will only use it,"! their male supremacy. She Sh P.

Neil does not hide behind
a priviledged status as a
Quaker C.O. "My opposition to
"Service not given freely conscription springs not only
and outof lnove isr not ser- from an objection to war and
iceand out f loservitude."s not the bearing of arms, but also
ice bt servitude from a commitment to social
justice. The inconsistencies
e eand inequities in the draft
system are will known; the
tAct gives a clear advantage
On June 23, 1970, his 18th to wealthier, better edu-
birthday, Neil wrote a letter coated individuals, while
to his draft board telling ~~ ~'those not aware of loopholes
them his conscience required and dodges suffer.",
that he not register for sel- On January 6 1971 FBI

He could probably ge t Fullagar for willfull failure
a C.Oo as a Quaker; but to at i f selective ser-
him this would be a cop inear vice. He is out on bond, and
out. Quakers, "Brethren faces up to five years a
and Mennonites usually have faces up to five years ind0a
e federal penitentiary and/or
to pacify them and to keep Neil does not wanto 5000.un
their anti-war doctrines ru
out of the public eye. C~to Canada. "I would rather walk
out of the public eye. in sunlight than in shadows.a
(This shouldn't discourage inHe wants to i sadw*
menof other beliefs from wants to work to make THIS
men of other beliefs from country a place people can
applying for a C.O., because
C.Oss are not granted solely on ive in.
religious grounds any longer.) Neil has chosen a hard road
Neil just doesn't believe that takes a lot of guts.
that he or anyone should
have to justify antiwar "What if they gave a war
beliefs to the war machine. and NOBODY came?"


On January 5th, the Eye pub- ITS FRIENDS
wished the story of the AAUP
condemnation of the University
of Florida for lack of academic The UF story is a.-picaresque $15,000 plus per year), now
freedom. Our friendly "stud- novel-- just one damned thing holds a Graduate Assistantship.
ent" newspaper, the Alligator, after another! When Jane Fonda in the Dean's office-- awarded
immediately wrapped itself in was here, a Vet laid it out a- through his friend's influence.
the banner of truth and jumped bout UF's war research-- de-fol- Will the General move into
into battle to clarify matters. giants, anti-personnel bomb fuses permanent administrative post
On January 6, 1971, The Alligator (that name! "anti-people bombs"!) when his graduate studies are
reports: and such like; maybe it's mat- completed?
erial for FKU 609, '"Studies in Why another military man in
AA UP Denies Story, Anti-Life"? the Administration?
Now a group calling itself And why does Dean Hennessey's
"University Society for Ethical well-off friend ($35,000 home)
A bou U F Ce uring Conduct" has picked up on'some- get $3,000 on an Assistantship
About UF C nsuring thing fishy in administrative when so many other students
.hiring, as well as (again) in need it so much more. (Bob
On January 8, 1971, The Alligator awarding Graduate Assistantships. Canney doesn't have his assist-
reports; It seems that Dean Hennessey's antship anymore.)
former Air Force boss, Brigadiier
General John Kinzer retired on WHY IS THE UF ALWAYS FUI

Not Available who is brigadier general john m. kinzer ?
Not Available
On January 11, 1971, The Alligator
reports: KINZER, John Marvin AGEM Approximately 50
Brigadier General OCCUPATION, Graduate Student, University
R ff United States Air Force' (Retired) of Florida, College of Elucation,
Rep or0 t O f O TTICi l PRESENT HOME ADDRESS. 4909 North West 16th Place; Gainesville, Florida 32601
PAST HOME ADDRESS, 3730 North West 37th Terraces Gainesville, Florida 32601
Censure Prematu
HENNESSEY, James Thomas AGEi Approximately 50
y M a UA A U Colonel OCCUPATION, Dean. Assistant to the Vice
A United States Air Force (Retired) President for Student Affaire, U. of F.
r ely Mil a d e11A A IP| PRESENT HOME ADDRESS, 3730 North West 37th Terrace, Gainesville, Florida 32601
This above address is listed in the 1971-1972 Galnesvllle Telephone Directory.
On January 20, 1971, The Alligator
SattdngBrlga er General (STIDEiT) Jonn Marvin Kinzer receives the following income while
attending the University of Florida,
A A J r C o 0 d e m' n' s' 1. Retirement Pay ------ --------------- $15,000.00/year
Lk f 2. G. I. Bill -------.--------------- 2,000.00/year
S3. Graduate Assistantship------------------ 3,000.00/year
Lack O f Free TOTAL KNOWN INCOME $20,000.00/year
On january 26, 171 Th Aliator ier General (STUDT) John Marvin Kiner s living a home which is locate
On January 26, 1971 Th/ e Alli-gator in one of the finer residential areas of North West Galnesville, Florda. His
reports: home is estimated to be valued at a figure in excess of $35,000.00..
SB. rigadier General (STUDENT) John Marvin Kinzer was retired from the United States
U Air Force and came to Gainesville, Florida. Upon arrival he resided at the home
S C. of Colonel (DEAN) James Thomas Hennessey. .During this time, Brigadier General
Uk (STUDENT) John Marvin Kinzer matriculated with the University of Florida and was
s' accepted in the College of Education.
SI It was at this time that he was awarded a'graduate Assistantship in the Office of
SStudent Affairs. The Assistantship was issued under the influence and authority
Aof Colonel (DEAN) James Thomas Hennessy. Colonel (DEAN) James Thomas Hennessy is
SBrigadier General (STUDENT) John Marvin Kinzere immediate superior.
F re ed^o m' 1. *Does Brigadier General (STUDENT) John Marvin Kinser need financial assistance?
ThA2. Was the* e favoritism displayed on the part of a Univerasty of Florida Dean in
The fJlitator published five awarding a Graduate Assistantship to a personal friend and resident of his home?
stories on the AAUP censuring.
In the first three, the Eyens g 3. Were other worthy students permitted to compete for this financial assistance?
report was mentioned -- on 4. If Bridadier General (STUDENT) John Marvin Kinzer received this aid solely on
Jan. I.1 for example, it aa a basis of merit, would the University please answer, the following questions?
Jan. 11 for e ple, it as a. How does the University of Florida define merit?
"completely inaccurate, mali- b. What are Brigadier General (STUDENT) John Marvin Knsr's GRE Soabres?
ious, and nearly libelous c. What prior experience does Brigadier General (STUDW), John MHarvin Kinaer
cious, an neary ieous have in thefield of education.
The last two stories did
not mention the Eye. 5. What academic credentials does Brigadier General (STUDET') John Marvin Kinzer
hold that he is permitted to counsel students in the office of Colonel (DUAN) James
So the Alligator ended by Thomas Hennessey?
confirming our story -- a few 6. Why, when the President of the United States of America has conferred the trade
weeks late. That's alright, of Brigadier General on (STUDENT) John Marvin Kinzer, does he deliberately present
Alli.Ra.tor; hang in there I himself on an records and in person as M JOHn KI MNU?
1We especially like the quote 7 h rgdierGeneral (STrUDOT) John Marvin Kinsr a student at the Univesity
We especially like the quote of nFlorid,
that "It would have been abso-
lutely impossible for the Eye 8. Wo zI SIGa.MBz saU Jau MAr nV2mIa
to get hold of a copy of the :
(AAUP) Bulletin." (Jan. 8) University society for thioal Coduct (uPS) -
Right. We did it with
Tarot cards. 1. All financial data calculated to minimum possible amount.
2. Automobiles and other holdlnga ae not included in this estimate. -


I am in your room; we must share it. In this inti-
macy I tell you that I am homosexual (or gay or
queer). The word has no meaning. I pronounce it GO RaP
merely to see what it will do to you, to see indeed if
you are its owner. Gay Liberation has finally come out
If you are not its owner, nothing will have changed i o N t e a
between us. And if it is yours, it will do no more to in Hogtown! Now there exists a way
you than you had intended it to do to me. for gay people to come together
If you and I are very unfortunate, the word may outside the oppressive bonds imposed
summon a Frankenstein monster formed from the by "straight" society.
rejected parts of yourself, parts which were never Non-gay people are ignorant, and
discarded but re-formed into a new being-a distorted therefore fearful. Fear does weird
image of our oneness. And this creature may feed on things to people; it creates false
GAY LIBERATION IN THE TOTAL COMMUNITY your fears and grow, demanding ever more of your myths and motivates extreme actions.
life to control him. In the end the monster, full of Gay liberation works at accomplishing
The deeper concern of Gay Liberation is not the self-hatred& must turn on his creator in whom he sees two things: helping the gay per-
matter of who should be allowed to sleep with sees himself.
whom, nor is it only for those persons who consider son achieve greater personal growth
themselves, or are considered to be, homosexual and and development, and educating the non-
who suffer both obvious and subtle forms of oppres- gay community so that ignorance, fear
sion as a result. Its concern is for the growth of and myth can be destroyed.
individuals toward unity within themselves and be- One of the greatest effects of
tween themselves, toward a conscious human com- Gay Liberation will be the lib-
munity. It strives to end self-oppression as well as eration of the gay woman, who gets
other-oppression, in both the oppressor and the shit thrown at her because she is a
oppressed. It sees a need for involvement of all woman and because she is gay.
people in its struggle because all people are involved. Gay Liberation also works at
Within the American culture a concept called liberating society. What helps
"masculinity" forms the basis of an ethic. With respect For there is more than chance likeness there. The
to it men are judged and judge themselves, are pun- creature reflects you as the shavings from a sculpture Gay people helps everybody else.
ished and punish themselves; material prosperity fol- comprise together the negative form of the artwork, It is not gay people who need to
lows from it as many an athlete-businessman can yourself, the splendid creature you had hoped to form be liberated so much, it is soci-
attest. And at the most orthodox core of this ethic by cutting away the unwanted. But for all your cold ety! A society which lives in fear
women are judged immoral creatures, forever prof- beauty, you are rigid, deprived of something vital, and produces oppression is not
fering seductive apples, who would threaten a man's Breathe deep. Embrace your monster and try to a FREE society. Because Gay Lib-
"strength" by cutting off everything they can lay be whole again. eration actively pursues freedom
their hands on from his hair to his penis. for its own people, it also
If an 11th Commandment based on this ethic were aids in establishing freedom for
ever legislated into being, it might read like this: the whole society.
Thou shalt be MASCULINE, that is- If you are gay and would like
Thou shalt have no emotions but anger toward re t wor if
men and desire toward women,. to help free the world, or if you
Thou shalt conquer thy body with thy mind. are curious and would like answers,

Thou shalt move thy body only according to the call Andy at 372-3888 or Elaine
prescribed mannerisms (refer to the appropriate at 378-5892.
statute on Mannerisms).
Thou shalt perform the following tasks and employ-
ments and only these. (Here would follow the
amendment listing specifically those tasks and
employment which men might pertorni).
Along with the passage of this bill would come the
discovery of a new Law of Nature which would state
that masculinity and sexuality were really one and the

Penalties for those breaking the Commandment
would follow naturally from the Law-some would be
sentenced to lifetime derision; others would get hard
labor at compulsive homosexuality or heterosexuality;
many would be held in the prison of psychosis; and
a few would receive the death penalty. Despite the
efforts of all enforcement agencies, an inevitable few
would escape and have fun.

for being "masculine" plus the myth that "masculin-, iL'
ity" and heterosexuality are identical causes members
of the silent majority (and even of vocal minorities)" ;
to lose sleep, have strange feelings around their hearts, J
be lousy in bed, go crazy, blow their brains out, and
put up with queers in their johns, to mention only a. I
few of the effects.
As a community we suffer from the loss or dimih-
ishment of the free gifts we had to give one another.
We lose respect-for humanity in losing respect for I
what is human. We shut ourselves off from possibilities
in our experience-possibilities which extend the boun-
daries of the community's freedom and which might
create the room we need in order to live together
harmoniously. And we foster sadism and war.
Martin Hoffman, a social psychiatrist, writesin his
book The Gay World. '"he-price we pay for the -
luxury of allowing ourselves to believe that we have
nr erotic feelings toward members of our owt e>. is -:
a very high price indeed. .-. It is paid for, very heav-
ily, by individuals.who are basically heterosexual .
in the form of a stereotyped concept of masculinity
that frequently, prevents males from having any warm,
intimate feelings toward each other, even at a non-
sexual level. This repression of tenderness between
males is probably not unconnected, both historically
and psychologically, with the training of men to be
warriors, and thus may have something to do with .
the production of a state of mind in many of our
citizens which has now become a positive danger to
the perpetuation of our civilization."
. Gay Liberation points to problems which are of
concern to everyone, butJt has no solutions except

01 SqOA



.Ce t.....? ,-lt.

Hi freaks,

The Rose is continuing to bring to Hogtown's people good
entertainment at good prices. But we need your help.
What we're into is briefly this.....
There's an old abandoned theatre in the Black Ghetto,
the Rose Theatre, dig? Our fantasy is to renovate that
place into a people's auditorium and community center.
To get this together we've been putting on rock concerts
at the University of Florida Auditorium, charging people / "Give ,wyow tiredyour
50(? to hear bands like POWER, STONEHENGE, and RGF and turning rich, you sr lerstoe,
profits back into the community. Your o hurled i.t.ea
For the most part our money has gone into the Hogtown Feast yearning fr conforxmi
Fund and an old day care center next to the Rose Theatre. end these, theapdatheti,
All tolled we've put about $1200 into Hogtown. toile rattle above,
We're going to keep on doing concerts and try to give your urcversiy."
you better entertainment. But to do this we need more
people's help. Right now there's only about 4 or 5
people getting the Rose thing together. We need peo-
ple to help us with community projects along with the
A few of the current projects are....
The Hogtown Free Clothing Center, or whatever you want
to call it, where you can pick up some free clothes. All
we are asking is what you want to pay. This thing should
be together next week. We need people to donate any sur-
plus clothing plus a few people to organize the store.
Another thing is the Hogtown Rapid Transit System or
HRTS. A plan to carry people around town in a couple of
VW buses. We also need people to get this together..
So if you can dig it, do it. Come by the concerts and
the Hogtown General Store or call us and let us know
what you're thinking.
S h a f or the rose


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-,o- tW, ._ iew:in.Jiw ti.lv,' eJ.r in18our-c.0unity Hel
.rest, thVC2QA.,.poor- frlack. W,%l
tavter tti~~at->we do ''berv '10t.1 2 wl,4U frf*~ ~ ISYA T ,%-t~ (s donation)
*1 -"_ a-,
th_ NNW~it The'si: INz.t t4~ 5 4t. s o -y r .4E4t YO AA-W 09 ,. .- Nt
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.. :-vttO,. a

In Florida, as in many other Studies show that unwanted controlled for five or six years
states it Ts illegal to have an children are more likely to gr- before she gets married and
abortion unless the life of the ow up in a psychologically un- then spring into action on her
mother is threatened. That healthy home, more likely to honeymoon. We value equality
means that a woman must endure enter into schizophrenic with- and yet the wealthy can easily
the pregnancy as the result of drawal, to become delinquents obtain abortions in hospitals
rape or incest; a woman who and criminal psychopaths, and while the poor either go under-
contracts rubella (German mea- when they become parents, they ground or suffer pregnancy af-
sles which causes birth de- are more likely to be poor par- ter pregnancy, getting poorer
fects in children) is similarly ents, bearing more unwanted and poorer, the population in-
not allowed to have an abortion. children. A WOMAN CAN BE creasing and increasing.
But these are extreme cases. FORCED TO HAVE A CHILD, BUT SHE Some people believe that af-
What about the woman who already CANNOT BE MADE TO LOVE IT. ter a woman has had an abortion
has too many children, or the It is difficult to try and keep feelings of guilt will ensue.
woman who is already in a very her resentment from poisoning Research findings deny that
stressful situation, divorce, her relationship to the child there is any psychopathology
death, illness, financial dif- (Hardin, Jenkins). resulting from abortions. It
ficulties? She cannot have an seems reasonable to assume that
abortion either. any guilt a woman might feel
post-abortion could be directly
linked to overall sexual guilt,
her, or is laid on her by par-
RRDIt ^ ents, peers, and especially by
the doctors and nurses with
whom she has to deal.
Despite the law, from 850,000 A woman desiring an abortion Right there in her belly is
to 1,200,000 women yearly get is the victim of some of the the proof of her sin, her mis-
illegal abortions in this coun- most diabolical inconsistencies behavior, her promiscuity, and
try. (Statistics are that at in our culture. Human life is society wants her to wear it
least 10,000 of these women die valued but we are unsure as to like a Scarlet Letter.
as a result). what constitutes the beginning
Most attempts to liberalize of life. We value female sex-
abortion laws dramatize extreme quality and female chastity, but
and unusual cases: incest, sex- we bombard young girls with sex-
ual assault, etc. But most wo- ually provoking messages via the
men who seek abortions do not media and then expect-that her
fall under these categories, sexuality will remain tightly E
Current reform proposals, there- "
fore will hardly affect the wo-
man who currently seeks an abor-


4. raw spaghetti: irritates
AT HME ABORTION METHODS the interior of the womb when
pushed through the cervical
1. knitting needles: one of the canal into thaewomb; but the tched to the opening of the cer-
commonest instruments used; prac- rough sharp edges puncture the vix the principle is that af-
tically always punctures the u- it's not sterilized, and it's ter many many tries a finger or
terine Wall or a blood vessel, difft's l sterilize as boil- better two fingers can reach a-
causing hemorrhage and infection dffcult to sterilizebout an inch up the cervical
while the unwanted concepts re- ing makes it ineffective. opening; the finger poking ir-
mains undamaged in the uterus. ritates the uterus,which tries
Women who are lucky enough to 5. turpentine, kerosene, or gas- to dislodge the irritating fin-
make it to a hospital will have line douches: this method ger acting as a foreign ob-
their lives saved, but will works to destroy the outside as ect; the finger motion causes
still be very pregnant when they well as the inside and is ex- movement of the uterus which
go home. tremnely painful. may induce contractions, but it
6. rubber catheter: can be may take up to six weeks of
2. coat hangers: same as above. 6. rubbe catheter: can b daily effort and may not work
bought at any drugstore; it's at all'. The chances for in-
3. soap, lysol, toilet bowl a thin, hollow rubber tube; in- fiction are great. Only ef-
cleaners and kitchen bleaches: setting it yourself is very dan- fective past the second tri-
tiny syringes soak up the poi- gerous as you might easily poke mester, when the process of
son and poked into the cervical a hole in your uterus and begin miscarriage is harder to handle.
opening; the caustic douche hemorrhaging; if you begin a- If It fails, and it often does,
is supposed to make .the fetus borting, and you wait until you It is often too late to try
-drop away from the 'uterine wall; are far enough long, which means anything else.
the syringe may puncture the you're in critical danger, you
soft uterine lining and cause may get yourself to a hospital 8. che loop: involves some de-
massive hemorrhaging; if not to save your life and succeed ception; uses the contraceptive
sterilized, it causes infect- with your abortion. Chances intrauterine device, which acts
ion; solutions can enter the are they will give you a shot as a foreign agent in the womb;
blood stream through the punc- of estrogen and send you home it does not permit the fertilized
tured uterus and damage blood pregnant. ovum to attach itself and there-
cell, killing both you and the by drops out during the next men-
fetus; air bubbles In the blood 7. digital method (thefinger strual cycle; gynecologists will
stream also cause Instant death, method): the finger is inserted only insert the loop during men-
Into the uterine canal and stre- struation to prevent abortion;

The difficulty obtaining a In both instances the hospital are sometimes sent home to go
legal abortion is beyond be- 'committees are known to take through the abortion yourself
lief. In most states a board their time deciding her fate with no medical attention in
of the hospital, usually all while she is left biding her case of complications.
men, must vote. The woman is pregnant time. The punitive at-
required to have two doctors titude of physicians is apparent ABORTION SHOULD BE LEGALIZED
examine her and state that she when they require sterilization FOR ALL WOMEN WHO ASK FOR IT:
qualifies. If she doesn't qual- along with the abortion, when Because it would help make
ify, there are various frighten- the case involves mental illness, each child a wanted child;
ing avenues a woman may pursue Another way to try for a le- Because it would reduce the
in a complex society such as gal abortion is to stimulate a numbers of neglected children
ours, and most of them are laced hemorrhage, stuffing the vagina born each year;
with trauma and fright, with cut up raw beef liver. A- Because it would reduce the
Women have been known to long with all of these plans, number of shotgun marriages;
plead that they have been raped, obviously constructed in desper- Because it would decrease
to stage rapes, to cover them- ation, goes playing along with the number of deaths due to il-
selves with dirt, rip off their the hospital game well enough legal abortions or home abortions;
clothes, take diet pills to not to be found out. This is To make women masters of their
stimulate extreme nervousness, not easy and takes alot of guts. own bodies;
borrow some sperm from a friend The conditions which charac- To free women from a needless
and try to convince the hospital terize the difference between form of slavery, free from the
staff that she has been raped. legal and illegal abortions are punishment of motherhood.
Another ruse which women namely that the illegal abor- TO FREE WOMEN TO ENTER INTO
have been known to try is feign- tionist cannot use anesthetic, MOTHERHOOD WILLINGLY, FREE TO
ing psychosis. since you must come in and go ENJOY IT, NOT DREAD IT.
out as quickly as possible; you

If You Need An Abortion

In June of 1970 the New York a driver will pick you up and $300.00. More than 15 weeks -
State Legislature voted to put take you to a hotel where you pregnant requires an amniosyn-
an end to the cruelty of il- will get a 10% discount on your thesis, which costs $500.00)
legal abortion. Abortion is room. The next morning they At the clinic all women are
now legal in New York. Many will call your room to wake you given complete preoperative
women know about this but think up, and a driver will pick you care, including blood tests and
that you must be a resident of up and take you to the clinic, tissue tests. The operation
New York to get help or that You will be the first person takes a maximum of 12 minutes.
there's a long waiting list. admitted to the clinic on any You are then taken to a recovery
This is not true. given morning. A counselor will room where you receive medical
Prices for safe, legal, a- see you and explain everything attention from the clinic doc-
bortions range from $50 to that's going to happen. If tors. When you are ready to
$300. There is a long waiting you are no'more than 12 weeks leave and are released, you are
list for a $50 operation and pregnant the vacuum aspirator driven back to the airport.
since it is best to have an method will be used and the You are finished with your abor-
abortion within the first 12 cost is $235.00. (Women in the tion in less than 24 hours.
weeks of pregnancy paying only 13th-15th week of pregnancy The elimination of the Black
$50 is probably impracticable need a D&C and must go to a Market has many advantages. In-
at this time. hospital where the cost will be stead of $500 $1,000, it now
For $235.00, though, it is costs $235., with no waiting
possible to get a legal abor- period. You are treated as a
tion within 48 hours. patient instead of a criminal.
All you need to do is call If any complications ensue after
this number ANY TIME NIGHT OR the operation, the clinic absorbs
OR DAY: all medical costs. All women
in Atlanta, (40D4) 875-4640 are given a week's supply of anti
in New York, (212) 245-0122 biotic ergotrates which help con-
in Houston, (713) 523-7408 tract the uterus.
In Berkeley, (415) 843,0828 s About their organization, PPIS
An appointment will be made for says;
-you at the East Side Medical q -
Group, a t the East Side MedicalJuly "Our intent is simple and self-
Group, a clinic set up-July1, destructive. We wish to pro-.
right after abortion was legal- videstructivent We wish to pro-
The number you are calling tives to problem pregnancies at

is the Problem Pregnancy Infor- minimal cost. Accordingly we
mation Service, which was star- are able to offer financial
ted five years ago in Califor- aid on a minimal scale. And
nia by a wealthy woman whose in conjunction with abortion
daughter died of an ilega| a- referral, PPIS is involved in,
abortion. Ui abort on w birth control education and '
legalized In N.Y this service : the liberal izaton o state
arranged for wo. to I laws.' Our hope is that even-
aforwomp toqto ." tually referral services such
Mexico. The service now ar- as ours will not be necessary
ranges for abortion in either as abortions be ne cess
New York or California (prices as abortions becomes acces-
are higher in California) safe- sible as tonsilectomies1'" -
ly, quickly, inexpensively, and Any women from Gainesvi le
legally. Any omen from Gainesville who
Alegalyou ave to dois al take advantage of this service
them and tell them when you want and feel that they need some
them and tell them when you wansupport either before rafter
your abortion and from that. support either before contact.r
.- \"l rr ^ Tthe operation should contact
point on everything i~s arranged the Criss rntervention Center
or you. They wilmake ound There are some really good and
trip plane reservations' for you. ;:e: flpefu people down there!
when you arrive at the airporto-- -. ,,, ,,, ... :,ut ehre "

On the question of sexual Although there is only one
mores, great differences are woman in the central commit-
evident with the women's libe- tee of the Communist Party,
ration movement in the United over half of the members of
States. The Revolution has been the Union of Young Communists
r exceptionally conservative in (UJC) are female. Women are
reaffirming the values of fami- accepted everywhere as poli-
ly life and marriage. In fact, tical spokesmen. The militia,
common law couples have been the voluntary civilian army,
encouraged to formally marry has a large number of women
We direct traffic, we cut and many mass marriage cere- participants.
sugar cane, we march, we fight Leadership positions are
and build...and what was before, filled by women throughout the
a dirt floor, the wash, the island. The director of the
looking after a macho and his Hospital of Chivirico at the
children are still largely' Sierra Maestra is a middle-
with us...
But then they were the
deformed children of malnutri- monies have been held through-
tion, illiteracy and a corrupt out the island. Most large
system...and he had been de- cities have a "marriage palace;"
graded by politicians who had free honeymoons for a week in
sold out to the yankee impe- special resorts are often a
rialists and their cohorts, reward for outstanding workers hL _
the Cuban capitalist class... when they marry. However, mar-
Now there is the other, riage and divorce laws have
the hope, what we've accom- been changed so that simply by
polished and what we are yet mutual consent and a very small
to create. We are the Cuban fee, people may marry and
women, emerging, creating and divorce as they choose. r
being created with the Revo- In general, there is still
lution, just as the rest of a premium placed on female
our society, chastity and "free love" is
The Cuban people are en- frowned upon, particularly by aged black woman doctor. The
gaged in a revolutionary pro- the older generation. However, Antonio Rojas School, also in
cess which holds one of the Vilma Espin commented that the the Sierra, is directed by a
few real hopes for human libe- FMC has no ideology on sex and 22-year-old woman whose staff
ration. The Revolution requires that "if you ask ten different consists of six women and four
each and every individual to men. A veterinary hospital on
participate fully, for what is the Isle of Youth is almost
at stake is above individual completely staffed by women.
and group interests. These There are female tractor bri-
must be focused and resolved gades and women brigades that
within the revolutionary con- run calf farms.
text, bearing in mind that in Ideally, women ought to be
the ultimate success of this aware of the need for their 1i-
Revolution lies the potential beration prior to socialism, to
for a veritably free human the revolution, and thus enter
beingma Espn, president of the new stage with a new con-
Vilma Espin, president of sciousness. In Cuba, however,
the Federacion de Muieres in'the early days of 1959, few
Cubanas (Federation of Cuban people were conscious of the
Women--FMC), has never viewed tremendous repercussions and
the goal of FMC as feminist, the hopes which the Cuban Revo-
but rather as one of incor- lution would raise. Women's
porating women into the Revo- liberation was perceived as
lution. She recognizes that crucial, indeed essential, only
Cuban women still need many after the Revolution had been
things in order to be libera- a in process. Fidel himself has
ted, but considers the present candidly admitted that even
conditions the basis for a to- when he initially championed
tal revolution in the libera- women's rights, he was not
tibon of women. fully aware of all of the im-
In practice, the FMC has plications of the issue.
done a great deal of work in We, Cuban women, -realize
setting up facilities to free that our path to liberation dif-
women from the home. Commu- fers from that of our North-
nity laundries and dining american sisters but then the
rooms are being established to people, you'll get ten dif- context in which the need for
relieve women from these house- ferent answers." In fact, our liberation was formulated
hold chores. The major concern many young women openly state is radically different from:
of the FMC, however, has been that they would not hesitate that of the United States--
the circulos infantiles and to sleep with a man with whom socially, economically, poll-
jardines,,free child-care cen- they were involved. Abortions tically and culturally. We,
ters for children from forty- are generally available though as Cubans, cannot solely dedi-
five days old. The sardines there is some difficulty in cate ourselves to the libera-
provide only daytime care, but obtaining them because of a tion of omen when a new society
-the circulos have facilities doctor shortage. Birth control is being forged in our midst.
for fulltime child care. is also available upon request Yet as women, we cannot allow
The circulos and sardines with the guarantee of an abor- that infant society to perish
not only have great signi- tion. should it fail. because obsolete ideas as to
ficance for women's liberation, Women are participating more how men and women ought to re-
but also a critical role in the and more in every aspect of late to one another and to so-
socialization process of the Cuban life. Nearly 50% of the city persisted. In attaining
children of the Revolution, students in the universities liberation as women, we will
in the inculcation of those are female. At the University be real revolutionaries, for
values and the development of of Oriente in Santiagb, women the NEW WOMAN is a crucial
'those attitudes which the make-upI_ 0 of the students in prerequisite for the NEW MAN--
NEW MAN and the. NEW WOMAN education, 50% in the medical both must work, build and fight
will hold, sciences, 3 in engineering. together for the NEW SOCIETY.


N. VIETNAM ... 3-eb %S FLSH
While meeting in Ann Arbor, the
Student and Youth Conference on
a People's Peace was contacted by
CAM BODIA.. (90 the Provisional Revolutionary
Government (PRG) with figures
for the number of Amerikan, South
S Vietnamese and Thai troops in
L Laos. The PRG anticipates a
LA O S' i o massive invasion of Laos and pos-
sibly of North Vietnam. The
conference passed a resolution
,8 V,-rs FlogV J calling for Nationwide Massive
SVNT5 FOE E j|Action to break the news black-
out starting Wednesday, Feb. 10.
1950 -- Laos declared independent by French.
1954 -- French defeated. Geneva Convention: Laos and s30ores MSaKM tif 0e~c Cbm.
Cambodia are neutral, two zones of Vietnam for
1955 -- Guaranteed free elections by Geneva. 1971
1958 -- Pathet Lao gains popular support in the only
free election held in Laos. Throughout the history of US involvement in Laos,
1959 -- Hanoi pledges support of Pathet Lao. the pattern of heavy bombing, the propaganda, the
1960 -- US begins massive aid to Royal oligarchy of use of aid to support right-wing oligarchies, all
Souvanna Phouma. form an exact parallel to the tactics used by the US
1961 -- Coalition Government: Pathet Lao, Souvanna in Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. In direct viola,
Phouma, and right wing group, tion of international law at the Geneva Convention,
1962 -- US begins bombing of Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos the US has destroyed the neutrality of an emerging
under the guise of reconnaisance... Violation nation. The latest strategy to be employed by Nixon
of Geneva Agreement. in maintaining US intervention in Southeast Asia is
1963 -- Fighting -- Pathet Lao vs. Royal Laotian Govern- the tacit agreement of the Saigon government to
ment: US bombing from Thailand. allow South Vietnamese troops to be employed as
1964 -- CIA involvement increases with creation of Meo mercenaries to implement US policy. A recent state-
Army to support the sagging Royal Laos Govern- ment by President Thieu: "President Nixon will make
ment and Air America... Violation of Geneva, the decision whether or not South Vietnamese forces
1965 -- Further escalation of aid and bombing ordered will cross into Laos." Does this sound like de-
by President Johnson... Violation of Geneva. escalation?
1968 --Attack by North Vietnamese and NLF gains terri- Americans have been slow to react to the latest
tory retaken by government troops and saturation invasion, and to the news blackout. We all feel
bombing after the bombing of North Vietnam ceases. more or less frustrated. Some people are planning
Dec. 15, closed meeting in the Senate for the a march to Washington April 24; others are working
first time since WWI: limited ground troops for the People's Peace Treaty and mass resistance
in Laos. in Washington May 1; the day after the invasion was
1969 -- $200 million in US aid to Laos (arms and planes, launched, an explosion did extensive damage to the
training troops, air missions and bombings). Oakland, Calif. Induction Center. We can do some-
1970 -- Plain of Jars completely devasted, depopulated thing to resist the war and, to demonstrate solidarity
and defoliated (200,000 from there sent elsewhere with the peoples of Indochina. As Huey Newton
to refugee camps) by US saturation bombing. said, "The power of the people is greater than the
Almost one-half of the 3 million Laotians are power of man's technology."
made refugees solely by amerikan bombing.
see People's Peace Treaty, Daae 4




W~~V. C. F'iCO S

Winston-Salem, NC -- On Jan. 12
the Blick Panther and National
Committee to Combat Facism (NCCF) A
headquarters were demolished $STUDN01$ E MNS1fAf MFEXCO
after 200 police pumped 500 rounds Mexico City -- More than 10,000 Ro. O s cANA A
inside. The attack was a frame-up. Mexican students, professors ..
An unknown person drove a meat and workers recently gathered at
truck to the office saying that the National University to demand Toronto -- American
the meat was for the free break- amnesty for 68 prisoners who are corporations are taking
fast program. NCCF members started serving prison sentences ranging more than $1.6 billion
to unload the truck but stopped from 3 to 17 years. They also a year out of Canada,
when a community person told them face impossible fines, adding reports a University of
that the meat and truck were ripped up to more than $80,000. The Toronto economist. US
off. At that point police arrived, charges stem fanm their presence capital has been invested
along with-AP photographers, Four at a police riot, now known as the in Canada to buy 90%
Panthers were jailed on bonds Tlatelolco Massacre on Oct. 2, control over the auto,
totaling $15,000. 1968. On that day 500 people rubber, petroleum and
oil industries.
were murdered at a rally to pro-
BO CO M OL tWoD 0 E_ test political repression.
A World-Wide Boycott of the Polaroid company T.RCAL0. RCPM ON COM U oNES
has been called for by the Revolutionary Workers T -
Movement in South Africa. The boycott was called Ann Arbor -- Several communes, including the headquarters of the Ann Arbor Argus,
by the workers in South Africa in order to force the local underground paper, were raided on Jan. 19 and 16 people were busted for
Polaroid to stop relations with the racist system in either sale or possession of marijuana and LSD or both. The raids came shortly
South Africa and contribute itsprofits from their before the. trial of the CIA Bombing Conspiracy opened. This tactic is similar
South African business to the black people there to drug raids in Kent shortly before the indictments against 25 students and
trying to liberate themselves. Polaroid of course is professors for demonstrations last may and to the street sweeps and arrests of 125
only one company that is operating in that racist people that hit New Haven a week before Bobby and Erika's trial began.
country, but it is one of the few where the workers
are rebelling on their own and we must support their "-o--L SA---- "* IN TH- NAV
efforts in the mother country of the enemy. 'ORAL STAOAW S IN THE NAVY
-W A NewsleDtterS "Pensacola -- Navy Seawoman Anna Flores be-
-TH EON LY came pregnant by her fiancee, a Navy enlisted
S, R- man stationed with her. After she miscarried
S at the base dispensary, her commanding officer
R 1 moved to discharge hereunder a Navy regulation:
S "To do otherwise would imply that unwed pregnancy
is condoned and would result in a dilution of
moral standards set for women in the Navy,"
the CO said. Flores is taking the Navy to court.

e tuwiseWOMSN OF U.S.4- wom OF VI:igfM: peAc.E
c Philadelphia -- On March 8, International Women's Day, women around the world
FIR E will share a customary Vietnamese meal, rice and tea dinners, to declare that there
is no state of war between women of Vietnam and the US.

New York --.33 Black ., MARK Nop?5 FREP CtA eoNSPIR Y TrfIAL
and Spanish speaking Madison -- Mark Knopps, editor of the Madison Kal-
workers have recently eidoscope, who was jailed last August for contempt Ann Arbor -- An historic
been fired by a Co- of court by.a county grand jury for refusing, to answer decision curbing the self-
lumbia University 'owned questions about the bombing of the Army Mathematics appointed power of the US
hospital for wearing Research Center last summer, was freed on appeal bond Attorney Qeneral to use
black undershirts that in late Dec. Mark had been sentenced to up to 6 months illegally obtained wire-
showed through their in jail. 'tap evidence against de-
white kitchen uniforms. fendants was handed down
The workers were fighting' M AfS ON... XNT IUSCOr by a federal district judge
the hospital adminis- 'Tuscon-- Street people and stu-' on Jan. 25. The judge told
tration's attempt to dents of the Universit of Ariz the prosecution to turn over
smash their unioniza- ona battle police for nightrsity their records of the apped
tion drive. The black fighting for40 q.pice ftor 3 nihsu -phone transcripts of White
undershirts demonstrated fighting fo r 400 q. ft. of Panther members before the
university park area which they start of the CIA Conspir-
their solidarity, claimed as their own people' s artoteCaons
pe opl acy Trial. Speculations
campground. 400 people were are that the government will
attacked by 400 tactical riot drop the case since they
It squad police in all night bat- are very reluctant to re-
4 1 tle. People met with the mayor veal their secret files to
Soneo y6 and demanded amnesty for the the public.
150 people arrested, rights to -
the campground, and an end to citotOltC. KIL$ V.S. ,MAOR
city attempts to pass anti-
loitering, anti-panhandling and
S\ anti-hitchhiking legislation. Kinshasha Major Hugh
S\ 3 His response was to slap a 6 p.m.. Bauer of the US Military
to midnight curew on the area Mission to the Congo was
sur-rounding the campus and to killed by a crocodile while
declare martial law. taking a dip in the Congo
River during a Sunday picnic
$7O IflSLION PF4 1f with friends.

Washington -- The Justice Dept. has just given grants totalling
"-s -F $70 million to protect us from "crime." Most of it goes to police
all over the country to buy new surveillance equipment, to hire
Spsychiatric aides, bomb disposal experts, "research" experts and
-- j systems analysts.

wmft PAA PA06

Detroit-- Three mem-
ftue6fS CARRYiif6 PISirois bers of the White Pan-
Miami -- "If as a last resort they get me," says Florida Circuit their Party went to court
Court judge Trowbridge, "I'm going to have a fighting chance to pro- last week for the CIA
tect myself or take one of them with me." Since the San Rafael Conspiracy Trial. John
shootout last August, Trowbridge straps a 25 caliber pistol under Sinclair, Pun Plumandon
his judicial robes when he presides over a criminal trial. Another and Jack Forrest are
Florida judge told the NY Times that he carries a pistol .between charged with con-
home and office. -- spiracy to bomb the
______________ ---_____________________________---__- secret offices of the
Pun is charged with
Saigon -- Six million Vietnamese San Francisco -- Ruchell Magee, the committing the actual
participatedd in prayer ceremonies only surviving prisoner of the court- bombing.
for peace held throughout South house raid in San Rafael, is being- frL- Dffp Ogf ONO
Vietnam on Jan. 3, marking the tried along with Angela Davis for the
beginning of a massive campaign death of Judge Harold Mulvey. Seattle -- The seven Seattle
for a ceasefire in Vietnam. Conspiracy defendants recently
slapped with six month contempt
SLAC.K) 6t: s C yARA O in /t- of court charges when the Tacoma
Saigon -- 40 Black GIs celebrated Martin Luther King's birthday Jan. 15 judge declared a mistrial after
by marching on. the US Army headquarters near Saigon carrying the tri- 11 days in court were released
colored Black Nationalist flag and chanting "Free Angela Davis" and "Stop from jail Jan.12 on $25,000 bond
racial discrimination in the army. each. An appeal hearing is
-- coming up next week.-

Baltimore -- Two Panther trials are Los Angeles -- An afternoon march and rally or-
going on in Baltimore now. Marshall ganized by the Chicano Moratorium Committee Jan.
Conway is accused of offing two police- 31 to protest police brutality and repression of
men last April and seven others are Chicanos in LA came to a bloody end (for the third
accused of killing an ex-Panther thought time in less than six months) when police attacked.
to be an informer. All face life sen- the crowd of 10,000. A 22 year old Chicano man
tences without the possibility of parole. is dead and another lies dying in an LA hospital.

1// gH i-SAl. A ONILR O 2MolriON OF fAS 2_t__---
S. Toronto -- An Ontario Supreme Court Justice said at a law forum that "honest
Algeria: men" shouldn't mind "surrendering some of their civil liberties if it would
The media claim Eldridge help police combat crime." The forum was discussing a proposal that all
Cleaver has arrested Tim residents of Quebec be issued identity cards that they would be obliged, under
Leary, saying his drug use penalty of law, to produce at any time for police scrutiny.
is insane.


Metamorphosis into Bureaucrat r
My hips are a desk. There once was a flag of Red, White, and Blue,
From my ears hang It waved freely in the breeze,
chains of paperclips. People living under the domain of this flag
Rubber bnds form my hair. respected the colors,
Rubber bands form my hair. The colors represented dignity, pride, and hope.
My breasts are wells of mimeograph ink. Then came a time when the colors ran together,
My feet bear casters. The Red became blood which mixed with the Blue,
Buzz. Click. / The Blue became tears that covered portions of the

is a badly organized file. The White became a richer and stronger color,
My head is a switchboard void of blood and tears,
where crossed lines crackle. 1The White eventually entered the Red and Blue
where crossed lines crackle. borders and
My head is a wastebasket finally covered but a small portion of each.
of worn ideas. The White made laws for the Red and Blue borders
Press my fingers that he now controlled,
and in my eyes appear The Red and Blue protested,
credit and debit | The White said, "How can you complain when both
zing. Tinkle. of you are but minorities in this land?
My navel is a reject button. I E -1 P The Red answered, "These laws are irrelevant and
Unfair to my needs,
From my mouth issue cancelled reams. The Blue added: "This flag has lost all reason,
Swollen, heavy, rectangular harmony, and life."
I am about to be delivered
of a baby
xerox machine. Years later the political sslenm of the White was fully
File me underW -Marge Piercy white flight entrenched into all areas of the flag, :
because I wonce Having allthe flag under While rule,
was teo be today is to have been before the White decided it was time for the flag to expand,
a walking down a country road He said, "I now need to go forward in quest of other
a woman walk ing dow n a countryce a farmer flags to rule,
knowing you were once a farmer If the reds and blues of my flag are not happy with
the laws they can leave my land,
to see her slipping around the corner Let them become components of the Red and Blue
to catcall of 'whore' of other flags in the world."
The white members of the flag couldn't understand
to be caught in a traffic jam why the reds and blues were not happy-
like a refugee alarmer after all, the whites had made this the wealthiest flag
in the world,
and except for the strings and smog Whites became annoyed with those reds and blues
C r rcT'c" concrete and pace who would not pledge allegiance to the flag,
OC HET-EI1 L The Red and Blue called the White a racist,
)RAW5TR I N G- the oppressor becomes invisible This angered the whites even more since they owned
PURSES but for the raunchy taste most of the property and controlled the government
PURSES for taste ofthe g.
but illusions are delusions and Il
both must pass in either life or deatt White anger became fear as the whites now thought
the reds and blues to be a danger to societal stability.
cast out the demons on waves The Red and Blue decided to join forces and reclaim
BY--. .oo of broken their land,
S"" A i burly* breath The White passed new laws forbidding the reds and
9 Blues to cross each others' borders to organize a
resistance to the government.
TS BP K^ The White employed more secret agents to work
T H among blues and reds suspect of revolutionary
Reds and blues were offered money by the' White
to supply information about their brother reds and
N blues who were wanted for political activity
against the government,
Police began compiling information not only on Red,
\ 5r LL CC IATI \E Iand Blue suspects
E 5ELL LEAT but also on whites who were sympathetic to the Red
and Blue revolutionary movement.
Now confident that the reds, blues, and whites
at home were under proper surveillance,
the White decided to prepare his people
for wars against other flags,
The reds and blues shouted in horror-"You can't
spend money on wars when there is much poverty
among the reds and blues and esen among some
The White answered in %hal he thought a sound and
sensible replh:
"If we don't fighl ihis war on foreign soil, we may be
SIfighting it here on our homeland."
In time the White gained more enemies than friends,
S- Reds and blues of different colors in many lands
found that they too had their own White to
S/ contend with-a White much stronger and more
0000 .organized than they,
Reds, blues, blacks, browns, and yellows often find
themselves in the footnotes of White history books,
Footnotes referring to other White history books.

PAGE 21.


W I They told me
I smile prettier with my mouth closed.
They said-
better cut your hair-
WITCH is an all-woman long, it's all frizzy,
Everything. It's theater, looks Jewish.
revolution, magic, terror, joy, They hushed me in restaurants
garlic flowers, spells. It's hushed me restaurants
an awareness that witches and looking around them
awareness thwhile the mirrors above the table
gypsies were the original e
guerilla and resistance fight- jeered infinite reflections
ers against oppression--par- of a raw, square face.
ticularly the oppression of They questioned me
women--down through the ages. when I sang in the street.
Witches have always been women .- They stood taller at tea
who dared to be: groovy, cour- smoothly explaining
ageous, aggressive, intelligent, my eyes on the saucers,
non-conformist, explorative and trying to hide the hand grenade
curious, independent, sexually in my pants pocket,
liberated, and revolutionary or crouched behind the piano.
(this may explain why nine mil- | They mocked me with magazines
lion women have been burned as fullofbrets and lace,
witches). published their triumph
Witches were the first friend- You can form your own Coven when the doctor's oldest son
ly heads and dealers, the first of sister witches, do your own married a nice sweet girl.
birth-control practitioners and actions. Whatever is repressive, They told me twared-suit stories
abortionists, the first alchem- solely male-oriented, greedy, of various careers of ladies.
ists (turn dross into gold and puritanical, authoritarian--those I woke up at night
you devalue the whole idea of are your targets. Your weapons They built sraid screens and rof dyng.dividers
moneyl. They bowed to no man, are theater, magic, satire, ex They built screensandroomdividers
being the living remnants of plosions, herbs, music, cos- to hideunsightlydesire
theoldest culture of all--one tumes, masks, chants, stickers, sixteen years old
in which men and women were stencils and paint, bricks, raw and hopeless
equal sharers in a truly coop- brooms, guns, voodoo dolls, cats, they buttoned me into dresses
erative society, before the candles, be.ls, chalk, your own covered withink flowers
death-dealing sexual, economic, boundless beautiful imagination. They waited for me to finish
and spiritual repression of the Your power comes from your own then continued the conversation.
"Imperialist Phallic Society" self as a woman, and from sha- I have been invisible,
took over and began to shit all ring, rapping, and acting in weird and supernatural.
over nature and husan life. concert with your sisters. You I want my black dress.
A witch lives and laughs in are pledged to free our brothers I want my har
every woman. She is the free from oppression and stereotyped curling wild around me.
part of each of us, beneath the sexual roles, aswwell as oure I want my broomstick
shy smiles, the acquiescence to selves. from the closet where I hid it.
absurd male domination, the You are a witch by being fe- Tonight I meet my sisters
make-up or flesh-suffocating male, untamed, angry, joyous in the graveyard.
clothing our sick society de- amd immortal. You are a witch Around midnight
mands. There is no "joining" by saying aloud, "I am a witch" if you stop at a red light
WITCH. If you are a woman, and and thinking about that. in the wet city traffic,
dare to look within yourself, Your sisters are forming a watch forusamgainstg, the moon
you are a witch. You make your Coven in Gainesville. All we are flyiscreamng,
own rules. You are free and witches please contact Women' we are flyughing,
beautiful. You can be invisible International Terrorist Con- laughing,andwon'top
or evident in how you chbose to piracy from Hells W.I.T.C.H.
make your witchself known. at 378-1071. --je Teppeman

"Explodes the mythb...Full and
-Berkeley Darb
"Writen with Lovins Cae."
Available at' local bookstores and
headshops or send S1.00 plu $.25 to
0 San Francisco. Caif. 94109 0

*I '!~ 73 5'
A& #'SAN

o g j

H E IL L M C IG FVo LlT io IADear Friends-of-the-Fuck:
C H IL E... Ma N 1REVolUT I N D The whole band really wants to thank everybody
who gave to help us turn on our water and electricity,
On Feb. 4, the' popular unity coal- and especially you honeys (yes, you too, sir) who
ition Fgovernment of Chile, formed came up with the idea of a collection in the first
ition government of Chile, formed place. Shit-l don't even remember your names.
by the Socialist, communist, radical a.idtvr bTHANK YOU!
and social democratic parties, as Jeff Jourard
well as the united popular action (R.G.F!)
movement and the independent pop- P.S.-It's really great to walk around the house at
movement and the independent pop- night and be ableto hit the commode every time.
ular action organization, celebrated night and be able to hit the commode every time.
its third month in power.
The popular unity coalition came W
to power by means of elections in L JI8 J C. l lT
Sept., 1970, and in accordance with L ( *
campaign promises, started to put :- _.VIj p Jai nIJ. J
into practice its platform aimed ..
at total transformation of the i
social-economic structures existent D E
in Chile. The government of pres- Dear Editor,
ident Salvador Allende has already What is peace? Is it calm
fulfilled several of the promises that comes when men will fight
formulated during the electoral no more? Is it a still wind on
campaign and has started the exe- a cold horizon or a flower rap-
cution of the most important laws ped in stillness? Does peace
proposed for the economic trans- grow from respect for one another?
formation of the country. ans There is peace on a distant hill;
One of the first popular measures bia flower sings with beauty. Ahow
adopted by the government is the re- bird sings. Yet no matter how
rumption of diplomatic, commercial, hard men try to reason it, peace
and cultural relations with Cuba, never comes. You see, peace is
which had been broken off in 1964. a personal thing. There is
Shortly afterwards Chile established peace in nove for one another.
diplomatic relations with the People's And how you express it is your
Republic of China. The Chilean ow. thing.
government also announced its in-
tention to establish diplomatic ties Tim Sterling
with the Democratic People's Re-
public of Korea, the German Demo-
cratic Republic and the Democratic
Republic of Vietnam. YOGURT
On the domestic front, among the
most important developments carried 1. At your New Food co-op get 1
out by the government is the bill whole bunch of powdered milk. (If p
before congress which, if approved, it is not in stock-- get it stocked.
will give the authorization to nation- It's your store!
alize the copper-mining industry, one 2. Mix up powdered
of the country's main sources of Letter to the People of Hogtown: Mix up powdered milk 1 times as
of the strong as directed.
wealth. Allende's government also 3. H eat to between 105 and 11 F
agreed upon the nationalization of A Lot of people say that one 4. Add a few tablespoons of unpas-
the coal mines. including the huge shouldn't try to save the world. turized yogurt culture. (Dannon's
Lota-Schwager mine which is a source That one should get ones own head plain yogurt wiculture. do)
of employment for thousands of Chilean together and then let everything 5. Keep at that temperature for 6
families. Meanwhile, dozens of pri- fall Into place. It seems like in .2 hours. If you dig sure for 6
vate plantations which were not Hogtown there are a whole lot of to 12 hours. If you dig sour you
being cultivated adequately have people who have gotton their heads can get an incredible sour by al-
been expropriated by the Agrarian together and are now working on lowing yourgurt to grow for a few
Reform Corporation. The official getting the community together. It idays. Treat the yogurt with care
measures prohibiting price increases And the Falling into place is a uck up if it gets the and will
in essential consumer goods and the whole lot of dedication and a vis- fuck up if it gets the wrong
lowering of certain prices have ion. beasties. Use it for pancakes in-
halted the rise in the cost of l-am a visitor to Hogtown and stead of milk. In oatmeal, gran-
living since December. In the have spent the last few days being ola, rice. It's pretty versatile
educational sector there has been turned on to what's happening here. stuff when given a chance. Using
a considerable increase in the enrol- Seems like the place is exploding the co-op gallons can be made for
Iment in state schools at all with good energy. Most people I
levels, while literacy campaigns meet say "Gainesville's a Happy
are being prepared. The increase .town". All that Happy is getting CRUNCHY GRANOLA
of workers' salaries, including it on and making more Happy and
those of lowest incomes, rounds spreading that happy around to who- Get. Rolled oats, rolled wheat,
out this picture of laws and. .ever is open to it. What a far out vegetable oil, honey and add to it
decrees which benefit the people. way to have a revolution, vegetable oil, honey and add to t
In response to these steps by This spring I am going out into pumpkins, nuts, raising, and any-
the government, the Chilean peo- the wilderness for what may be 2 thin g you can think of. and any-
ple as a whole have shown their years. I leave with a loving good, Mix rawyou wheat and oats, dry with
support. bye knowing that such good things as much honey as you atke sweet.
Meanwhile the oligarchy and the will be happening while I'm gone. Taste it along the way. If the
national interests subservient to It's Old Mother Earth a Healing aste seeds al e including the
US imperialism have not stopped for her wounds. sesame seeds are included in the
minute in conspiring against HARE KRISHNA process you get those far our crun-
*Linute in conspiring against' HARE KRISHNA chy chunks.
Allende's government. They are I Add a far amount of oi. Add
fearful of losing the privileges / the seeds and nuts and bake in a
that they have enjoyed for so long /te seeds and nuts and bake in a
at the expense of the workers and moderate oven (325) stirring oc-
farmers who produce the wealth casionally until. it's BROWN and
with their sweat and blood. / Lance crunchy.
N.U.C.-Jose Marti collective

PAGE 23-

New Haven, Conn. (LNS)-- the 20th St., N.W., Washing-
New Haven, Conn. (LNS)--ton, D.C. 20009
INTER New Haven Panther house and of- ( ton, D.C. 20009
W INTER I fice has no heat. Panthers and Dear Friends:
Panther children have to wear I feel that most people who are
coats and mittens while they constantly traveling would benefits
SOLDIER are working. Community people greatly from a list of switchboards
SOLDIER have to huddle in the kitchen greatly from a lst of switchboards
around the stove during the because they could be better infor-
breakfast program i med as to where to find crashes,
The Panthers need $300 to free food and clothes, temporary
INVESTIGATION pay a heat bill. They are jobs, rides and other valuable re-
working on community programs, sources.
woa liberation school, a health There are at least seven or
liberation school, a health eight switchboards in most states
clinic, as well as trying to or- with about thirty or more in Cal-
ganize around Ericka and Bobby's ifth a bout thirty or more in Cal-
trial. fornia. These public services u-
by the Vets for Peace -if everyone who reads this sally give accurate information
Should send only $1.00 to the about hitch-hiking conditions in
In Detroit January 31, Febru- anthers theyd have enoug to their local areas as well as where
thisnato wit- Panthers, they'd have enough to their community consciousness is.
ary 1st and 2nd this nation wit- take care of heating their home their community consciousness is.
nessed the start of a major of- office, and some left over for We are enclosing some very help-
fensive by Veterans to end the defense costs. ful sources for accurate addresses.
War. Send your dollar (or more if Feel free to correspond with us.
Tom Paine spoke of the "Sum- you can afford more) to the New Haight-Ashbury Switchboard
mer Soldiers" and the "Sunshine Haven Panthers, Box 7117, New 1826 Fell St.
Patriots" ofthe American Revo- Haven. Conn. San Francisco, Cal. 94117
lution-- those who came out to C(415) 387-7000
do battle when the climate was f
relatively pleasant. Our great- Free City Exchange
est debt is to the men who ser- 2261 N. Lincoln Ave.
ved during that cold winter at Chicago, Ill. 6061 W
Valley Forge. (312) 218-7197 I
' After our service in Vietnam
we face our greatest responsi- Project Place
ability: telling the American 37 Rutland St.
people of the war crimes that 3 % Boston, Mass.
are now being committed every (617) 423-5868
day in their name as a result
of the policy of the U.S. govern- I'N- Ann Arbor Network
ment. 4 '1 330 Maynard St., South B
No one knows better than we 4 1,,) Ann Arbor, Mich. 48108 0
do how those policies established (313) 831-2770
in Washington D.C.-- sanitized
with bloodless euphemisms such Youth Emergency Service a
as "free Fire Zones" and "strate-. 4 -- 1423 Washington Ave.
gic hamlets"-- are, in the real- Minneapolis, Minn. 55404
ity of the battlefield, little (612) 338-7588
more than genocide. My Lai ( this coming april a very important issue will be *
was not an isolated incident and voted on in-of all places-berkeley / the issue to be Alternate University
those responibe fo it ae n voted on is called community control of the police Alternate University
those responsible for it are in and as the time approaches it looks as if berkeleywill 530 6th Ave.
Washington, D.C., not in the Me- shortly institute legalized power to the people / New York, N.Y. 10014
Kong Delta. the group primarily behind getting the 15,000 (212) 989-0720
In this Winter of our Service names on the petition and then fighting court and city Midtown Alliance Community Center
to our country we shall not shrink city attempts to stop the issue from ever appearing Midtown Allchtrane Community Center
from our responsibility. Trans- is theN.C.C.F. (NationalCommittee toCombat 103 Peachtree t., N.E.
scripts of the statements of each Fascism)/ N.C.C.F. isa nationwide organization Atlanta, Georgia
witness to war crimes will be made of both black and white people working with (404) 892-2492
made available to the public the Black Panther ideology as their basis of action /
and to the media. Present plans among the white groups and individuals who helped Head's Inn
and to the media. Present plans get the issue on the ballot are the White Panthers, the 541 Dumanesque St.
call for a film and a record to Youth Coalition for Self Defense, the Berkeley Tribe New Orleans, La.
be made of the three day action andTomHayden/ (504) 523-8773
in Detroit.
Veterans will be encouraged S .
to arrange for similar hearings
in major cities throughout the
country. Veterans will tour col- C, a
lege campuses, fraternal I organ- the issue is rot for just a civilian review board 'EIV F K I.
izations, and women's'organ iza- which ultimately has no power but for the complete
t ions control of the police by the community / this is hpw TO
Hear what these Vietnam Vet- it would work /the police would be divided into
Hear what these V etnam Vet- three autonomous forces for the three distinct neigh- U i
erans have to say, askk your. borhoods: black, student and freak, and middle-upper
congressman to grant immuni ty class / also a policeman would be required to live in HELFp &
to those who testify. the community he's working in / PEOPL
Senator McGovern heard the what all this means to the majority of people in FONQM FLO t c2>A
testimony from Detroit and is berkeley is that the present conditions of an almost WOOR.Yt At> LEAR
asking for an investigation in- all white police force which commutes from surround-
to the war because of the cred- ing suburbs and is considered by most as an occupy- 1 6. THR
ability gap between what the ing army who take orders from the elite ruling class THE VEkcER-.EMOS
government says and what the and reagan would be replaced by peace officers who 01 0 OF
g. i rs say s live, relate, and are directly responsible to the people
G.I.'s say. they serve / each neighborhood would also have e.. k' OUR C.OiTS TsortoS 10:
review boards which would control hiring, firing, and VE .-
For more information call: policy of their force / when and if passed berkeley V/ mU-.ET &
Scott Camil 378-0774 will have taken a step that will permanently cement RO. 2.8 5 lV.STA,.
Bill Gay 372-6559 the spirit of the people and offer an alternative to Me6lV ILI_
Frank Ponzio 376-0491 the growth of repression and racism /
Bob Clark 378-9496 burly '

PAGE 24 m

."Tt.OSE. SURF.C..




"' ,', , ',-

SHIT AoN, 'oiI


ft It
..... ... -.. . .. .. .
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